"Winging It" Recipes!

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  1. Okay, so last night, my friend had a SHITTY day (she works with me and I saw what had happened) so when she got off work she went home. Hours later when I got off work and bought some groceries, showed up to her place where she greeted me, bawling her eyes dry.

    So we made lasagna! I had never made lasagna and she hadn't either, but we had a bunch of stuff and we're like, "Y'know, let's not use a recipe and just wing this!"

    And let me tell you this was some of the BEST lasagna we've had! So we wrote down what we did afterwards and called this our "Best Friend Lasagna!"

    So here, put up some recipes that you made good dishes when you just winged it! I'll put mine here.


    A buncha tomatoes (we used about 8 large tomatoes)
    1 Carrot
    1 Celery
    Mushrooms (we used maybe 5?)
    1 half of a large onion
    3 cloves garlic
    Few sprigs of cilantro
    Pack of ground meat (we used turkey to keep it a little bit leaner)
    1 pack of cream cheese (then we made it fattening with this, instead of cottage cheese)
    1 pack of shredded cheese
    Various other spices like rosemary, oregano, thyme, and basil
    Milk or Cream
    Dehydrated Lasagna noodles.

    1. Preheat your oven to 350F/175C
    2. Boil your lasagna noodles. Since this takes several minutes, begin the other steps as the lasagna noodles cook.
    3. Boil a pot of water and put in the tomatoes when the water boils. Boil the tomatoes until they are soft inside (you can take a fork and if it's easy to push a fork in, they're done.)
    4. As this boils (it may take a while), prepare your vegetables. Chop your carrots, celery, onion, cilantro and mushrooms. Mince your garlic.
    5. With a large pot (you'll later use this pot to make the sauce) set to high heat, saute the garlic and onions in cooking oil. Saute until the onions become translucent. Add your ground meat and brown. Add more oil, if needed.
    6. While the meat browns, take your tomatoes, and drain them in the colander. Remove the peels. They should come right off. If they're too hot, use a fork. (SAFETY FIRST!)
    7. Once the meat is fully brown, throw these tomatoes in and mash them up.
    8. Once the tomatoes have been thoroughly blended, add your carrots, celery, cilantro, and mushrooms.
    9. Allow this to come to a full boil and add your spices during this time. Make sure to taste it periodically and adjust it to taste.
    10. Add milk or cream after it boils for 10 minutes. (I'd say we put maybe 1/4 cup of milk, but we didn't measure, so....) Bring to medium heat and allow it to simmer. Stir periodically.
    11. Meanwhile, take a casserole pan and oil the bottom and sides.
    12. Once the sauce has been slightly thickened (WE DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT THICK!! So it kinda looks like stew when it's ready), place a layer of meat in the casserole dish.
    13. Follow with a layer of lasagna noodles.
    14. Follow with a layer of microwaved cream cheese (I didn't know it was supposed to be cottage cheese, but cream cheese makes it taste DECADENT). Microwaving the cream cheese makes it easier to spread.
    15. Follow with a layer of shredded cheese.
    16. Continue in this fashion until all your ingredients are exhausted.
    17. Bake until it looks yummy. (We baked it for maybe 15 minutes? It could have been baked a little longer so it could have made crispy sides.) Check periodically, making sure it doesn't burn.

    ANYWAYS! Have fun! This was made literally out of the blue. I didn't know there was such things as premade tomato sauces (I'm such a man). But this tasted great too! This was our first time making lasagna and so now we feel like experrrrrts and such pros at cooking, since we made this one from SCRATCH! YEAH!
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  2. I have one.

    I had to make dinner for my foster mother and my sister, so you know what I had to work with:

    -A full bottle of red wine
    -1 baking pan

    So, turned out, I could only afford a beef heart. Yes a beef heart.

    So, how does one cook one of these, and why in the hell would you eat it?

    Well, I prepared it like this:

    4 cups of wine is to be poured into the baking pan, and you take the heart and soak it while you wear goggles to cut the onions. You tuck the onions within the heart, cover it, having preheated your oven to 375, cover it and bake it for forty five minutes.

