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This is a thread that I will posting up my poems, and possibly some chapters of my writing skills.

Out where the street lights burn,
Hitting upon your broken wings.
You once could fly, but now you slowly walk.

Feathers split, bursting into single particles.
Whisking and clinging in the air.
What are you trying to be?

Once a guardian, now an unsure soul.
Grasping for a little life,
Reaching out for that one pure rose.

You want it to touch your bare skin.
You want it to slide through your fingers.
Letting it touch your soul;
Letting you see.

Alas, can you see what is truly in front of you?
Can you see the disturbed spirits?
As they grab up at your chains, pulling you downward.

But looking onward, do you see the glimpse of a rose?
Standing and watching, right before your very eyes.
Her arm stretches out, but as she does not move.

You see her standing; you know what you have to do.
Break the chains that surround you;
Calm the spirits that haunt you.

Burst out your true power,
Let it become you;
Let it breathe.

Go forth into her arms,
Leaving a trail of ash behind.
The chain slowly dissolving.

Wings beginning to sprout,
Fresh and beautiful.
Calming of all surrounding,
Tears bursting out. . .
All I need.
I am the demon,
the face you see.
I am the claws,
Ripping into your dreams.
I am the eyes,
that you see every time you look into the mirror.

I am your nightmare.

Run from me as you wish,
Scream in horror.
That is what I want.
To give you fear and pain, is all I need.

You can not escape the nightmare you are in.
You are chained to me.
I command your every move.


Zero Atmosphere.
The sun is down,
in this Zero atmosphere.
Souls are breathless, as if there is something to behold.

The raging of flames, are like monsters in a fairy tale.
The sound of a dying gasp is like music to my ears.
Splatters of blood are pictures of flowers to my eyes.

Bodies on others, dying in flames, Is a movie that I don't want to miss. This kind of job is the Game I live for.

The sounds of pain and breaking bones!
Puts me in my happy place.
Like bugs crawling under my skin.

The horror screams from the victims is a fun sound to listen to.
I will bring disaster to any place I will go.
I will be lurking in the shadows, choosing more and more victims.

I am a surprise.
Like a bat who flys out of a cave and hits you right on the head.
But after I hit you, I will be the one to laugh and watch your last breath.

Like a movie, you will be to me.
Along with the rest of the dead.

I am the shadow in your shadow,
I am the bricks in the wall.
I am the mirror in your room.

I am the Zero Atmoshpere.
Finding the Killing to be a game of which I live.
Surrounded by the pain in the flames.

A life is like a candle light, soon to be gone, until I come and put it out forcefully.

(got this Idea from "When You're Evil" by Voltaire. )
Is there more?
Yes, there is. But I'm trying to type up a bit more before I'm ready to post any. ^^ Glad you like it. :3

Visions from the eyes,
Seeing and having,
Watching and learning.

Guardians of the night,
Flying with beauty and reason,
Watching over with a watchful eye.
Saving the protectors of which to come.

Raising their heads far over trees,
Their long necks visible,
High and mighty,
Also protecting their young.

New neighbors which to claim,
Hiding their bodies among the bushes and trees in forests and woods
Their antlers; strong and unbreakable.
They hide their true identities to be among us
But are truly more over which they are seen.

Wasps cling overhead,
Caring for their nests.
Protectors of the grounds;
Fast and furious.

Both creatures working together,
to watch and fulfill,
these beings that walk earth, and their destinies.


This was a simple poem I put together from a dream I had the other night.
Walking in uncertain passage ways,
dark and abyss, claiming her in their dark tunnels.
They don't seek out the light,
they seek out the lost soul.

Being of the lost soul,
she has tears down her face,
Drowning in her own sorrow.

She does not wish for any of this,
Just to be alone and to think.
Yet, these dark passage ways seek her,
as she gradually drifts towards them.

Waiting all the same..
Waiting for that happy life she always wanted.

