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Apologies, my dear friends
Apologies for my reckless deeds.

A sin upon a flower and a
Corkscrew of guilt

A raging river of blood and dreams
Loveless deeds and abominations

Apologies, my fellow men
Apologies of my departure

Sadden and swollen
My hands have fallen from their stations

My gears are rusted;
They are crammed tight

My muscles have grown tired

The bolt has been unscrewed;
It shall never be restored

Failure is now an option
The line has already been crossed

Dispatched and frowning
A feeling of recklessness

Apologies, my dear friends
Apologies for the sins that have enveloped me

Apologies for I must leave,
Apologies, my dear friends.

My clocks have stopped
My knees have been unbuckled.

The shell has faded
The true picture has been left.

Apologies, my dear friends.
Apologies, for what my reckless deeds have done to me.
Both of these poems are for two stories that I'm writing, so they may not make too much sense for the person who reads them; not knowing the story line that lies behind them.

The Arrow

Memorize the target
and feel its aura...

Pick up the bow;
Let the arrow fly
Straight; Downwind

North, it flies
Catching wind
And lighting from the spirits

Straight with no bends
It flies into the raging fire;
Burning in the flames

Fulfilling its meant
As the fire runs out
Burning into its last ashes

Dying from the spirits
of the arrow
The wailing subsides;
The fire burning its last sight of coals

Mother Ekiko

the Spirit
of the lands

Come hereith;
Come along
and sing the
Melody of Spring

O' Come
Spirit of Ekiko,
Woman and the Mother
of Birds and Spring!

Fill thy lands
With song and warmth!
Come O' Spirit of Ekiko

The Mother of
Birds and Spring~
Let us kill some bastards and praise the glory to the moon!
Lift our swords and drink from our tins,
Yell and spar and spill our drinks!
Party all night and train tomorrow!

Let us kill and spill some blood!
Slice and dice and rid the enemy!
We shall train until our muscles give out
And tomorrow we shall drink our pain and prepare for war!

Metal plates and fancy armor!
Golden and shining from the sun!
Which shines upon us in all our glory
And what shall be victory!

Let us swing and tackle!
Our forces over riding!
Diving and jabbing!
The enemies' hearts on our swords!

Let us pile their bodies!
And dump them into the raging seas!
Let us watch! As the foul creatures underneath jab from the water!
And attack and eat the enemies' flesh and bone!

And we shall!
We shall drink and party!
Praise for our victory!
And light the fire of our glory!


I was pissed off about something...let the emotions shine down in their true glory!
Eyes of Osiris

...what? No.
It...No...can it be?

The clunk clunk of the gun as it falls to the ground,
Opening my very ears with a lashing claw.
Eyes blood-shot; wide opened.
The blood slipping down my shirt and face.

The slippery texture,
the metallic smell
I can only freeze in place
Looking down at the solid clunk of flesh.

Which lies before me,
A hole of which I could put my finger through,
Oozing blood.
An escaping scream.

Acid reflex flies to the ground,
I, gripping my gut, and trying not to have a heart attack.
The butterflies swirl around my head,
Whispering in my ears.

Try to knock them away,
But they only swarm.
Eyes flash back and forth,
from corner to corner.

In an uncertain gesture,
forceful; powerful
The flesh wraps across my shoulder.
I can only look at the sorrowful face.

Holding back the reflux,
Closing the eyes of the dead,
A hand grabs a shovel.
The feet begin to move.

The body itself, feels numb and powerless.
I can only do
With no turning back.
I follow my legs that walk for me.

The eyes of Osiris staring back at me.
Your writing is amazing and unique, Loverless. <3 Just thought I'd drop in a compliment.
Thank you, Fluffy-Cereal! <333

Dear Goddess

Build these lands,
O dear Goddess,
Build these mountains
Full of spring.

Create the birds,
O dear Goddess,
Create the eagles and the jays
of melody and spring.

Sing for us
O dear Goddess
We wish to hear
the song of spring.

Rain for our crops,
O dear Goddess
Nourish and rich
Our crops for spring.
Bellows of the night,
Whistling freely and dangerously
Warning all whom are near.

A sacred curse
A rising storm, of which
Comes from the East

Causing ripples in the tides,
Drowning the noises from the near-by city.
A sunset rousing and flickering
Creating three suns in the universe

Slitting skies; black storms
Where darkness reveals and takes
Upon its true form.

