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  1. Log 623: Report, this is Detective Hayley Drake. Subject 2460100 is HIGHLY dangerous. We have submitted him into the rebirth project at Winmeir Technologies.

    The Winmeir Technolgies Rebirth Project is a project that is advertised as so: "A second reality. A place where you can experience your dreams. Welcome to your new life."

    What it really does is that it takes a subject's DNA and meshes it with a bioroid. It wipes the subject's memory rendering them unable to remember their past life.

    However, it is a new technology and there might be gaps left in his memory. But it's better than having him out in the world or in jail.

    %Yh#$TYESJT)@($([CLASSIFIED]EWKE(T$#_">#M>>.2.,# CHAOS!!! <#%!)I><?@#%XOXOXO

    - Detective Hayley Drake

    You had woken up in the West side of the Market District. Skyscrapers towered above you. You were leaning on the Winmeir Technologies building.

    You only had one memory lingering in your mind. You were at a computer typing furiously, they were coming for you. But you needed to do one last thing, just one last thing. Your girlfriend had begged for you leave but by the time you finished whatever you were doing they showed up and beat you bloody.

    It was a cloudy day, the dark gray tinted sunlight lit up the town along with the all the lights from buildings.

    The other buildings didn’t seem nearly as important, less neon signs and flashy lights. Not to mention shorter. Winmeir Technologies owned the first, second and fourth tallest buildings in the Market District.

    You were wearing jeans and a plain white T - Shirt. You can feel something in your pocket.
    It is a yellow slip of paper with a message in pen written for you. That was when you realized that you didn’t have a HUD or glasses. It would be hard to do anything or hell even fit in the crowds.

    The paper read: Come to Anti Helios District - Chaos XOXO<3#Shithappens XOXOOOX
    It didn’t say anything else. From what you could remember the Anti Helios District was the shadier part of town, most of the manual labor and living quarters for the poor were located in that district.

    None of them could even get a codebusting gig.
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  2. The sting of taking in sudden light drew tears from his bright green eyes and forced him to put a hand up to cover his eyes. Sylus slowly got to his feet and leaned back against the building for further support. He looked back at the paper and reread the message. His eyes skimmed the dark inked letters, contemplating a route he could bring up from the bog that was his memory, clearly enough to follow. Sylus pushed himself upright from the building and steadied himself before taking that first step. His short cut, dark red hair clung to the back of his neck, bangs swayed below his chin and he fought off the fog that lingered in his vision.

    The city seemed to tower over his short stature as he moved as quickly as his legs would allow through the streets. He stuck close to the buildings, hoping their shadows would conceal his out of place attire. Sylus was well aware of how badly he stuck out and wanted no unnecessary attention. He slinked around corners, down alleyways and through backstreets. When he came across the first piece of brick lying on the street he knew he was in the right place. Sylus paused before walking any further and looked around: aged or just damaged buildings were clustered together in a large apartment complex. Metal fences lined the sidewalks, though they were broken and twisted for the most part. The streets were fairly clean and any graffiti had been mostly painted over, but that did not take away from the old flyers that clung to the fences. Clothes hung on wires strung up between the buildings and shoes sat in windows. The poor always had strange habits.

    It occurred to him as he looked over the run down living spaces that he had not truly thought about his decision of going out there. Sylus took the paper in question from his pocket and stared at it.
    Come to Anti Helios District - Chaos XOXO<3#Shithappens XOXOOOX
    So what now? There was no indication of who he should be looking for or where he should go. He sighed aloud and kicked a piece of debris across the cracked sidewalk. Nothing to do but wait. Sylus found a somewhat intact bench and sat down for a long, impatient wait.
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  3. Chaos had stepped out of a door. She was a girl no less than fourteen, maybe twelve. "What took you?" She wore her black tinted goggles and gas mask. Realizing that you didn't have a mask she quickly grabbed one out of her pack and handed it to her, along with a pair of swimming goggles. "Geez! Gotta be careful of the gases that are streamed into this place. God Anti Helios is such a dump."

    Anti - Helios was in-fact a dump. Being the sub - city all the waste, gas, and liquids were streamed from the pristine and perfect city down to here. It was always raining, that was unquestioned. The question tended to be what was raining. It's name also is partly because of the things let in, the gas always seemed to make the sky a little foggy. Not that you could see the sun through the upper levels. It was always dusk here, the only light coming from buildings and street lights.

