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  1. Heyy-yo. I've been craving for a Grim Angel kind of roleplay and so, here I am checking in if anyone else wants in.

    I'll be straightforward with the different plot elements I've come up with so here~

    Also, the things I have listed are a compressed version of the story I have so if you want the full/extended one just PM. Also, these are subject to change after discussion, so if you have any questions, ask away! :3

    • The roleplay in itself will revolve around the concept of Grim Angels. Angels who have been given demon-slaying powers when they give up something of theirs, who use their powers for the purpose of locating and liquidating the demons of the world, or commonly known as "Sprites". Some common sprites are things like Harpies, Lamias, Centaurs other odd creatures which The Grim Angels wrongly believe are demons, while in truth they are just trying to get by life with exception of a couple of crazy ones along

    • In this story there are two realms. One called Endothemia, the home of sprites. The other called Irelias, the home of the Grim Angels. Endothemia is rich in grasslands and forests and oceans. Along with towns and cities inhabited by Sprites. Irelias on the other hands is a large golden city surrounded by large unbreakable and unclimbed white walls. Between the two worlds is the Waygate, the only way of passage between the worlds.

    • Irelias is lead by a council of elders who govern the people of its realm along with leading the Grim Angels in their jobs of slaying sprites. The Council in truth is actually corrupted as they made Grim Angels to wipe out the Sprites so that the Angels can move into a unpopulated Endothemia as Irelias is truly a wasteland, with the Golden City being its only exception. So the Council teaches the inhabitants that the Sprites are actually demons and must be vanquished in order for their plan to progress. The plan seems to be going well as Endothemia has already lost 1/6 of their world to the GA's control. Until a new squadron of Angels are sent out, not knowing that eventually they would end up fighting for the Sprites.

    • The name of this roleplay, and often used term, Wingless, means a Grim Angel that has deserted Irelias.

    • Our characters would be that group. Aspiring youths who think they can make a difference, only to be thrown against their comrades whenever they end up learning the truth behind this war and fight for the right cause. Our main characters would be Grim Angels of course while we can have side characters who are sprites.
  2. Interested.
  3. Awesome Sauce. :)