Winter Break

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  1. Tell me what you love about Winter Break! I know my top reason is that I'm free of school work! My replies to every roleplay I'm in will most likely be faster because of this and I love it! :D
  2. I hate winter break from schools because I have to deal with you kids all the damn time!
  3. I have to spend my so called "winter break" studying for exams early January. Right now I'm not so pumped about it. But, I look forward to meeting my relatives, and making lots of candy and baked goods.
  4. Hm, my Winter Break is 16 days and well I have no idea how I'm going to spend it! Either way it's nice to think about the possibilities ^ ^
  5. Winter Break... A nice break from Uni! My finals are this week, and then Thursday, my break officially starts. I go back in a month to new classes. Whoo! I'm pretty excited for that. ^_^
  6. I have finals throughout the month and spare time betweenwise is getting filled up with extra shifts at work.

    So what do I love about winter break?

  7. Watching as kids stay up caffeine-riddled on games at 3 in the morning as a night shift worker. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. With a shotgun.
  8. I'm most looking forward to the ability to get well and truly fucked up and to make horrible decisions I'll regret in the morning, without there being consequences for my degree workload.
  9. No waking up for two weeks! Plus, my hubby will be home to help deal with the kids. If that's not a good enough reason to love Christmas break, I don't know what is.

    And on a side note, this is my last Christmas in Florida, but from the looks of it I won't be able to wear shorts and a tank top like I have on previous years. :(
  10. I dislike winter in general because i always get sick

    besides i get tutored during holidays any ways
  11. Why are people saying they hate winter break? What do you LOVE about winter break?
  12. Winter break is the best break, in my opinion. There's Xmas and New Year's to look forward to!
  13. As long as you're careful with good friends to back you up, I approve of this motion. BE SAFE WHILE STUPID. IS BEST PLAN.
  14. Don't worry, I've been drinking long enough to know how to take care of myself and ensure I'm safe and all. Usually it's me taking care of others. Even if they're complete strangers. Which often ruins the night.

    ... Sigh.
  15. #mistakesweremadebrozeleagueheroes
  16. Winter Break is one of my favorite times of the year. No school + Christmas = AWESOME
    Second only to summer break.
  17. A break from 4-5 hours of homework every night! Woo!

    And time to catch up on everything I've given up trying to understand in school. Yay.
  18. The who "no school" thing appeals to me...

    Though, I still get packets of work from French and Math to do -_-.
  19. *googles brozeleagueheroes*
    *corrected to bronze league heroes*
    *this is a reference I don't get because I've never played Starcraft*
    *holy shit I'm not a real nerd D: D: D:*
  20. Bronzies - Starcraft players in the "Bronze League," which are players still learning the game, the strategies, and the timings for competitive play. In other words, they HILARIOUSLY suck, but still have fun playing it.

    Grand Master League players play fast, efficient, but play the same all the time. They know their craft to a science.

    Bronzies? They just make shit up as they go because they suck so hard that they don't know how to counter strategies with anything less then improvised or unconventional tactics. Which usually look hilarious, crazy, and awesome all at the same time.

    Bronze League is best League.
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