Winds Of Change

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  1. Wolves

    The wolf court, a pack of wolf shapshifters with an ancient secret.
    Their Wolf form was stolen.
    They are known as the guardans and they protect the Keepers (Dark magical beings like sorcerors) until the keepers betray a new Alpha Female Named Calla. Her pack splits and the part on Calla's side if forced to join forces with an ememy of the guardians and keepers.


    The Dragon court, a Flock of dragon shapeshifters with a broken past.
    Their familes slaughtered by the Keepers until the Searchers (Elemental magical beings like witches) took them in and Swore to Protect them.

    The courts must learn to cooperate as the wolves and dragons are thrust into a world of chaos many did not know existed. They must defeat the Keepers and the only way to end the fight and hostile feelings between the two courts is to unite the dragons and wolves, in marriage.

    ok. i'm putting a basic list of the characters i have to have. and anyone who wants to create others please do so. This is a join anytime rp.

    Alpha male and female of wolf pack
    3 Other wolves (at least)
    3 Keepers (at least)
    3 Searchers (at least)
    Alpha male and female of Dragons
    3 other dragons (at least)
    The Half breed (searcher and keeper, The plot twist)
    The half breed (wolf and dragon)
    The harbringer

    Please email me any further ideas for the story line as well as your character. I will post all characters on the first page so that Everyone knows whohave joined and what characters are taken.
    Thank you.
  2. Wolf Alpha Male:
    Wolf Alpha Female:
    Username: KenzyKuddly
    Name: Calla Myst
    Age: 19
    Bio: Saved the life of the Harbringer, a man who had the power to destroy the keepers, and started a war in the process.
    Orientation: Straight
    Human Appearance: Silver blonde hair, pale skin and sapphire blue eyes
    Wolf Appearance: Snow white with blood red paws and red eyes

    Wolf 1:
    Wolf 2:
    Wolf 3:

    Wolf Dragon Half Breed:

    Dragon Alpha Male:
    Dragon Alpha Female:
    Dragon 1:
    Dragon 2:
    Dragon 3:

    Keeper Leader:
    Keeper 1:
    Keeper 2:

    Keeper Searcher Halfbreed:

    Searcher Leader:
    Searcher 1:
    Searcher 2:

    The Harbringer:

  3. I'll play a keeper searcher half breed. Gimme a min or ten to get a bio set up
  4. Keeper Searcher Halfbreed:
    Username: Stheno
    Name: Veil Ereil
    Age: 19
    Bio: Veil is the daughter of a searcher and a Keeper, she keeps mostly to herself in the forrests and usually hides her appearance, she works with herbs and is an excellent trapper. She usually keeps to her own business unless bothered.
    Orientation: Straight
    Human Appearance:
  5. I'll play the Harbinger.^^

    Username: Ninjakittee
    Name: Syn
    Age: Infinite
    Bio: He has arrived on this world with a mission from the Shadows: he must rid this place of war or eliminate all factors.
    Orientation: None
    Appearance: Black eyes, black hair, whit skin. (See his profile in my blog for further details.)
  6. Yay! I am not late I hope ^_^ I would like to be the Dragon Alpha Female ^_^

    Username: The Returner
    Name: Serena
    Age: some hundreds (if that is possible)
    Bio: Serena is the alpha female of the flock of dragons. She has proven to be a great leader, attentive listener, indispensable diplomat and lethal enemy. Her primar goal is to rid the world of the creatures that so mercilessly slaughtered her kind. Though, as the time passes, she feels it in her bones that war might not be the solution. However, she doesn't admit this fact on any level of her consciousness.
    Orientation: Bisexual

    Human Form

    Dragon From