Wings of War

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  1. "I know, I know..."

    The reply was mumbled to the chirping, warbling creature on her shoulder as Aketten worked her way down the side of the ravine, knowing one wrong footfall could send her tumbling to the bottom and severe injury. Or death. Whichever the fates decided to hand her for her foolishness. She blew her white hair out of her face, sweat making it stick to her skin in various spots as she glanced at the noonday sun and then back at her treacherous, self-made path.

    Why were they always in the most inconvenient of places?

    Aket growled to herself and she used her hands to hang on to a root as she slipped down a place where she couldn't gain a foothold. The black dragon on her shoulder and across her back chirped and squawked in alarm and the female warbled back reassuringly. "I'm fine, Niso." She found a stable place and stood almost straight, looking down at the small head that looked back up at her from her shoulder. The red eyes of the minor dragon met the pale-blue eyes of the human and Aket raised a brow.

    "You know, you could be helping. You're no lightweight."

    Niso growled and seemed to grumble to himself as he clung tighter to her leather jerkin, wrapping his tail further around her waist and Aket chuckled, shaking her head as she continued to work her way down, finally coming to the bottom of the ravine and then heading off, climbing over the rocks at the bottom as she sought the place where the dragon egg calling to her would be. Probably a cave...they were always in stupid caves....
  2. “Just a few more yards.”

    The deer was only a few yards from his point of range, clear view towards it and of course a clear shot if he could gain the proper vantage point. His pale blue eyes squinted slightly into the beam of the sun as he slowly crept through the brush, and tried to move as stealthily as a cat. The deer’s ears perked up and Ryath was forced to stop for but a second before it went about its business once more. Then as he crept along his hand found itself in a small little puddle of mud and with it the sound of splashing water was heard among the pseudo-silence of only the birds song.

    The Deer started off in a mad sprint and with a curse at his luck, Ryath took after the creature with his bow drawn and ready. “get back here damnit!” he called in a demanding semi accented voice as he pulled an arrow at his quiver. The range was perfect, but trying to maintain a solid running shot, was for the work of masters, and while he was good; he was not master. Finally with the little confidence built he let the arrow loose and it soared with direct precision. The deer rounded off though and sprinted to the right, which let it avoid the arrow entirely, and the hunt of the day was gone in a wood that he’d not soon pass through with just a bow.

    “Gods be damned with these hills!” he growled as he stomped against the soft dirt and then started the tedious task of retrieving his arrow. Ryath was impatient when it came to this part. He could hunt for days but, when it came to tedious tasks like this, but it was necessary, so he trudged through the long grass and then into the brush despite how he felt about it.

    Soon after he found a cave, but still no arrow. “Surely it didn’t fly into this dungeon!” he growled sighing to himself right before he drew up his little knife and placed his bow about his back. He started creeping into the darkness of the cave before him.
  3. When the rocks gave way to hills with grass and mud, Aket knew she would not be going back to the Rebels clean. Well, then again, she never really did, did she? The thought made her grin and then she grimaced just as quickly, slipping in the mud and sending it spraying up into her face, splattering her cheeks, forehead and neck. And her hair...she didn't even want to THINK about how dirty it probably was. Most likely not even white anymore. It was to be expected, though. She'd traveled through the Wild Wood to get here and after three days away from anything resembling a bath or civilization - if the Rebels could be called that - she looked more like a wild thing herself than human.

    Niso, still on her shoulder, didn't mind. He was a wild thing, too, and if one were to ask the dragon, he'd say that he preferred his Dragon Keeper as she was now, not all clean and proper like the other humans. Aket was not always sure she agreed, but oh well.

    Her pale-blue eyes studied the ground she walked on, frowning slightly as she spotted the very faint detail of prints. Human prints. They were well concealed, like the person knew how to move about in this land, but she was skilled in tracking from long years of chasing after dragons and even people who stole the eggs before she could get to them. She had to wonder what this person was doing here....and whether their agenda was for ill or good.

    Cautious now, she kept moving, silent as a creature of the forest and twice as alert as she finally spotted the cave. Aket felt a shiver travel across her sun-kissed skin, but steeling herself, she entered, feeling the pull of the egg stronger now, persistent, demanding. It was ready to be found, NOW, and it was her duty to find it, her only goal in life.
  4. The cave was dark as night, and much less appealing to the eyes. Ryath continued to stalk about, passing through the cave like a ghost an the tip of his toes, and crawling at times like an animal to avoid unnecessary sound. “Where the hell is this arrow” he growled as he glanced about the dirty ground, but to no avail. Of course he was getting frustrated; the arrows he had were a rare find, a steal from a resting hunter. It sickened his pride to be forced to live like that but he did what he had to for survival, and on one else intended to help him in his cause.

