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  1. When heaven and hell went against each other in a war it destoryed all contact between the two. Now with the plan to make angels and demons come back together , they will go a school where they will eat breathe and live with each other for four years.

    The question is is your wing white or black ? And shall some become wing dipped?
  2. ((Can we play one of each race?))

    ((Chaos/F/Demon looks like my profile pic))
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  3. Yes you may just tell me what they are we will start the rp with a few more people perhaos two boys since theres already us ))))
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    (I don't normally play a male, but guys seem a bit rare within the jump in roleplays.
    I'll be roleplaying the black-winged angel, Nathaniel, who has pyro abilities.)
  5. ((Cool. I can have a male character as well, so I'll have Chaos/F/Demon, and Zackary/M/Angel. [​IMG] ))
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  6. (Maybe we should start up the roleplay to build attraction to it?)
  7. (Once we do get more people, though, I'll go ahead and attempt two characters by making a white-winged girl. Possibly only one-winged, if you'll allow it, Hana.)
  8. (You have one more male :) )

  9. (<w< Please tell me he's at least bisexual?
    Edit: Nevermind. Just checked your resume. I'll stick with just creating a white angel girl later on.)
  10. Asura walked into the doors of St. Lucifer's her long black hair flowing in the wind gently as she pushed open the door with a hard shove they gave a loud creek and revealed a hall way as she stepped in she hugged her book to her and dragged her suit cases in as she hoisted her backpack up on her shoulders she looked around a shiver running from her scalp to her toes as she felt demons in the school she gave a deep breathe and smiled her angel wings itching to be let free but she shook it off with a shake of her head her black curls bouncing as she turned down the west wing corridor she couldn't help but realize finally after thirty minutes of searching that she was lost she sighed and looked around her light skin paling slightly and as whispered her angelic voice like satin caressing skin-

    " I am lost...."
  11. Zackary turned, tilting his head a little. He shrugged. "Same here ma'am. I'm sorry I cannot help you." He sighed. "Maybe we could find someone else who may know the hallways here?" He suggested, his wings folded tightly against his back to avoid bumping anyone.
  12. A young man, simply called Nathaniel, walked through the dorm hallways, nothing except the clothes on him and a backpack in his possession. He held a few papers loosely in one hand, the other holding the handle of his backpack over his shoulder. He spotted two people in the hallway and then looked straight ahead, his steps strong. When he passed by them, he'd drop a map that had been colored and marked in such a way that one could easily find their way around the whole campus. "Try visiting the office next time you need a map..." He then continued on his way, finding himself at a co-ed dorm that was his, figuring his roommate wouldn't be there yet. He walked in and closed the door behind him, tossing his bag on his bed and then looking around.
  13. (I'll play bisexual if you need me to. Is that what it says on my resume? Must change.)
  14. Asura looked at Zachary and nodded gently and whispered "your fine don't worry we'll find someone "

    looked around seeing a male walk by as he dropped a map she looked down shocked at how it was high lighted hear his words she blushes and whispered gently - "thank you"

    -she watched him leave and look down at her schedule realizing her class room was in the same direction he was going she followed him and tripped bumping into him she him the floor with an oof- "I am sorry"
  15. Nathaniel flinched as he landed on the ground from the girl tripping over, looking to her with a light glare as he rubbed his head. "Watch where you're going, why don't ya?" He sat up, looking to her with skeptical eyes.
  16. Fear filled her eyes and she looked down her body trembling with fright as her aura of hiding she's angel disappear - "I am very sorry i didn't mean too"
  17. He shook his head and then stood, a burst of black feathers coming from his back as his black wings appeared folded against his back. "You angels are always so scared... pitiful." He then turned. "I would advise finding your way to your room, considering you only have one day to learn this place." He then walked into his room, shutting the door quickly.
  18. Zackary glanced at the map, the design etching itself in his mind with just a glance. Photographic memory, his curse, yet his gift. He sighed and started after them once a few moments had passed. He slipped past them on the other side of the hall. He shook his head slightly.

    Choas stood at the edge of the hallway, looking at the passing angels and demons. In her head she groaned, but outwardly she looked expressionless. She started walking down the hall, her black feathered wings held to her back, but the feathers fluttered a little. She looked for a familiar demon face, but saw none so far.
  19. Anger spread through her as she shouted angerly - "demons shouldn't be the ones to judge so fast anyone would be scared of someone who scowls constantly pathetic mongrel " -she growled her aura becoming slightly black as she kicked his door and muttered walking into the room beside his slamming the door she sighed her anger subsiding as she whispered "so quick to hate...that's what I get for trying to make friends it's useless"