    Was it good?

    Meh, better than starving.
  3. Ohhh~!! I wing it quite often in our kitchen :P My mom's doesn't like it, but it makes for some awesome dishes. I usually get inspiration from doing internet searches and looking at what could be done with the ingredients we have. This is actually a variation on a biscuit and beef casserole.
    Okay, around our house we have a lot of random ingredients sitting around. Here's what you can do with 2 cans of cheap biscuits, 1lb. of ground beef and less than half a bag of mashed potatoes flake thingies.
    You will need:
    • 1lb. of ground beef
    • bag of mashed potato flakes
    • 1 to 2 cans of cheap biscuits
    • Season salt (or garlic salt if you don't have that; even )
    • a shallow skillet (small or large) for cooking the beef
    • a glass casserole dish
    • a small pot
    • vegetable oil

    How to prepare:
    1) Heat skillet on medium heat cook the pound of ground beef and began to boil the water for the potato flakes.
    2) Season with season salt or garlic salt as soon as you put the beef on the skillet (I like to put the seasoning all in the skillet so the beef cooks in it).
    3) After cooking the beef, turn heat down to simmer or lower.
    4) Add the potato flakes to the now boiling water and turn the heat down very low. The water should not be boiling now that the potatoes are on.
    5) You can now leave the potatoes to simmer and prepare the casserole dish.
    6) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Coat dish with vegetable oil and layer bottom with one can of biscuits.
    OPTIONAL: Our oven was broken when we did it, so we cooked the bottom by itself first. It may turn out better if you do it this way but then again, these are winged recipes ;)​
    7) Cook the biscuits for about ten minutes or until golden brown. Take them out once at desired colored.
    8) The potatoes should be done now and ready to start layering. The desired consistency is a rich thickness.
    9) Add a tablespoon of butter before layering and stir until it melts.
    10) Spoon the mashed potatoes over the bottom layer of biscuits.
    11) Add the cooked ground beef on top with the mashed potatoes acting as the the substance that keeps everything together.
    12) Place the top layer of biscuits, making sure to close some of the gaps between them.
    13) Let it cook for ten to fifteen minutes.
    15) Let it sit for a few minutes before serving, the mashed potatoes can burn you.

    Enjoy!! 8D
  4. I had to wing a recipe the other night. I typically wing it alot, but half of my recipes turn out good, and other times, not so much...


    1 cup milk
    1 cup sour cream
    2 tablespoons of butter
    2 tablespoons of flour
    2-4 pieces of skinless, boneless chicken, thawed
    box of pasta, preferably rigatoni or penne will work for this recipe. I wouldn't use anything smaller than those or spaghetti pasta
    1 bell paper
    (Depending on what veggies you have on hand, and which ones you like, I'd recommend getting some celery or cooked tomatoes into this dish)
    Cajun seasoning
    Crushed dried red pepper... The kind you get from the pizza place

    Bring a pot of water to a boil for the pasta.
    Season chicken with salt and pepper. Saute with a bit of oil or butter and cook the chicken until it's done. Make sure you're using a deep sauce pan.
    While all of that is coming together, start cutting up your veggies.
    Once the chicken is done, remove to a cutting board.
    Place butter into the sauce pan that had the chicken. Once butter is melted, add veggies and cook until softened. Season veggies with salt and pepper.
    By now the water should be good to go, add in pasta.
    Once the veggies have been softened, add in the flour. Cook for two minutes on medium heat until the flour taste has been cooked out.
    Add in milk and sour cream. Cook until liquid consistency.
    Add in your seasoning. If you like mildly spicy, add a little bit of cajun and crushed red pepper, if you like it fiery add more in. Caution: The redder your sauce looks, the more OHMYGOD MY TONGUE IS ON FIRE it's gonna taste like.
    Cut up chicken pieces and add to sauce.
    Strain pasta, plate it, add sauce, eat up
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