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I write a lot of poetry, if I'm feeling it. ._.
I thought, since I have some with me in my dorm, I might as well put some up. n_n
I wrote a new one tonight, reflecting how I felt with Fluffy Hair Man aka who I spoke of in my rant with the big bold yellow word 'GIRLFRIEND' in it.. ^^;
Enjoy? Or don't? xD Some stuff is heavy.. KAY. Next post will be the first entry here, but my oldest poem on hand with me right now. c:
I wrote this the last time I was 'in love'. Which actually fell apart suddenly, and quite painfully a couple months ago. Online thing that was meant to come true, soulmates, he bought and sent me Pokemon White as a random gift for me, we're suppose to be only for one another etc. etc. But..then he grew distant and just stopped talking to me. So. I deleted him from my phone, and League of Legends (he's who got me into it), messenger, skype, etc. But.
This poem is about love.

Insignificant Time

So slow, it passes
Every second is an hour
Every day, a year
The wait is agonizing

Patience is a must
Sit still, hold tight
In the end
It will be worth it

Colors are more vibrant
Such vivid hues
Once unrained to
The human eye

New sight is gifted
Without warning, without resistance
The senses are enlightened
Every pigment is . . . wonderful

Bliss clouds the mind
Intoxicated by just One
Sweet thoughts, penetrating images
The want, the need, it builds

But how can I sit still?
How can I act just and polite?
My heart, it yearns
I must feed it what it deserves

Torture, to wait
For life to begin
I see black and white
I hear only monotone

The heart wishes
It wishes to fly
And be protected
To never fall down

Warmth, sincerity, strength
How something is missing
Kindness, adoration, touch
Now. Now. I want it. Now.

It will not die
It will surpass
All other examples
Let us make it last

Forever and ever
How I speak so true
Time has nothing on how
I Love You.
These were done during a time of being depressed, Body Dysmorphic Disorder stuff hitting me hard.
And so,
I write poetry to cope and get through the day.


Scum. Loser. Failure.
Maybe today will be better. . .
Fat. Ugly. Emo.
There is always tomorrow.

Fake. Nerd. Slut.
I try to blend in. . .
Freak. Jock. Prude.
I try to smile through it.

Fag. Idiot. Poser.
Why do I even waste my time?
Pothead. Virgin. Coward.
I should just give them.
What they want.


My ring won't fit again
We just had it resized
Slips off as if nothing is there
Plain and true, it doesn't fit.

My jeans sag at the hip
I just went down a size
And bought a new pair
Protruding hipbones act as a belt
Simple and obvious, they don't fit.

My wrists have shrunk
I just noticed the bones
Shadows create pools of emptiness
Scrawny and embaressing, on them nothing fits.

My dress falls down
I just bought it this weekend
My chest is too small to support the fabric
Unnatural and ugly, my dress falls.

My skin is barely there
I just stopped eating
There is too much fat, no one else sees it
Glad and content, my skin is stuck to my bones.


What if rain could speak?
The stories a drop could tell.
From falling to the Earth,
Gazing over all the land below.

Every drop has a story.
What would they do
In such a short lifespan?
Would they be fortunate
To collide into more water,
Living on to repeat the cycle?

If one raindrop was apathetic,
Would it just not care?
That it was a clone of many,
Carried down by nature, by gravity.
There is no 'woe is me', just
Pure acceptance, that a short life is lived.

Are droplets saddened by the fact?
They will experience the world in seconds.
Memories drawn to recollect with grandchildren
Until all ends with dried up moisture
To start all over again.
I'm going with a pattern, SEE?!?!?! <3<3 xD
here go. ~ Obviously, I take my poems sometimes from real life. DUHHH. >_>;


Mom always told me
'Your biggest enemy
is yourself'
If this is true, for once,
The antagonist wins.

If Confidence is invisible
How is the impact so great?
If everyone is capable of having it,
Why have I felt empty?

What could be worse.
To be overconfident
Or underconfident?
It is a matter of opinion.

If I am to frown,
One cannot assume mine has left me.
I have other traits and emotions,
I do not need Confidence.

Be it true, I am too hard on myself.
Self loathing comes and goes.
The wasted time can never be brought back.

Coming to a realization of myself,
If anyone loses here,
It would be
These are much lighter toned poems. c: I had fun with them. ENJOYYYYYY.<3<3<3


The sky is gray
Not quite black
Nor much white
Just gray.

Rain hits the ground
Not too quickly
Nor too slow
All is wet.

Thunder wakes my dog
She is not scared
Nor very calm
Gone back to sleep.