    After a while though the caves darkness began to almost instantly subside, and instead a shimmering light almost sought to blind the fool who came around the corner. It wasn’t sunlight though, no this was much more ethereal, much more divine in its own right. His eyes widened as he glanced over at the corner; and there as a beacon of light, a mound of absolute brilliant white. At first he thought it was a pure diamond with silver and gold veins, but that made little sense, and after scanning the ground, he finally saw it for what it was.

    “An Egg?”

    His eyes widened as he stood there with his dagger raised, but a lump caught in his throat when he thought of the Legendary Dragons that soared the skies. “ No way..” he whispered as he edged himself ever closer, always remaining weary as he took each and every step. It seemed impossible that a Dragons egg was unfound by the Empire, the King had commanded that if any ever found one it was to be brought to him immediately, he had told them to handle it with gloves, never touch the shell of a Dragon egg with your bare hands as you might be cursed.

    As he got closer though, it was not a curse that taunted him, it wasn’t some devilish trick but it was like a song, a Sirens song of good intent. Something drew him to it and even if he thought to mistake it for curiosity he couldn’t be fool enough to believe himself. Another lump formed as he sealed the distance and hesitated with his hand only a little over an inch away from the treasure.
  5. Aket moved through the cave with relative ease, being small and light on her feet as well as extremely flexible. She was able to move in places most people couldn't without some struggle and her eyes had adjusted to the dark after years of experience - and because of other unpleasant things she didn't care to think about - and she was rather quick as she felt the egg call to her, a great pull upon her body, something she couldn't possibly turn away from now as she'd gotten this close. Only sheer outside force could get her to leave the egg now.

    Something else urged her to hurry, too. The presence of the human here. Niso had confirmed it for her, hissing in displeasure at the scent on the rocks and rising higher on her shoulder, his wings flared slightly as his red eyes sought the intruder. Aket wasn't nearly so hostile...yet. She'd wait until she saw the person, saw their intention. She'd- The thought trailed off as she rounded the corner and saw the egg...and then the boy reaching to touch it.

    A snarl immediately vibrated in her throat, the sound of a protective dragon and her voice came next, sharp and warning. "Stop! Don't touch it!"
  6. He heard it, the roar like voice but it was too late.

    Ryaths hand crossed the hard exterior of the mighty egg and as it did a pale blue light formed at his fingertips and danced as a serpent of fire upon his hand. His mouth opened as he sought to pull away but the egg glowed the same way, and his Hand though enveloped in fire; did not burn him it was a cold sensation even as it started to bore into his flesh, it scraped it away and just as he thought it would hurt like hell, a cooled sensation ran through him. He glanced over at the woman but she seemed fairly just as surprised as he in this regard. Then as the fire finished its course up his entire right hand and arm it nicked at his shoulder and neck and faded leaving behind some odd assortment of symbols and formulas in white and pale blue color molded with his flesh as if it belonged there.

    The Egg still glowed a pale bright blue but more to his surprise and fear. His eyes lit up as the egg started to shake back and forth and then he ducked out and jumped back nearly crashing into her, as he twisted and held up his dagger. He stepped back in another direction backing him against the wall of the cave as he stared simultaneously to both the egg and the woman, and her companion. First thought as he stared upon the dragon next to her, he had to wonder if she was from the empire, an agent of the king whom had come to lay claims on this egg, next her beauty, it was dangerous how beautiful the woman was before him, even if her eyes were full of dark and evil intent. Even if she was he had to be strong and bare a strong personality if he had any hope of getting out of this mess alive.

