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  1. Luna yawned as she got out of her bed, her arms stretched over her head, a soft smile on her perfect soft lips. "Good morning!" She spoke to no one as she got up and slipped on a mini skirt and a tank top that clung to her body, her ruffled read hair fluffing about her. She walked into the bathroom in her room and brushed the curls down, once she got those wild curls to go down, she grabbed a pair of leggings and slipped them on then grabbed a pair of black tennis shoes. She put them on then walked out forgetting her bag she started to walk to school a soft smile on her lips... Those innocent lips..
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    Damon groaned as his stupid alarm clock was going off again, not school, he couldn't be bothered. He groaned again and thrusted the sheets off him to show his bare body which had nothing on which he didn't care about. He grabbed his jeans and slipped them on and he yawned, he thought lets just this day over with and then go back to bed. Damon grabbed a shirt and put it on leaving the buttons undone to show his sexy abs showing for every girl to fawn over. He walked out the front door to find his mates in there car and he jumped in saying,"Hey mack, whats happening?"Mack replied,"Nothing just bucking another girl every night,"with a cigarette in his mouth which he handed to Damon. Damon took it and breathed in the fresh scent of what seemed to be known as school but too him it was a hellhole. They got out of the car and walked down past all the dramatic girls.

    (hope its okay and I didn't know if you wanted swearing and sexual stuff, I don't mind)
  3. [Fine with me, I don't mind the cussing :3]

    As Luna was walking to school, she saw the car speed past her. Her heart thudded in her chest, man did she like Damon, he was just the coolest guy ever. She bit her lip, and hurried to the school, once she finally got there she hugged her best friend who was gawking at Mack. Luna narrowed her eyes; "He's just a player..." She shrugged and winked. "Don't tell me you have never imagined him just... taking you in your bed... Ever wanted to see him naked?!" Luna shuddered and shook her head. "No, I don't have time for sex, good day." And she was in her first class, P.E.
  4. Damon walked into P.E and studied the back of some of the girls legs they were fit, including the ones wearing mini skirts, so sexy. He didn't do P.E as he tipped the P.E teacher by dirty stuff which he thought with a shudder. Damon watched the P.E girls do running and noticed someone fit looking, Mack said,"Her name is Luna and apparently I heard she is crushing on you,"Damon smirked,"Great another one for me to toy with,"he twisted his head to the side to study her ass which by the way was looking stunningly F.I.T, fit.
  5. It just so happened that Luna's friend was in the same class and jogging with her, she looked at Luna. "Careful... Mack and Damon are gawking at you... Did you work out during the summer?" Luna's face flushed up and she narrowed her eyes at, Lacey. "Lace! He is so nawt!" Lacey rolled her eyes, "I'm sure if you just talk-" LLuna jogged a bit fasted until she slightly tripped, she grunted and raised her hand at the P.E teacher and sat on the bench. "Fuck... I don't know what I am going to do..." She kept sneaking glances towards Damon and Mack secretly.
  6. Damon saw her fall and he smirked. But she was sweet doing it, it was a weird feeling that he never felt before like he would be a different person for her. He said to Mack,"I'm going to see if she is alright?"Mack gives him a shocked face and says,"what the fuck?"Damon got up and walked over to her, he gave a gentle smile and said,"are you alright Luna?"Smirking.
  7. As soon as Luna saw him coming she hardened her face and narrowed her eyes. All he wanted with her was sex because he knew she was the only virgin at the school. Turn her head away she muttered under her breath. “Not to sound like a bitch, Damon…” She turned her face to look at him. “But is there something you want? Because I’m not one of those girls you can sweet talk into fucking you.” She smiled sweetly stood up even though it hurt and walked out of the gym and into the female locker room.
  8. Damon replied with an angry face,"Nobody said anything about fucking, I was the only concerned about your fall so for your information I thought you were a sweet girl but the way you talk definitely sounds like a bitch,"he knew it would hurt but she deserved after the way she treated him and he hoped she heard.
  9. In fact... Luna had heard every word that he had said to her. She had closed her eyes and leaned against the wall, her chest heaved in and out. Lacey grunted and jogged over towards Damon. "You know... she's gonna be pissed at you for that... She's scared of you and your reputation." She sighed and looked towards Mack and her eyes went all googily. Then she waited a minute and the bell rang and Luna walked out of the locker room and walked up to Lacey whispering. "Lets skip the rest of school..." Lacey nodded and waved to Mack and Damon before they both disappeared.
  10. "I don't care if she is gonna be pissed at me, she deserved it the way she spoke to me and Lacey, if you want to, Me and the gang are throwing a house party tonight if you wanna come along, you could bring Luna if she isn't pissed,"Damon offered trying to be nice but nice wasn't his style. Mack said,"Come on Lacey please, I'll be there,"Mack smirked and raised an eyebrow. Damon and Mack waved back at them and Damon said,"their skipping school, why would goodie toushoos like them be skipping school?"Mack smiled,"Let's follow them." Then Damon and Mack followed them but not that they were behind them but a few feet away.
  11. When Mack and Damon started to talk with Lacey she smiled, and turned her head to Mack. "Well in that case I just can't not accept it!" she laughed and blew him a kiss before she was gone. She had a feeling that Luna was going to take her somewhere bad... Sighing, Luna made her way to an alley way where a man stood and grinned down at her. "Luna... Baby..." Luna said nothing though, she just tilted her head up to look at the man. "Hey..." Lacey looked to Luna and laughed; "Is this the guy you have a one night stand with?" Luna nodded her head and then looked away. "and when I'm mad we... Hang out sometimes and Damon pissed me off because he's a player..." Lacey narrowed her eyes. "Well we are going to a party that he is attending..." Luna shrugged her shoulders, and then the man invited her into his house. Lacey stayed outside though, sighing.
  12. "We will see you there,"Damon replied with a smile and punced his friend on the arm. Mack yapped,"what was that for?"Damon responded,"she is totally into you, you should dance with her at the party and maybe something else,"he said with a raised eyebrow. Mack replied with a shock face,"damon I know we are players but I can't do that, she might not accept and I wouldn't do that to a friend." Damon replied,"suit yourself."

