Winnie the Pooh and other Hermaphrodite Scum

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    The beloved character of childrens' book and animated feature film has been banned from a Polish playground. Why? Because of his "dubious sexuality" and "inappropriate" dress, writes Jess Denham.

    One unnamed councillor can be heard discussing Pooh’s sexuality, arguing that “it doesn’t wear underpants because it doesn’t have a sex” before another, Hanna Jachimska starts criticising Winnie the Pooh author AA Milne.

    “This is very disturbing but can you imagine! The author was over 60 and cut [Pooh’s] testicles off with a razor blade because he had a problem with his identity,” she said.

    Begin the shaming. I want the names of these dickless cartoon freaks.
  2. ...

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  3. That wee Piglet bastard needs to be added to the list as well.
  4. Dirty, dickless maggot.

    Adding Donald Duck and Porky Pig to the kill list. They're gonna smell real sweet when they burn, those hermaphrodite cunts.
  5. Apparently Poland forgot what a stuffed animal is.
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  6. They don't have JUST cunts then
  7. Or did WE forget decency, Dervish?

    You want children walking around with no pants and hacking off their testicles with razorblades? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?

    I bet that would make you real happy, wouldn't it? I'll shoot The Butterfly a PM right now and tell him to hack of his son's testicles and walk him around in public.

    Then all will be right in Dervish's disgusting little world.

    You sick freak.
  8. No, they still have dicks. Because they're faggots and they fuck each other, and children. But they're also cunts, and weak like womankind.

    And they're bears. Stealing honey and jobs from local bees.

    Then they use the bee stings to give themselves abortions from all that gay rape.
  9. Putting it on a little thick there Asmo, don't you think?
  10. No, no. This is an entirely appropriate reaction.
  11. Because that was my reaction too


  12. I think you just described the next Jackass spin-off's pilot episode.

    "Hi, my name is Karl, and this is Dickless Decapitation Razor Race."
  13. All cartoon characters must be purged.

    For the children, you understand.
  14. You already mentioned Donald Duck, but there's Daisy Duck, Scrooge McDuck, and the four little kid duck abominations in DuckTales.

    There's also all the other characters from Winnie the Pooh, even Eeyore because even though he's a donkey he's still anthropomorphized enough to know better than to walk around pantsless.

    Those three chipmunk fuckers with the squeaky voices are also dickless freaks.

    I think that should suffice for the first round of the purge.
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  15. Sonic the Hedgehog characters tend not to have gens.
  16. We should decapitate Mickey Mouse and mount his head as a warning for others. For he is their ring leader.
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  17. Ducks don't have normal dicks

    Just saying
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  18. Don't be an extremist, Grumpy.

    The ones who wear pants get to live. But they will be given a yellow armband to wear, so that we know they are cartoon characters.
  19. Asmod, don't you have a s minority to burn or something?

    Besides Pantless Cartoon animals.