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    After several of you asking me about how to format their posts like mine, I have decided to host Formatting Tutorials in this thread for all of you who want to learn the ins and outs of BBcode Thread Div Boxes and other BBcode that I have knowledge in. We'll start with the basics of div boxes and how they work. I will also link several resources that I use personally to help format my posts with. Once those of you who want to learn have gotten down the basics of making these div boxes, we will dive into the fun CSS styling parts that go into making them as fancy as my formatting. I will try my best to make this a fun and easy way to learn fancy BBcode formatting.

    If you want to participate in the tutorials could you please post a synopsis of what you want to learn about below?

    In this first post I will keep track of the Usernames of who is participating and what they want to learn about as well. I am eager to teach all of you my way of making BBcode Thread Div Boxes and more!

    Once at least three people sign up I will start the first tutorial which discusses all about resources I use and the basics of Div boxes.

    Learning Members and their Goals

    First off, I'd love to learn the basics. What the codings are, what they mean, and how to put them together to create a simple layout with an image. That's my first goal.

    Boba Fit | GOALS:
    To learn everything about coding and becoming a Div Box Master!

    Saralaxy | GOALS:
    To learn the basics and then scale up to become a Div Box Master!

    Dip | GOALS:
    To give my writing a visual flair and to learn all about making fancy formatting.

    Cosmic | GOALS:
    To not fall short when I code, and to make pretty div boxes for my posts.

    Maree | GOALS:
    To learn all the things about basic BBcode formatting and then go up to creating thread boxes for my posts.

    Shinku-Kun | GOALS:
    I would like to learn all of the basics before proceeding to evolve into a DIV Box Master.

    Vendethiel | GOALS:
    I want to make those boxes as well, they look awesome.

    Meggie | GOALS:
    I just wanna know how to make my posts look pretty..

    Starlighter | GOALS:
    Mostly I just want to be able to keep things organized in a neat, aesthetic way.

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  2. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!! Oh, teach me, wise master.
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  3. You pretty much want to learn everything about the div boxes don't you? :P
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  4. First off, I'd love to learn the basics. What the codings are, what they mean, and how to put them together to create a simple layout with an image. That's my first goal.

    Also, YES! There are steps to learning, but I want to learn! No, I NEED to learn!
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  5. Wonderful I will update the first post with this goal. :)
    Two more people to sign up and we can really start on the basics.
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  6. The first post is updated.
    I seem to remember that @Boba Fit and @Arcadia really wanted to learn how to do div boxes. So if you guys still do, here is the thread I can teach you all in. :)
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  7. YES!! I was hoping you didn’t forget!
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  8. Of course, Willows never forget~
    Can you let me know what your goals are with learning BBcode/Div Boxes?
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  9. To become a Div box master! Really just a everything, since I honestly know nothing. Except the things you tried to teach me in pm.
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  10. The first post has been updated! We just need one more and we can really start! :D
  11. Is this div box, something you guys want to achieve?:

    Text Information goes here

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  12. Yaaas! I love that one!!
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  13. I think that we can start tutorials on Saturday!
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  14. I am so incredibly excited about this.
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  15. Hello. I would like to participate in your teaching. I've always loved things that had to do with coding and Div Boxes look awesome. I'm pretty new to it all so I'd have to start from the basics though, which I hope doesn't cause any problems for anyone. My goal for right now is to learn how to code a nice Div box and from there my goals will only become harder until I reach the ultimate goal: Div Master. Haha, pretty silly right? I have hope to get there though.
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  16. am i too late to join? .u.

    hello! im dip, and i am very interested in your tutorial! i just love aesthetically pleasing stuff, and i would just love to apply those aesthetics to my roleplaying, and give my writing a visual flair. i'm not gonna lie, i kinda cheat when it comes to code... if there's something that's free to copy and paste, i copy and paste the hell out of that thing until it's dead and done for. i would just like to teach myself a new skill, and not reply so much on my ctrl+c and ctrl+v.
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  17. WELCOME STUDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyone is allowed to join whenever they feel they need some lessons in fancy formatting. :)
    The first beginning lessons will start on Saturday the 3rd! The first post has been updated with the new students~
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  18. i just joined the site and would like to learn! i love making my posts pretty but i always fall short when it comes to actually doing it...
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  19. Cosmic, I will do my best to teach you how to fully and accurately code your posts into pretty master pieces with these tutorials.

    Updating the first post.. :D
  20. hi i would like to learn all the things please

    Hey, I'd like to sign up as well, if I can, please!
    There's quite a few more customisaton options here than I'm used to so I'd love to start from the basics and go up with formatting my posts with div boxes and so on♡
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