    “Are you with the empire!” he growled baring his dagger at the woman and daring her to make a move. If she was she would destroy him in combat, there was no doubt about that but what else could he do? “ I don’t want any trouble, I found this stone by accident, and I just want to leave.” He stated boldly never leaving his eyes from her for a second, but just as his courage peaked a terrifying sound echoed the halls of the cave. A creaking purr of something emerged and as he glanced over wearily to the egg the top half of the shell was being listed by a white snout, and Ryath was frozen, but not in fear surprisingly. He was petrified in amazement, and wonder as the first pale blue eye of the dragon opened to look upon him.
  7. Aket ignored the young man. It wasn't out of rudeness - though, she was sometimes known for that - or lack of caution. It was for the simple fact that a pull stronger than danger, stronger than curiosity or wariness was calling to her and she couldn't resist it. She didn't move toward the glowing egg, knowing better. She'd seen many eggs hatch, but never, NEVER a Great Egg. She'd never seen a Great Dragon born. Only minor dragons or Takan Dragons, only the one like Niso on her shoulder or the medium ones that could be ridden, but could not fly. Never a soaring dragon, never a fire-breather of the skies.

    She was mesmerized by the pale blue, her own pale eyes taking in with wonder the small snout coming out the top of the shell. She still felt no desire to move though, and for Aket, that was strange. She was usually right there with the baby once it emerged, but everything snapped into place, into focus in her mind when those pale blue eyes, so beautiful, looked at the young man by the wall.

    Her attention was suddenly captured by him too and she blinked in complete surprise, hardly daring to believe it. Niso, on her shoulder, was no longer growling but warbling in a completely friendly way to the blue-eyed stranger. Aket knew why, too, as her eyes traveled over the male. She took in his frame and his weapons without really seeing them. He was attractive, she would notice that later and be disappointed in the same breath because of rules laid down centuries ago, but that wasn't her initial thought now. No, what drew her attention were the symbols spiraling up his arm and then the blue of his eyes.

    Dragon's eyes. Blue eyes were rare. She'd only known of one person besides herself who had them and he was long dead, nothing but a legend to her as they'd never even met. Terius Knightfall, a hero among Riders, a man she'd heard about in whispers her whole life even as those around her eyed her own blue eyes with suspicion and wonder. Now her pale gaze looked at the white dragonling again and then back to the male with those same blue eyes and a smile pulled at her lips, a smile of pure joy as her eyes lit up. "Dragon're a Dragon Rider!"

    She could suddenly see the hope that had been eluding her for so long...spring to life.
  8. A certain sense of wonder overwhelmed him in that moment as their eyes crossed paths, and then even more so when he felt that daunting gaze of the woman upon him. A breath caught in his throat as he glanced about for some escape, some way to leave this place, and work on the trifling matter of forgetting, if not for any other reason than his own well being. Ryath glanced at his arm, the white markings that covered with spits of blue to accent the paint, and he tried to read the words scripted in the eldest of runes upon his flesh.

    White and Pure as new Fallen Snow is the Rider Ryath and Tieshira Blue Eyes

    He was stunned, he’d never read this language before, never studied it but the language written upon his arm came as naturally as reading a fairy Tail before the night. Then a much softer tone aside from the purr of the …Dragon resounded the hall of the place and he met the woman’s gaze evenly even more so than he had before. “Rider?” Ryath was confused; even after reading it, after making his assumption, it still seemed impossible. “You mean that I am a Dragon Rider?” It almost forced him to laugh when he thought about it; even though it was becoming more and more believable.

    A few more cracks formed in the egg, and the creature inside popped its entire head out showing stubs of a tiny crown of horns atop its head, and paint over its face that looked more like a looming shadow. Its mouth was creased in the shape of a smile as it cooed towards Ryath and tried to press its weight against the egg shell to crack it further. Ryath stepped back for a second but only before he noticed an unfamiliar feeling claw at his mind, a soft innocent tone of music in his mind as he suddenly felt relaxed. There was no voice but he could tell instantly it was this creature that had invaded him in such a way.

    He glanced back at the woman to see if she could feel everything as well but could not figure it out from looking at her face. “did you feel that?” he asked calmly now. Honestly; had she wanted him dead, she could have easily done it already, so he could only assume she had other reasons for being here like this. “A rider…” he whispered to himself thinking of the possibility, of the legends that he had heard of and the fall of those riders, aside from the great King of the country.

    “You say I am a Rider, how do you know?"
  9. Aket laughed, the sound soft and lilting as the dragon-song echoing in her mind. She could hear it, but she knew it wasn't meant for her and so did not reply - not yet anyway. Her pale blue eyes went back to the Rider again and she studied him, wondering what he felt, what kind of connection he had to the beautiful baby in the egg. She had heard tales of course, but she'd never met a Rider. That she had filled her with a wonder she could not explain.

