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  3. Type of Graphic: Thread Header
    Size: 800 x 250
    Color Palette: Meg's Wedding
    Photo(s): Desolate Cities
    Font: Face your fears
    Text: Hell's Wrath, Welcome to Hell
    Extra Information:
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  4. I will get to work on this tonight! :D
  5. Type of Graphic: Thread Box

    Size: 800 x 800 (Will it be expandable? Not sure exactly how many pixels I should use since I have a lot of information to put in)

    Color Palette: Portlandia

    Photo(s): N/A

    Font: Blacksword

    Text: I'm assuming I'll be able to insert the text in, it's a lot of information. But, I would like the header on the box to say World of Wyria

    Extra Information:

    Examples : I like the first example you have up for thread boxes.
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  6. Thread boxes don't go by pixels in width because it makes them cut off on mobile devices. I use percentages for the width. You don't want to add the height to a thread box because it will make it cut off your text if it goes past the set height. It is better to leave the height off of thread boxes. I'd much prefer if you linked the palette and font. However, I'm not going to use that color palette, instead I'm going to send you a message about the div box and to customize it for you~
  7. Ok sounds good :)
  8. I would seriously love to know what program you use..... I use Gimp for a lot of my stuff, but seriously curious about how you get images in the 'frames.'
  9. Mainly Photoshop :)
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  10. @Lulunopia your request is finished, sorry it took awhile:
    Let me know what you think!
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  11. Hey darling, another stupid question for you, and I would seriously love you if you could teach me how to make thread boxes. I keep seeing people using them and I am just....absolutely lost. I want to learn so badlyyyyyy and can't find where to learn it....
  12. Your questions are definitely not stupid. I'd love to teach you how to make thread boxes. Do you want your thread boxes to look close to mine?
  13. My goodness, yes! Thank you! I've been copying other people's and trying my best to edit them and I'm going INSANE trying to figure this crap out! Thank you so so much!!
  14. You're so welcome! So, I am going to make a separate thread that will be used for teaching others (you mainly) how to properly put together a coherent and beautiful thread box!~

    So, I wanted to ask Diana about which forum would be best for a BBcode Div Box tutorial thread. So once she lets me know where I can put it, I'll link it here and we can start working on teaching you and others how to make BBcode Div Boxes !!
  15. Yay!! Thank you so much!!!
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  16. Here is my official BBcode Div Box Tutorial thread!!!
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  17. It looks really great! Thanks so much!
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  18. I've never used pixels before, so I'm not sure how big my graphics would be in pixels, just the standard width x height. If we wanted a graphic, would it be a problem for you to convert or something else along those lines?
  19. Pixels is the standard for most if not all graphics. Even if it just says 800x100 it still usually means pixels. I'm not sure what other measurements you wanted to use if not just pixels already. :P If you can give me an explanation of what you want/fill out my form I will do my best to create what you want. :)
  20. @WhisperingWillows Oh, no. I just got confused by the whole "size of graphics in pixels" part. I've only ever seen people, in my experience, refer to it as "width x height" instead of pixels. Apologies for the misunderstanding!
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