Rid of all the lies. She can't believe either "truth."
She has been told one way, that has now been told to be a lie.
She hears the other side and gets lost.

Who can she believe?
No one.
Everything she thought she had, is gone.
Right before her eyes, it all vanished.

Will anything change over time?
She wishes to know,
but she slowly begins to die.

Pain is lust, stress and everything; everyone.
No, this is not suicide.
It is mere fate.
Let it be, it will take its course.

Slowly and gradually,
to let her fall away..
What this is, is really how I felt the other night... >_>

Five years have past, and yet I still feel you there.
I don't know what or who you are,
but yet I sense your presence.

Five years have past, and I know you're still watching.
Are you a guardian angel?
Did I touch you that one night at the hospital?
Why don't you speak?

Five years have past since that move.
You came along with me, and yet I don't know what you are.
You have been there in times of sorrow,
you have been there in times of guilt.
You have been with me, yet I don't know why.

Five years have past, and you're still with me.
Not as much as you use to be,
but I know you are keeping watch,
and I know you are there somewhere.

Five years have past, and I hold on to you.
You may even be just my imagination,
but I feel a bond.
You are closer than ever,
and I know you watch as I am writing this.

Five years, and you have never left.
I say thankyou, to the one I have never seen before.
To you, I wish to call a guardian.
To you, who has kept me sane.

To you, my dear.
To you, I give my life.
For I know you have saved me several times.
Even if you are my imagination,
To you, I want you to know, that I wont forget you.

To you, my friend.
Looking through the open windows,
I watch as the cars pass, lit up by the night and street lights.
I see my reflection, as it smiles at me.
It poofs away and I see the pool.

It ripples in the night, as it glistens in the orange light of the lanterns.
Empty chairs circle the pool, like an invisible audiance.
Perhaps I am it's audiance, watching from three levels high.
Watching and studying it.

The wind brushes against the pom-trees that circle above it.
In the distance, many miles away, fog covered trees are standing.
Tall enough to see over many city buildings, but far enough away that it looks like the edge of the world.
City lights glow against the night sky.

Stars hide themselves, and the moon is no where in sight.
The sky looks like a fog wave, claiming all it lands on.
I look at the pool once more,
still making ripples and still glistening under the orange light of the lanterns.

It looks as if it was free in an ocean.
I sigh and close the curtains,
looking into a dark room, a TV going, and the glow of my computer is the only light.
I sit in my chair, and listen to the sound of the air condition sounding from behind me.
-"Alive" she cried-

Holding onto a mountain,
Gently falling.
Yelping in pain and guilt.
Holding onto an insanity.

She cries and she yells in pain.
She is dieing slowly.
Being stepped upon like a lone butterfly.

-"Alive" she cried.-

For what did life give her?
Pain and missery,
but all the same, hope.

Holding onto mountains,
Little peices falling
Down to the abyss below.
Like a falling dream.

Shattered memories shine from below,
Collecting like constellations.
Holding many treasures within them.

Grip is loosening.
Her eyes widen.
Nightmares go through her mind.

-"Alive" she cried-

What is to happen now?
Hanging with little hope..
Hanging onto a desire...


-"Alive" she cried-
From above it is a floating world.
In it, there is disaster.
Strings are holding things together.
Bolts and screws are left on streets.

Machinery is left rusting outside.
Crumbled buildings block the roads.
Old lamp posts flicker in the dimness of the nights.
The once blue sky is grey.

The sounds of crows and vultures are heard.
Their shadows creep over cities.
Pollution fills the air; water is dry.
Skulls are left on grounds; filled with bugs.

Not much life is left. The greenery is gone.
Old factories still give off smoke.
Old roads are cracked,
And everything is broken.

The feelings of life is gone.
Fog creeps through the cities,
Sharing the fact that it now owns this world of death.

This world where man use to walk,
This world where creatures use to live.
This world that was once life.