    THIS had been her purpose. To find the eggs and the dragons, to protect them, but find a Rider and she'd finally done it!

    Niso, still on her shoulder, cooed happily, feeling her joy and Aket looked back at the egg, starting to walk toward it on graceful feet, an ethereal creature herself as she spoke in reassuring tones to the young man, knowing the legends of Riders and the protectiveness they felt toward their dragons. She was not sure what he might sense from her, whether he'd know she was a Dragon Keeper or not, but it was better to be cautious. Still, her calling was drawing her to the egg and the baby inside and she needed to help the infant even if that meant she had to carry the little girl to her Rider to make her happy.

    "Tieshira has hatched for you." The dragonling's name had been in its song and Aket spoke it now with fondness as her hands came in contact with the shell without hesitation, knowing absolutely nothing would happen. She cooed to the baby inside in a musical tongue, it's own language as she started to gently crack the egg and pull off pieces, knowing her skill well as she helped the eager little female come out into the world.

    Aket's pale blue eyes looked back at the Rider and she smiled faintly, a respect in her gaze that could not be mistaken. "Great Dragons only hatch for their Riders. She is yours and you are hers. That is how I know."
  10. Honestly; how was he supposed to take this all in? Ryath stared at her but tried to smile and return he graces of her respect in his own expression. His pale blue eyes shimmering against the faint light as the Dragon took its first actual steps from the shell that had held it likely for so very long. It had a fairly long neck and was bigger than most lizards he had ever seen in life. On its back at the shoulders were two small stubs that had to be placed for wings, and whipping barbed tail as it let out a soft little half roar. He couldn’t help but be amused by the little creature, almost matching her adoration as he gazed upon it, and it crept its way towards him.

    “Tieshira?” he questioned as he looked over to her and struggled to hide the excitement that had some how bloomed within him. “My dragon?” it was an impossible bit of words to say believably, not with how he had lived through out these years, now he had a power only known to royalty, and this beautiful woman, he almost guessed he should slap the piss out of himself for dreaming such wonderfully mystical things as this, but the feelings sought other wise to continue this reality that should never have been.

    Finally the little white dragon moved up and ran its little head against the side of his leg and braced itself as it leaped to crawl quickly up Ryath’s leg. A sharp pain came and went with each time the dragon’s claw bit into his leg but he flinched past it and let it be. The Dragon soon came to rest at his shoulder and let out a triumphant yet pitiful roar again as a single white and blue spark of flame jet out from his mouth. Ryath glanced to her for a moment; and then to the woman who had helped little Shira. “So you know of Dragons, are you here to receive her then?” he almost was scared to ask, as the idea of letting go of his new found little companion gave him much more heart ache than he would have figured it should.

    “will you take her from me?”
  11. Aket watched the two together with a faint smile on her lips and when Niso hissed jealously at her, she didn't even look at the small black dragon, merely reaching up to rub the scales behind his head, knowing the spots he liked best. The minor dragon purred contently then and Aket moved away from the shells of egg now scattered on the ground, coming toward the young man and the white dragonling with confidence that could have only been gained through years of experience.

    Only, she really didn't have any experience in this, in greeting a newly made Dragon Rider. Still, just as her wisdom about dragons guided her, so now did an instinct older than she would ever be guide her now as she stopped in front of the two, her stature much shorter than the male, but her pale blue eyes locking with his own with a force of will that was as large as a dragon's, radiating from her like the rays of the sun.

    "I came here because she called me, but she is not mine. I will not take her from you and on my life, I won't let anyone else take her from you either." Aketten smiled at the young man then and she stopped rubbing Niso's head, brushing her beyond dirty white hair - the rest of her had to be a sight, too! - back behind her ear before she spoke. "I am called Aketten and I am a Dragon Keeper. What are you called, Rider?"
  12. "Ryath, Ryath is my name." he stated with a slight bit more confidence than he normally would have in a situation such as this. for some reason the idea was starting to sink in, whether it be true or not; if this was a dream then he'd best play it out until the end, and enjoy it while he could. He met her gaze with the pale blue form of his eyes and nodded to her with a smile. "I guess if thats the case then Lady Aketten then fate had reasons for us to meet today." He sounded almost dumb with the way he spoke, as if he actually understood anything he was saying, but it didn't stop him from pretending he did. "I have to admit, this whole situation is really mad, I mean one moment I am wandering through woods and the like hunting dear and the next I am the soul mate to something as powerful as a Dragon, despite how... small she is." He glanced over at his little dragon companion but she seemed to give a snot and a small burt of fire flared from her nostrils displeased with his words.