    "Anyway. What happened to you back there? I was scared out of my mind, I barely managed to slip the note in your pocket." Chaos looked at her, the black goggles and mask made her look more like a robot than a girl. "Wait." She looked around. "Lets take extra measures just to be safe. Talk as we walk."

    Chaos ran across the street and up some stairs. She walked across an old warehouse, down some stairs, into an alley and then into a decently tall building. Chaos opened the door and began to walk down a dimly lit hallway. It seemed to be an ex office. Doors were open and the place was trashed, at the very end was a steel wall with a huge vault door in it. She pressed in a combination and then it opened with a loud whirr.

    She walked in closing the vault behind you. "Alright. Keep talking while I try to get this vault's door open. Funny thing, this used to be a hidden port for spies from Verdict." The Verdict was one of the other nations other than the Mega - Convention. There was a big cold war going on between them. It's climax had already happened but it was still tense. Chaos pressed a button and an orange holo - screen appeared, most of the writing in Chinese. She began to press buttons taking off her goggles and mask.

    Anti - Helios
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    Chaos/Vault Room:
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  4. Sylus looked up when the sharp squeal of working hinges stabbed into his ears. A girl approached him wearing a gas mask and goggles. Before he could get out a word the girl handed him a mask and goggles of his own. He pulled the mask on and fixed the goggles over his eyes before attempting to speak. She apparently knew Sylus from before. "I'm sorry, but...what are talking about?" The girl suggested moving along as they talked. Sylus was somewhat alerted by how urgent the whole thing felt. He followed the girl closely as she moved quickly over the uneven terrain.

    "Why did you ask me to come here?" A moment flashed in his mind of the computer screen, the only thing he could solidly remember. He had been working on...something important. Did she know what he had been working on? He wanted to know what in the world was going on. Sylus touched his face and drew back red fingertips. The girl turned into an alleyway just as he was about to ask another question. "Hey, Wait up!

    Sylus followed her up to a vault door. "How do you know me? Were you there when-" the door opened and he followed her inside- "I was working on that program? Do you have any idea what happened to it?" He was the type to ask never ending questions and always inquire into details. There were too many holes in his memory to make heads or tails of anything. The uncertainty was unnerving to say the least. The girl took off her mask and goggles so he followed suit. "Tell me what is going on here. Who are you?"

    ((Sylus Grieves:
    Of course, as described previously, he has red hair and long bangs))
  5. Chaos stopped and turned around. "Sorry. I was off in a different world Sylus, just give me a sec." Chaos closed her eyes for two seconds, you could see she was focusing hard. Then she opened her eyes and looked at him, she put a hand on your arm. You could feel her trembling. Chaos then remembered it all in a second, she was good at that kind of thing. "S-Sylus? D-Don't you remember me? It's, C-Chaos." You could see a profound sadness on her face. Her eyes looked disturbed and wounded at the same time. Her voice rose in pitch, sounding hopeful. "Victoria?"
  6. Sylus stared intently into her eyes, looking for something familiar to jog his memory. He tried to use the pain in her voice, rather the guilt it brought out, to force himself to remember her. The round curve of her small face, the hopeful gleam he saw in her eyes now. Nothing could conjure up a memory of this girl. He could not recall seeing such a young face but the guilt was killing him. She looked devastated at his questioning of her involvement in the last happenings. Who was she? A friend? Did he have a friend that young? Sylus put a hand to his temple to soothe the headache that was ensuing and drew back red fingertips.

    Another flash of memories played over in his mind. There were at least three of them. They had snatched him from his computer and thrown him into the hallway. The only sensation plausible after that was pain; dull, sleep inducing pain that happened repeatedly in many places on his body. Sylus turned from Chaos and shook the fog from his mind. He had been attached, hunted maybe. He looked back at her over his shoulder. "I'm sorry, I can't remember who you are... Would you tell me, Victoria?" He felt awful having to ask but his mind was in need of repairs and trying to make it work was just too painful.
  7. "I-I-I." Chaos look hurt. She took a deep breath. "I'll tell you about it on the way there." Tears started to well up in her eyes as she turned and tapped a few buttons on the holo - screen. A door at the end of the hall opened up and she walked into it.

    She walked down a concrete corridor and another door opened to a bridge of what seemed like a ship. It was soaking wet, water covered the floor and was dripping in from the ceiling. There was some chairs broken, some screens not where they were supposed to be and all manner of problems.
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    "Old but works. I rebuilt it with help from Ang- Oh wait. Yeah I forgot. You don't know who that is." Chaos shook her head and sat in one of the restored chairs. She dialed a few buttons and the door closed. "Lets. Uhm, talk in a second after I take off." Chaos tapped a few more buttons and the ship whirred into life. It creaked and began to move. The anti - inertia design kept you from falling on your ass. "Travel time to the Verdict will be about. Hour and a half."