The chalk drips down the concrete
Colors wash out
Back to the grass
No matter what hue,
They turn gray.

The Violence of Paper

Paper beats Rock
Before Rock knew it
Paper began to cover,
Suffocating the mineral
Paper beats Rock.

Rock beats Scissors
Sure, they are sharp
But Rock is heavy
Strong, Rock will annihilate
Rock beats Scissors.

Scissors beat Paper
This one is easy
Weak, vulnerable, shaking
The looseleaf is cut
Erased from existence
Scissors beat Paper.
And here it is.
The one from tonight.
Fluffy Hair Man themed.
T ^T;
I would like feedback on this in private messages, or in here, whatevs.
Cause he wants to read it, since it's about lions, and he told me to write a poem about lions.
So I did.
It's focused on him and how I feel towards the situation.
So... >.> dunno if I should let him read it. Cause I want to hint at how I feel through it, since it's subtle.
I dunno.
HERE GO.<3<3<3


Self proclaimed, too awesome for words,
The confidence fills to the skeletal brim.
Radiance shines from every pore.
There is One, and only One alone.

A mane so large, so wild, untamed.
Golden strands refuse submission.
There is no match, no rival to see.
Dominance is made clear, without a single action.

Glorious beyond measure, the beast stirs.
All around cower and shrink.
No creature dares to confront
Such a magnificant specimen.

The animal is blind, however, and cannot tell.
He is oblivious to the effects he has
On the others of his kind, singled out,
The One who is of more humble descent.

Sharp eyes are timid and weakened.
The King is not allowed to any,
No other than his counterpart.
Discouraged, She slinks away to darkness.

Do not bother the oblivious carnivore.
There is nothing a royal needs
From a figure who is unworthy, unwelcomed.
Though, he paws at her to stay, close and common.

A mervelous beast
Can he learn
How she pains
How she yearns

A ravishing King,
Content, it is clear
A wounded Peasant
Strays from mirrors

Well trained, She is a comrade
Worth the trouble and confusion.
Never will she leave, unless
Asked to do so.

The Majestic Lion
Too glorious for words
Somehow can miss
Softly obvious blurbs.
I want to feel love for reals, and have it last.~
All the other times I have thought I felt 'love', I was hurt in the end, badly.
But it has made me who I am today.
still. . .

" < / 3 "

My heart is not a thing
It cannot be replaced
Nor can I afford another
It starts out shiny and new

My heart is utterly alive
It beats, each pulse a breath
Feelings and experiences fill it up
It curiously explores the world

My heart can be manipulated
It gives itself out too easily
Too many hands have grasped it
It is naive and gullible

My heart feels pain
It is strangled, stabbed
Only after following intuition
It starts to scratch, become tattered

My heart is a thing
It is thrown around, wounded
Unworthy of kindness and compassion
It falls into darkness,
Briefly twitching for life.
Did these on the train today on my way home. :3

Clearly, this one reflected my missing Max, and thinking bout him.~ <3

Spoken Words

Kinda spectacular, amazing, unreal
How words can affect someone
Right off the bat, being friends for a short time
Moments etch into the mind, become surreal

Not much is needed to be done
Not physically, not at all
No bought goods, nothing materialistic
Spoken syllables, who could ask for more

When one thinks things could not get any better
They just suddenly do, without much effort
A hand is held, arm falls against arm
Electricity surges through the veins, magical, wouldn't you say

The perfect pace is held between two
No one complains, things are just as they should be
Yet, there were no preparations put into place
None of this was planned, not at all

That's quite alright. It shall stay like this
Spontaneous happiness kind of creeps up
Without a warning, without a sound
Take it in, accept it, and float amongst the clouds.

This one is about music. >:D

Music Is Magick

You can't see it

Nor can it move
Well, not in physical ways
Not how you would expect

You cannot talk to it
Nor can you shake it's hand
But it may shake yours
Not how you might imagine

It cannot go shopping
It cannot wear clothes
It cannot eat food
It does not have a nose

Entering through your ears
Invading your mind
Leaving foottracks along your memory
Tracking mud across your heart

A toe may want to tap
A fingertip may want to twitch
Hips crave to shimmy
Torso whimpers to twist

You can give in
To the power of the song
The melodies raise your soul
Without even touching you directly

It's kind of like a type of magick
Though, no one understands its ways
Each mind interprets a sound differently
No experience is ever the same

Music is everywhere
Music is nowhere
Music can heal the heart
Music can soothe the soul

Music can walk beside you
Music can keep you company
Music can bring out the sun
Music can pour down the rain

Music is all the same
Music is completely different
Music is here to stay
As long as You allow it to



So yellow and so
plump. You're electrifying.
Quick attack, my heart.