    Ryath laughed to himself for a second. it was odd; feeling like a parent of some unknown creature now, like anything the creature did might be the cutest thing in the world. He let that feeling shrug from his shoulders though as he started towards her and placed a hand on her head, careful at first but settling into the motion right afterwards. "Where do you come from Aketten?" he asked calmly turning, before he realized how dull of a place this really was to be talking. "Actually.." he started then held his arm out for his new companion to crawl up it. He started down the caverns towards the exits, using tracking methods to keep his toes before him and find the exit. A glimmer of light shone through the darkness finally as he waited at times for Aketten to keep up, and just as their faces met the gentle calming sunlight, so too did an arrow fly right past his head if only by divine luck.

    Ryaths eyes widened as he noted a few men int he distance with Black cloaks and a Golden trim upon them, he recognized it immediately as the imperial Rangers that patrolled the areas. His smile downturned quickly as he glanced back to Aketten to see if she was alright and the dragon at his shoulder told him otherwise soon after. Another arrow flew right by him as he took off in a dash in a different direction. After all what was a dream that didn't turn into a nightmare. he growled under his breath, almost matching that of the dragon at his shoulder, but soon was head off by a group of three riders swinging mighty flails about as they charged in towards them. one of them shouted. "Do not hurt the Dragon lest you want your head on a spit!" The others nodded and followed with him, and Ryath could tell already as he stumbled on his own feet, that it was too late. People never died in their dreams, so he was about to find out whether this really was some Fate makers sick idea of a dream, of them just playing their part upon this world.
  13. Aket followed Ryath out of the cave, though, she didn't need his guidance. She was willing to let him lead, though, not seeing a big deal in the matter. She had never really understood why humans got so uppity about rank and who got to walk into a doorway first or who's stature was tallest. She was human, but she didn't always think like one and the more time she'd spent around the dragons, years now, the more she resembled them in actions, thoughts and demeanor.

    So it was that when the arrow whizzed past her head just as the sunlight touched her skin, Aket leaped away from the cave, getting lower to the ground without thought. Her attention immediately departed from her own safety, though, as she watched Ryath and Shira start to run. Cursing to herself, Aket followed them, Niso giving a small roar as he took off from her shoulder and flew up above. His eyes were her own then, a reporter of information and Aket knew through him about the Rangers blocking Ryath's way even before the young man did.

    She felt rage spike through her body. It was no where near the potency of the Dragon Fury, but it was enough as a snarl broke from her throat and she broke past Ryath to leap toward the three men rushing toward them. Her form was a blur of speed and agility as her body seemed to dance among the slower moves of the Rangers and her daggers were whirlwinds of silver. The three men were either dead or incapable of fighting by the time she was done and Aket's limbs were streaked with blood, a cut on her face and a slash across her stomach when she turned to look back at the Rider. Her voice was commanding, brooking no argument.

    "Follow me. Run."

    She started toward the forest then, careful to make sure the Rider was following her even as she watched for further danger. She was NOT going to lose these two. She'd die first.
  14. Just like that a seemingly harmless woman just a few seconds ago became a demon before him. His eyes had to adjust as the scent and sight of blood filled the air. Then her next three words were the only thing that registered. His body stalled for a second, his limbs held in place by the power of fear that bound him at that position for a time. His eyes stricken with doubt and desperation for some signal of his brain to get him moving. Another guard moved in to replace the others, and finally as if the world had just begun to play around him again he narrowly dodged a grueling strike that cut at his side. Blood spilled instantly down his hauberk but he did not stop, did not even think the word.

    The Trees had become like blurs behind his desperate struggle for escape, and the clatter of the horsemen in pursuit, but beside him she ran as well. He did not really know whether that was truly comforting or terrifying, as seconds before she had fought a good three of them down with little more than daggers of the brightest silver, now they ran as if stopping with be like having a glaring contest with death himself, but that only made him move faster. Adrenaline had reached its climax, and then some as arrows buzzed past his ear; he knowing that a few inches to the side and he would be dead, it was an experience like nothing hed ever experienced, and he almost forgot the reason for it. That was until the Pale white drake pipped up with a bluish silver flame clawing tightly into his shoulder but it did not hurt him as it did. When Ryath glanced over upon the brilliant blue eyes of the creature his worn body was renewed if only for a cycle of a second.