    Chaos sighed. "So. About me. My real name is Victoria, my alias and nickname is Chaos. Dinosaurus is my toy pet that doubles as a console. I'm a hacker. I do a lot of hardware stuff with Angie." Chaos stood up and grabbed your hands. "I-I was your, 'friend'." Chaos's eyes turned half defeated and half hopeful as she looked up at him. "Please tell me you remember. Something."
  8. Sylus followed her inside with his his eyes low. Just when the guilt was settling in, he glanced up. They had apparently stepped inside a ship- a ship that was in need of some repairs, badly, in his opinion. Sylus stood still and turned his head to look around the room. Choas had said something but he was too preoccupied with the examination of the room. He stepped lightly across the floor as she pressed buttons to get it moving. He walked up behind her as the ship came to life. He leaned his arm on the top of her chair and looked over the control panels. Looking at the half finished state that the ship was in made his fingers itch to start patching and rewiring. He wasn't much of a mechanic, but he was good enough to do something for this thing.

    He backed up as Chaos turned toward him and sighed. So, Chaos was just an alias and Victoria was her real name. He preferred her real name, to be honest. That former guilt he had forgotten upon seeing the ship resurfaced similar to the way that you remember something after the time it needed to be done. It had him feeling uncomfortable and his stomach in knots. The want to recall her was there, but it wasn't surfacing anything but another headache. "Did you help me with the program I had been working on?" Maybe, if he connected her to the last thing he remembered, he could climb backwards.
  9. "Which one? There was so many." Chaos stared off in the distance. "Magnum Opus. Harbinger. RAVE." Chaos looked back up at him. Something was familiar about RAVE. It was an abbreviation, you remember it was important and strangely familiar. "Those were some of the most important ones." Chaos's eyes held a pleading look. Pleading for some spark of memory.
  10. Sylus closed his eyes and tried to focus in on R.A.V.E. it had struck him as something familiar as soon as she said it. Rave... Rave... Rave... Why does that sound so familiar? He looked back up at her and tried to connect the pieces together. Program...Chaos...RAVE...Program...Chaos...RAVE... The headache ensued again and he could only shake his head. "Is there something here to ease a headache? I can't think without a headache breaking everything up..." He put his head in his hands.
  11. "Uh... No I don't have any medicine. It's expensive and it's not something I thought of." Chaos sighed. "Sorry." Chaos rubbed tears from one eye. "I mean, I could try and look but I doubt I will find anything."
  12. Sylus messaged his aching temples. "No, it's fine if there's nothing." He sat on the short set of steps that lead up to the control panels, ignoring the fact that the floor was covered in water for the most part. "Rave sounds familiar but it's hard to think right now... Was that what I was working on the last time we met? I can only remember random words and numbers from the program, the name is escaping me completely. Do you know what happened to the program after I was...attacked." The urge to ask about Angie was there but he didn't want to stray to far from trying to figure out what was going on.
  13. "You were working on some project. It was just you. You were trying to build a program that indexes something about some companies files. You kept it close to your chest. Then. Then." Chaos trailed off and then hugged Sylus crying. Something felt similar about her hugging you. It felt right.
  14. Sylus started when Chaos suddenly hugged him. He was quite alarmed at first, seeing as he knew little about her at the moment, but he didn't push her away. Instead he sat there awkwardly staring at the wall. The warmth of her hug seemed to trigger something because he got that familiar buzz in his chest as often occurs when he recalled something of importance. "Victoria..." He slowly wrapped his arms around her and returned the gesture ten fold. He didn't think about whether or not it felt weird- of course it sort of did- but it did feel comforting. It felt as if he hadn't done it in a while.

    He put her back at arm's length and looked into her eyes. "I remember, Victoria!" Sylus shook his head. "Well, I remember you and I... We were close..." He took her hands and held them between his. "You were there with me when it happened weren't you? When I was attacked?" The memories came back in short clips, but they were there.
  15. Chaos gulped and nodded. "Yeah. I was there. I slipped a note in your pocket. I managed to get away and I've just been around." Chaos looked away. "I was waiting for you to come back." Chaos checked the time again after wiping her eyes. "We have about thirty minutes till we land. Then we can start getting everyone else."