    Later on Damon was the party with Mack, he was wearing Jeans, converse, a white shirt with a black tie and leather jacket. He was at the drinks doing shots with Mack when he saw Lacey and Luna enter,"Now's your chance,"Mack groaned and he got up and walked over to her. Mack said,"Lacey would you care to dance with me?"Damon remained in the same place but casually looking over at Luna,he thought what a fine body she has.
  13. Once Luna and Lacey went home to get dressed they were giggling up a storm, and Lacey wore a short pink dress that showed a lot of her cleavage and cut off on her upper thighs. Luna was wearing the same thing yet a tighter version in black. They grinned at each other and entered the party. Luna watched as Mack came over and she laughed. "I'll go to the drinks, have fun Lace!" Lacey was blushing and she nodded, grabbing Mack's hand and pulling him to where the dancing was happening and she started to dance with him.

    Luna watched as Lace practically melted in Mack's touch and she walked over to the drinks and noticed Damon. She narrowed her eyes but then smiled. "Hey there, Damon. Having fun yet?" She tilted her head and smiled, her eyes going from Damon to Mack and Lacey often.
  14. Damon saw Luna and he smirked."No but you could make it interesting for me and are you still mad at me Luna?"He asked with a frown and he took another shot.

    Mack smiled and twirled Lacey around, she was so pretty with her pink dress. He twirled her out and then it so that their bodies were touching, he smiled and kissed her tenderly on the lips.
  15. Luna looked to Damon and smiled softly. "No, I got rid of my anger, I'm sorry... I just thought that when you came to me you wanted some action, so I do apologize..." She moved over to him and opened her arms, that sweet smile still on her lips. "Hug?"

    Lacey squealed when she was twirled, she loved being by Mack. Lord if only he knew how much she liked him and for how long she had liked him for, but when he body was pulled against his she looked into his eyes, and slid her arms around his neck, kissing him back sweetly.
  16. "Oh come on,"Damon said with a smile and he hugged her tight. Damon asked her with a smile,"do you want to dance?"

    Mack smiled and kissed her again but then pulled. He was a player and was scared to hurt her but he liked her so much,"I'm sorry I really like you but.........."
  17. Luna laughed softly when she felt her body being pulled in closely. "Ahhh, you're crazy, Damon!" she smiled, and nodded her head, taking his hand in hers and leading him to the dance floor. "I'd love to dance with you."

    Lacey looked at Mack as if he had slapped her. "But what? I knew it... I'm not pretty enough for you..." Her eyes brimmed with tears and she pulled away from him and ran out of the house, tears streaming down her cheeks.
  18. "Come on then let's go,"he said putting his hand out for her to take. He smiled hoping she would take it.

    Mack ran after her and said,"Lacey no that's not it your beautiful just the way you are it's just that I don't if I will be able to change being a player and I don't want to hurt you."He sat beside her and cleaned her eyes with his thumb.
  19. Luna took Damon's hand and smiled very gently, she looked around slightly for Lacey and narrowed her eyes. "I really hope she is alright..."

    Lacey looked to Mack and smiled very softly. "It's fine I understand, go back to the party, I'll come in later, right now I just need... Fresh air..." She looked down, and at her hands, clenching them slightly.