    Hours could have passed in pursuit, but the idea of losing his new friend sickened him beyond the fear that tainted every corner of his mind. it pressed new heights unto him, made him run faster, dodge when necessary, hop logs that sought to block his path as if he were some feline. Instinct had gone into overdrive for him and for a while he almost felt he could keep pace with the nimble woman beside him. Almost. That confidence only lasted a minute second though when his foot caught tug upon a hanging branch that caught him flat footed and tumbled him to the ground. The little drake leaped off last second rolling in the dirt and as Ryath lay there fighting to hear the creatures yips, and the incoming clatter of horses he almost surrendered to the fate that awaited him. He glanced out to see Aket had gotten a bit farther before she could notice his downfall, and the noises of despair the Dragon made. Ryaths eyes fell shut as he silently cursed his own weakness and an all too familiar buzz flew through the air. A horse whinnied and the world fell silent for him.
  15. They'd been doing well. The Rider had been keeping pace with her despite his inexperience - for that was obvious now - and the blood leaking from his side, and Aket had hoped, thought that maybe they would actually make the borders of the Wild Wood, a place the enemy would hesitate to go, even for such a prize as a dragonling. She'd felt a surge of adrenaline, of something almost like relief when the edges of the deeper forest came into view and then she'd heard Shira's cries of distress.

    Ah s***.

    She turned back swiftly, her dirty white hair flying out behind her like a banner and Aket watched with a feeling of fleeting satisfaction as Niso, soaring down from the sky, snatched the arrow meant for the Rider right out of it's flight, like a dog catching a bone. The feeling didn't last long as the horses came into view and Tieshira chirped out in alarm again, hissing in the only threatening manner she could as she stayed near Ryath. The horsemen were dismounting now, approaching the prone Rider and the dragonling, and Aket felt a familiar burning through her blood as the desire to protect overwhelmed her and a rage lapped at her mind.

    She let out a sound that was purely warning and dangerous, purely dragon and started to walk forward, her eyes swimming violet and her body radiating a lethal fury. There were half a dozen men, some on horses, all of them armed to the teeth...and Aket didn't care one iota about it as she grinned, a feral expression before she took a running leap at the first man approaching the Rider and dragonling. Her momentum sent him crashing to the ground and such was his surprise that she'd slashed his throat before he could even fight back. And Aket didn't wait for the others to react, a roar ripping from her throat as she went for them next.

    She was tired but her lithe body was still faster than than their lumbering ones and she had the Dragon Fury, a small dose of it, on her side. Every move they made seemed to slow, every screech of drawn steel alerting her to another weapon, the smell of fear invaded her nose and Aket chuckled, the sound a dragon's warble as her small blades drowned in blood.

    It was over minutes after it had begun and Aket stood in the middle of the carnage, covered in red, her body starting to shake violently with fatigue. She didn't regret a moment of what she'd done, wasn't sickened by it. She'd protected the Rider and Shira. That was her purpose, that was what she'd been born for and she'd done that job now with pride.

    And she would pass out with dignity. Okay...maybe she'd just pass out. Aket did just that, too, and Niso landed at her side, chirping unhappily, but curling against her, knowing to wait until she woke. He chirped reassurance to the baby dragonling. Humans were fragile things, but they'd be all right.
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  16. Just like that fading whilst Ryath faded out he noticed the dance of a death dealer grace itself like the unfamiliar presence of a ghost over a rotted battlefield that held no surrender for the soldiers. Blood painted the lush green grass giving it a dead crimson color and marking the massacre that occurred before him. This day, all of it had been so strange, everything had happened faster than he could have imagined, and somehow atop all of the realization that he was sworn by a Dragon still trumped all other surprises for him.

    of course there was little time for him to think of it as he struggled against his body and heard the sound of horses trampling away as fast as they may. "How the hell did we survive tha.." he glanced over to see she too had fallen down passed out even and somehow he had remained awake, though his body told him otherwise in those moments. His eyes fought with him at every second, threatened to shut him into darkness and hold him there until his body seen fit but the sound of new foot steps was heard, a set of four by the sound and another of two, but he could hardly even twist to see who the new comers were.