A deadly gust,
A hissing siren
Rainfall and icy particles

Sacred it may be,
Yet danger awaits in its jaws
That hang open, dripping its
Deadly poisons.

This was a practice poem. I was trying to figure out how I could put a sun dog (the three suns) into a poem. This is the result...? >>
The Streets of Saint Gabriel

In the streets of Saint Gabriel
Comes a man
Hollering ever so loudly, whilst lifting his hat

In the streets of Saint Gabriel
Rain slithers down the vacant windows
Of the shops and of the homes

In the streets of Saint Gabriel
Rides the horseman of a thousand songs
And a million beats

In the streets of Saint Gabriel
Comes the lovely song
From the beautiful maidens

In the streets of Saint Gabriel
Comes the sacred lullabies
From the house wives to their children

In the streets of Saint Gabriel
The tunes of the solid nights and days
Come dancing along and away
I had asked both Seiji and Kaze to say a random topic. Kazu had said "string" and Seiji had said "Stars." So, I wrote a poem about stars and string.

Stars and String

Looking into those eyes,
I see the wonderful world that
Which lies over my being

Its darkest depths,
Flowing like a river.
A river of stars, one after the other

It is as if, a clear cord of string
Is connecting all of them.
Thousand by thousand, my thoughts count out

My unseeing eyes can only see so many
They blur thy vision, yet…
Here thy being stands, watching.

Watching each twinkle,
Each glimmer of tiny lights,
And invisible bounded string across the vast river
Of the Gods' dark and brilliant universe.

Dance in the Wind

It's not what you think,
The it of the clue
The hint of salvation
The serenity of the cold and gentle

The wonder,
the calmness of the ocean's waves
The gentle breeze of the day's weaves
And the pulling from that white gloved hand

Touch my face,
See my flaws and beauties
Look into my mind and see the questions;
The wonders that wander

Look into the eyes
Watch the flames for hints
See the waves in their reflection
Watch as the stars twinkle.

Feel your hairs move
As the wind touches your skin
And dances around you
Thrive for peace and love.

Whisper the question
As the soft petals touch your lips.
Breathe the aura of the graceful rose
And let the wonders take your imagination into pitfalls of beauty.

Let your heart hear
the whispering from the delightful
The dance and song of the graceful
And the touch and rhyme of the beautiful.

It calls gently to you.

The butterflies dancing in the wind.
Very nice Loveless, I enjoyed it.
Loveless is on a rage fit. .-.

I'm leaving here
And I wont regret

All those times,
and all of those lies.

I wont look back
And I wont remember

I don't care to,
And so I wont.

So Fuck it,
I'm out of here.
Thief of Hearts

He tried today,
Tried again
The words flowing from his softened lips.

All the words
And all of those tries
Oh, those beautiful lies

He said he would,
and so he should
Take the sword.

He then tried again,
"I love you"

Those words of love,
The meaning of trust,
The thoughtless lie.

All the faults he made
The devious play
Oh, that venomous tale.

"I love you"
In that vile way
Those un-moving words

Satin lover…
Heart thief…
Vile serpent…

His poisoned lips
Covered with tales
Oh, that unseen move.

"I love you"
"I love you"
...I love you.

Horrible felon.
Here's some random stuff:

In the morning gift
The soul finds its sun
The light and the power
of the Goddess Herself.

And if I could
I'd find a way to catch the butterfly
And in my hand, I'd hold it
Then watch it fly away into the sky
The Storm at Sea with Shipwreck.jpg

((A quickie. I'm not use to rhyming, so this one I'm going to re-do this sometime in the future probably with my own style. Nevertheless, a new poem for my poetry thread that seemingly was abandoned. ))

Storm at Sea

May the waters flow
Spiral waves and dolphins blow

May the sunlight reflect
Particles that send off a rainbow effect

Ships sail the western seas
Waters splash on the polished beams

Sailors will control the sails
The Captain will commend the Seals

May the waters stay calm
Oh, may the waters stay calm

A storm arising in the east
Wind a crashing in like a wild beast

Waves awakening from their long, vast sleep
Terrors creep their way out of tearing creeks

Storm a thundering
Hearts' a thumping

Command the ship
Command the steer

Fear forming in their eyes
Sailor's only fear to die
In a storm at sea
Ever so close to their victories.
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