Don't let your fire
go out. Your Ember is hot.
Bulbasaur shall lose.


No one understands
You are just slightly confused.
Here, have this berry.


In Pokemon, Snap!
You tried to evade my sight.
Damn you, Ninja Mew.


You are too cute, I
am convinced you're the devil.
Mudkip, Mudkip, Why?

I herd u liek me
You cannot resist my charm.
There is no escape.


You're the best pillow.
Never will I release you.
Commence cuddle fest.

So, Thanksgiving is
coming up soon.. I'm sorry
you will be locked up.

"Om nom nom nom nom
nom nom nom nom nom nom nom"
(World Domination)


Your feathers are so
soft. Small, but full of might. Oh,
Penguin of Power.


Lance was your master.
He took forever to beat..
Dragon Claw his face. >:C


Everyone makes fun
of me for my Splash Attack.
One day, I shall reign.


Flying over all
the Caterpie. You are such
a mighty, rad squirrel.


Mysterious and
cunning, shadowy figure
blend in with darkness.

You look like a form
of Eevee, but you are not.
Way to be a fail.


Big, scary rock snake.
We first see you at gym one.
Sadly, Brock can't train.


Like an angsty teen
not knowing where you belong.
Vaporeon sucks.


When I first saw you
I thought "Oh, big Jellyfish,
You aren't very nice".

I want to be made of bones
I do not want to show anything else.
I want to be made of bones.

I do not want my muscle,
I dislike the strength I show
I do not want my muscle.

I want my skin tight,
I aim to look constrained against it
I want my skin tight.

I would like my spine to show,
all the time, even when I am not bent over
I would like my spine to show.

I crave to look fragile,
and graceful, and soft
I crave to look fragile.

I want to be happy,
truly, truly smile, and never stop
I want to be happy.

I can't ever be happy,
really content with myself
I can't ever be happy.

How can I be happy?
I do not love what I see, so..
How can I be Happy?

Bones would make me happy,
at least I think so..
Bones would make me happy.
"Mindful Evening"

Alone in the dark, I sit
Cicadas gossip outside
I have my tea
To try and calm me on this ride

This ride never ends
I barely recall when it began
Just keep moving, going forward
I.. don't understand

The computer light
It bathes me
I am in my mind
But, I cannot see

I cannot see what You people see
No glasses, no blindfold
There is nothing blocking my view
"You are wrong", I am told

"You are beautiful"
Oh? Then why do I not agree?
"Why can't you believe it?"
Because it honestly cannot be

Not on purpose do I feel this way
I did not wake up wanting to
It is not a switch I can turn off,
Not ever, not on cue

You do not want to enter my mind
It is dark, it is sad
Only on a certain topic
Do thoughts come out terribly bad

Travel the other paths,
Along my Interests, my Passions
Then you may have a good time,
You will find it is not a road made ashen

But, stray down to my View
My View of myself, alone,
You will not enjoy the things you Hear
It is not a healthy zone

Like a roller coaster, I can be up,
So high above the ground
And then, just as fast, I am moving
So quickly, so hard, I fall down

It hurts, it does
Maybe You cannot see
My mind is not gentle
No, it is not very nice to me..
"Stars" ~A poem about Love and the galaxy. :D

Magnificent, beaming orbs
In the sky, we feast our eyes
Upon such beauty, perfection
How small we are, we realize

In the moment
I could stay
Just still, silent
Keeping life at bay

Sparkling, pure signs of Magic
I didn't know this was real
It seems so far out,
Shimmering shades of teal

Painted against black
Such a galaxy of Wonder
Let us stay and watch
Even if we do hear thunder

For rain will come and go
It is super calming, so chill
Don't hide away, or feel shy
Droplets do not harm, and have no free will

Patterns, so immense
Have you ever seen such sights?
As superb as this is
There shall be more nights

But, my dear, only if you will it
Shall events come true
Dreams are not always scary
No, nightmares have vacations too

So, melt into the ground
Let the sky take hold
Can you feel it? For you, like me,
Is there a tiny emotion, so bold?

Perhaps, I am solo
In this revelation
Or, maybe it's true,
You need not a translation

I digress, let's just Breathe
Time knows no limits, or rules,
The stars continue to glimmer,
No king could ever claim these jewels

Gaze with me
Dream on, Don't quit
Close your eyes, Your Mind,
The Stars Will Still Be Lit.