    Then a voice resounded it was young beautiful almost even entrancing to hear as if it held an elegance that somehow even matched or surpassed Lady Aket. "Well my my what do we have here Oberon?" Ryaths eyes shifted up just enough to meet beautiful golden eyes on a white wolf and the perching smile of a young lady of rich blonde hair. Her hair was tied at the sides awkwardly but she was not frightened; not even surprised when she could easily seen the Dragon curled up next to him, the symbol that twisted in his arm. "I have to say I didn't expect this to be the source of that energy burst, your quite the young virgin to take on such responsibility as a Dragon mr Rider." her voice was childish but to a point where the innocence made it beautiful in every word. Still Ryath couldn't say anything, nor could he move.

    The short little woman spent no more time playing with him though instead she moved over to Aket and glanced down at her. "oh so you are the one that caused this little mess." she chimed and then pointed to the place where the guards had run off too whispered something and an nearly transparent barrier formed a good 30 yards in the direction she pointed. Ryaths eyes widened a bit and as he thought to really shoot up and demand answers he met the odd sensation of a salty wolf like tongue catching him in the mouth when he went to speak. The odd little woman turned and giggled before she crouched down and shook Aket a couple times. "Well come now deary you can't think to exhaust yourself and leave yourself in the left overs of your own massacre where first will the King send his dogs to check for you?" She made sense of course but it wasn't like things were that easy. Aket had just single handedly taken care of a good battalion of the kings hunters, of course she was exhausted. "Ahh i suppose there is no choice until then." she shook her head then glanced back to Ryath. "You, your well aren't you, i see no truly grievous wounds on you, and from my stand point you found it easier to gawk in awe on the ground that stand and fight, so get up now up with you!" She hadn't lost her smile once but he could tell she was serious and he obeyed.

    Of course he should have expected what came next, they were pretty much captured but it wasn't something bad from what he could tell. The lady was odd truly Odd, but he didn't ask questions,a nd of course he as the man of their little group was carrying Aket whilst she lay unconscious. "back straight, keep your arms strong she carried your life, and now you carry hers if you can't handle that, then by all that is deemed right you should have died back there." The White Dragon at his side little Shira pranced along and growled here and again. "Oh she is a bit jealous I see" The woman giggled again but sped up the pace every now and again repeating her little "spell" behind them for whatever reason. Soon enough they caught sight of a little burrow with trees and the like toppled over it. Ryath was perplexed as to what they might actually be doing but he didn't ask much for questions only waited to see what she might do this strange little woman. he didn't wait long before she spoke unreasonable words and the trees with a loud creak separated and cleared the path for them to enter. Ryath stood gaping as she giggled and the woman glanced over at him. "if you find that so amazing mister rider you should see what i can do in bed." she winked and flashed a smile and giggled before skipping into the burrow with her wolf companion, an obvious tease but none the less he was red as a tomato at that point.

    The Burrow was instantly lit by lights of violet flame that revealed a little camp that was actually quite extravagent all things considered. A pile of riches sat their just huddled up a large bed, chairs and other such things gathered together. The young woman spared no time leaping up to fall on her bed with a soft catch and lay there sighing content. Ryath watched but said nothing still quite confused by everything, and again she teased him. "would you like to join me Mr rider..." she slipped part of her dress and robes down to reveal her shoulder and collar bone bit her lip then resolved into a fit of giggles as she rolled about and The wolf joined her. "No actually it might be better you just made yourself at home, place her on the couch she should wake soon by my guess. " The little woman leaped up then speaking in that odd language again before that wall formed again and the trees returned to their guarding position over the hole. "Oh and by the way I suppose it would be rude of me to seduce you and all without giving you my name so lets start there, I am Embriana, please call me Lady Emma though. its a pleasure to meet you Mr Knightfall." She winked again but said nothing else to the confusion apparent on his face.
  17. Aketten was only vaguely aware of being spoken to by a melodious voice before her consciousness faded out again. The next thing she was faintly conscious to know was that she was being carried and the person smelled of leather and blood...and something dragon-like, enticing in the oddest of ways. The next time she woke was to do so more fully and the white-haired woman blinked rapidly, trying to clear her exhaustion-fogged vision as she took in where she was. The first thing that occurred to her was that it WASN'T where she'd last laid down and Aket immediately stiffened, a surge of adrenaline giving her clarity as she sat up swiftly.

