LESSON GAMEMASTER ROLEPLAY Willows' Roleplay Perks Guide #2: Classes

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    - When spicing up your roleplay, you can add classes for the characters to be aligned to. In my experience with classes, I have made them have duties that correspond within the roleplay plot. For example, in my group roleplay A Planet to Colonize: Floranota, I have six classes that can wield the magic of the individually colored flowers.

    - When you as a GM want to incorporate classes into your roleplay, you should consider what aspects your characters need to fulfill. If you need characters who can protect the others and fight well, perhaps you should have a Warrior Type class. If you need certain characters to heal those who are wounded, I would suggest a Cleric Type Class. However, if there is a role you need your characters to fill and you feel a different name would be suited for that class, by all means think outside the box!
    - If you also have incorporated a leveling system in your roleplay you might want to think about adding level up perks that pertain to each class. In my experience, this encourages the player to want to level up and participate in the roleplay. Some perks for your classes could be class specific items that help the character in the plot of the roleplay;
    " ____ the Warrior Class Character has leveled up to level 5, they are awarded a Bronze and Gold Double-Handed Axe. Defend your allies! " Class level up perks don't have to be just items. You could award them a class skill, occupation, rank, new quests and much more!
    Overall, Classes are classifications of the characters for the plot of your roleplay. When you use this perk in your roleplay they should help drive the main plot you are setting forth. If you make classes that aren't necessarily important to the plot, it can make your players feel left out of the major events. (in my experience) Thanks for tuning in! Next Roleplay Perks Guide will be about Knowledge & Skill/Ability Points.

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