[A world that never learned its lesson...]
In an Empty Box --Very old poem---

A piece of broken sorrow
Where the road leads to endless pain and cries
With the blood of the enemies and the swears of tears
Soaks up the space within.
The light disappears and the darkness takes place,
In this empty box,
My heart has been placed.
"Every Heart Fails in the End" --A poem I did for my grandfather when he passed--

Working the backyard, day by day.
Living a simple life.
A good man at heart, never did a thing wrong.

Loving life as it was, and knew where he belonged.
Days went by, and the plants grew.
A pond was dug, a bridge was made.
For him and his dear wife.

Looking out from the front porch view,
always there; always near.

The days went by,
And a good beating heart, yet failed a very good man.
But, looking at the house...
His soul still lingers!

His touch is still there.
His soul touches his dear ones; they can feel it.
Souls cry, and stress breaks out.
But, as life goes on,
we must learn to except these kind of situations.

...The man with a heart, who cares for others,
and will give good advice to the ones who need it,
was never thought to have a passing day.

A strong and peaceful soul, who should of had more years to come,
will always be remembered by his dear loving ones.

Though, for them, they must learn to go by, and to think of their futures, instead of the past.

The passing man will be loved, and will never be forgotten.
But as the years go on, his grave and flowers will show the love that others gave.
Pictures are hung of him,
to say that this man, will never leave our Hearts...

'He has gone home with his Ten Black Brim....'
Never escaping this depression I am in.

Forced to do something I do not want to do.

I am never to be understood. No one cares to listen.

They all decide things without my knowing.

I want to get away from here. From this nightmare that traps me to this chain.

I wish for all of this to end. To never return here in my life, again.

Why can't I unglue this reality from myself?

Why has everything turned upside down in the matter of an hour?

How did I end up here?

I wish to get away, and to go to a new place.

New land I have not yet discovered.

Why is everything so hard to reach?

So far away and out of length…

Old poem, but nothing's really changed since then... -___- Even worse now.
Awww, don't be mean to yourself, Lovey, I love your stuff! The use of punctuation, the way you set things up, you're good!
XD Thanks, TK. But that isn't what I was really talking about. I was talking about the meaning of the poem itself. >.<'
Suicide.. or what??

I'm in a chair.. Waiting.. But I'm not sure what I'm waiting for...
There is a desk in front of me, as a woman asks, 'Are you ready?'

I say, 'Yes'

The door opens and two guys in black step in, both holding guns. They ask the same question the woman did.
I answer with the same response. 'Yes.'

The men shake their heads at one another, as they lift their guns and point them at me.
They both look at me, their fingers on the triggers.

I knew then, what was coming…
But I gave my life, and there was nothing I could do…

Everything went black...

Was a dream I had when I was about six. o_________O

Straight up and out of reach for most,
There lies the dark skies of the Solar System.
Where the suns and moons and stars are all born.
That is also where planets lie and are reborn year after year in many different ways.

Where there is no air but,
Where the Solar System is our main life source.
The sun creates many,
The moon lusts it with water.

The moon is the waves' gravity.
The moon itself is gravity and defies all to stay where they are suppose to.
This is where Jellyfish meet,
And many cycles are created.

The moon and the water are one.
To the Earth and to the
Solar System.

The sun is the same.
It gives plants food. In fact, it is their food.
The sun is also known as vitamin D.
Which humans and so many other animals use.

Some who warm their blood with this heat.
Who can lay on rocks all day and live in very hot places.
Cold blooded animals. They live with the sun, the mother of the Solar System.

The stars are guides, some would say.
They guide us to our path.
They guide is with constellations, they tell stories.
The stars; the Solar System.

Life revolves around these.
Time is learned.
Organization comes from time, and so much more.
It all comes from the vast things, many many miles away,
In our Solar System.
Some would also call: Mother Nature.
XD Thanks, Emtai. ^^
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