    The first thing her eyes fell on were Niso and Shira, and Aket took immediate reassurance in the Minor Dragon and dragonling's calm if curious demeanor. If they weren't upset, then there was probably little to be upset about and pale blue eyes finally looked away from the dragons to settle on Ryath, assessing him - and the confused look on his seemed he had that often and it was kinda cute - and then finally letting her eyes drift to the blond and the white wolf near her. Aket saved them for last, but it didn't mean she hadn't been aware of their presence the whole time and she stood, graceful and wary as a dragon herself as she neared her companions.

    Niso leaped up, using both wings and claws to get to her shoulder, perching there with his tail wrapped around her waist as Aket took in the two people she didn't know calmly. She wasn't about to judge or react until she knew what was going on. She took one more look around their surroundings, seeing that no immediate exit was available - something she'd didn't really like if she was honest - and then settled herself to speaking.

    "I am Aketten. I would greet and thank you if I knew your name." It didn't take a genius to realize that this odd-looking little woman was responsible for the fact that they were not lying on the forest-floor, vulnerable to anyone with malicious intent that might come along.
  18. The little woman faltered for a second when the white haired lady joined at Ryaths side. A smile perked on her lips as the woman spoke "Well I just told Mr Rider over there that I am Emma so thats probably the best way to greet me Id think, but its nice to meet you miss Guardian. ehe" She giggled again and stepped back with Oberon following close behind. "You had fallen silly after your massacre of those guardsmen so I had mr rider over here carry you here, Hes a silly little fool trusting any little old lady who has nice tits and an ass, i think he might have a fever for younglings Miss you best watch him. hehehe" Ryath thought to protest but became so red it was ridiculous and almost impossible to tell his actual skin tone in that moment. He remained silent however and just looked down realizing he had been dumb to just follow without asking questions.

    "rest assured though Miss I mean no harm to either of you, after all who would want to harm such a handsome man thats just ... well it should be a sin don't you agree?" he addressed Aket with a wink. Honestly Emma was one that had no reservations she never held her tongue and always said what was on her mind, or well most of the time anyways. "So then here we are years after the last and the white Dragon of Hope emerges out of no where, I really hope you have little ways to go to your destination Kiddies, because your in for a very hard journey. By day break tomorrow there will not be a city across this known empire that does not know about the "traitors" to the Empire, but do you know what you will do?" She raised her brow and Ryath looked over to Aket curiously. Finally he gained nerve to speak up.

    "I would guess we are heading to some place safe and should just stay low." The little girl bursted into a fit of Giggles. "You sure look like him, you look like him a Lot but you really do not even have close to the amount of cunning as that man did." She looked over to Aket then. "And you what would you do, what do you think is the best thing you can do right now with Your faces being plastered on wanted posters throughout the Empire as "criminals?" She kept her eyes locked upon Aket for her answer, The Dragon of Despair, the symbol of hatred and dominance over this world, what would combat that, He would have known, that was how she knew, but would they?
  19. Aket didn't take long to figure out she was talking to a witch. They just had that odd demeanor about them and dragons especially sensed their power most clearly. Aket might not have been a dragon but she was the closest human equivalent of one and the Dragonsong sang through her blood without ceasing. It told her things others might not know even if it could not tell her everything. Most dragons she knew were young things, only as old as she was at the oldest. There was no older dragon, no aged wisdom adding a deep undertone to the song that rang in her head, through her blood and so Aket didn't know nearly enough of the world yet. She was learning, though, and what she learned she never forgot.

    Now her pale blue eyes held Emma's without trust but also without hostility, calm in the face of cunning and fully prepared to be wrong and learn even as she was told she was wrong. She answered to the best of her ability, knowing she was still young and could better benefit from those wiser than her but at the same time she was confident in what she did know, confident in herself and she was not one to think her own worth diminished just because she didn't understand as much as someone else did.

    "I agree with Ryath that finding a place to stay safe and stay low would be wise, BUT, not forever. To train, to grow, to learn one should have teachers and guardians, but eventually the dragonling has to leave the nest, find its wings and it's purpose. Mine has always been to protect the Dragons and the Dragon Riders, but the Dragon Riders....their purpose has been since the beginning to defend this land and these people, to fight evil wherever it may crop up."

    Pale blue eyes flickered to Ryath and Shira and Aket spoke firmly. "I think we should run and hide so that we may live to become what might aid this kingdom."