    Chaos shook her head. "Least we should, almost everyone went to Verdict to hide. Martial law was established in several cities and they were looking for us. We had to bounce." Chaos shrugged. "Our meeting point was the Hub."

    The hub was the new capital city for Verdict. It was huge and named after the big convention center in the middle of the city that is a globe. All sorts of gaming tourneys are held at the convention each year. People controlling mechas, digitalized martial arts and all the way to reenactments.

    But that wasn't all there was to do in the Hub. It was one of the fastest growing cities in the solar system. Lots of night clubs and casinos riddled the area. All of the "Lords" of gambling, big shot casino owners had moved to the Hub and started up a new branch. The casinos were always the tallest buildings.

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  16. Sylus smiled at her. It felt good to get that off his chest. Hopefully everything else would come back that quickly. "Do we have some kind of team built up or what?" He was actually kind of excited about getting to Verdict now that he managed to remember Chaos. Maybe everything else would fall into place once there and seeing the others. Whoever they were. "The Hub, huh? I'm guessing the rest of this group are pretty much computer or mech junkies to then."

    His curiosity drew him to look at the map on the ceiling. Their position was marked by a red dot moving across. They were pretty far out from where they started. Marshal Law. Is that why he had been jumped that day? Well, there would be plenty of explaining when they got to Verdict. Sylus was not a fan of gambling and such things, but the sooner they got there the sooner they would be out. Hopefully he would be able to get some better too.
  17. The map on the ceiling showed the path of travel. After a second or two of looking at it, it became 3D and you could see you were travelling under the surface of the Earth. Far under in fact. You have moved from what seemed to be Eastern America to Athens in about an hour. Remarkable, even by today's technology standards.

    "Well there are the rest of the guys. Most of us are software techies but the occasional few are good with our hands and are the hardware hogs." Chaos seemed to smirk a little at mechs. "Mecha's are old technology. Remember? They never like. Worked. They took to much battery power to run efficiently and they could be taken down so easily. Unless you are talking about the Avanet. But that's different."

    The Avanet ( Standing for the Avatar Based Web Browser System. ) was designed a lot like an MMORPG. However, you surf the internet and the world around you is the web pages you are visiting. Written in HTML 3D - 9, and some of the most amazing graphics you have ever seen. You remember that the Avanet wasn't really your thing. You remember dabbling with it but using the Undernet was to hard. You had to code to fast. Make you didn't make mistakes the first time. It was difficult to say the least trying to manipulate the Avanet with the Undernet.

    "So who do you wanna get first? Angie, Barnaby, Hank, Sasha or Kal-Err Kolvikin? No Kolvakin." Chaos rolled her eyes. "Couldn't ever get that name straight."
  18. Sylus looked from the map to Chaos shook his head. "You knew what I meant, didn't you?" He smiled and rubbed his aching forehead. The Avanet was something else that he could remember. It required to much attention at once for his brain. He needed time to work through things at a comfortable pace and that program was anything but slow paced. A bunch of confusion was what it was as far as he was concerned. "Nothing but a headache," he said as he started to walk around the ship.

    Again he thought about how it needed to be fixed up to be a little more aesthetically pleasing, but he was not one to talk. He could use a miracle make-over himself. He caught his reflection in the wall and stopped to look himself over. His face was relatively clean but for the blood on his forehead and stubble adorning his chin. His hair was clean as well, again no indication of where the blood had come from. He still wore the goggles Chaos had given him around his neck. They were the only things that made him feel connected to the present. That and his memory of Chaos, er, Victoria.

    Sylus turned around when she asked him a question. He listened to the names, none of them sounding familiar, and shrugged. "Since I still have no clue what is going on, how about the one who knows something. Does Angie know anything about me?" That name was familiar. Chaos had mentioned her earlier when talking about the ship. Her, he wanted to meet.
  19. Chaos shrugged at Sylus's question. Chaos looked for a second at the blood on Slyus's head but she quickly froze in fear looking the other way pretending she didn't see anything. Chaos braced herself to keep from letting her emotions keep the better of her. "Y-Yeah, she does." Chaos looked off to the side as if remembering something distant. "Least she did."
  20. Sylus straightened up and turned around, not noticing Chaos' uneasy posture. He walked up behind her and stood with his hands in his pockets. She looked troubled so suddenly he wondered if something had happened that he hadn't noticed. Though the gesture still felt a little strange he put a his hands on her shoulders and massaged gently. "What's wrong? Is everything okay? Well, you know, as okay as it can be right now." He leaned to the side to look at her face.
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