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~Welcome to The WillowBerr Manor~
It's your turn to stay the week at the Manor as you've been invited to a party, one that people would die to go to. Despite the tattered look of the letter that arrived in the mail you decide to go anyway.

Once you've arrived the outside is quite a beauty to behold with brick walls growing thick layers of moss. It's big and it looks like it could hold a pretty big party, a memorable one too.

No one else seems to have arrived yet making you the first to arrive. Why not just go ahead and knock on the door?


Seems someone is home as the door swings open rather smoothly with any creaks or ominous screeches. The inside is not as pretty as the outside with broken furniture and worn down wallpaper... The first instinct would be to run back out the door but it seems to have closed behind you... Looks like you're stuck.

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  • Welcome Back

    You and quite a few other people have been invited to the WillowBerr Manor for a party. It's not a matter of whether you accept or not, you're coming.

    It will have the finest decorations and the most exquisite food that will probably leave your mouth watering for more even after you've finished your meal. So much so you might not want to leave... Of course, if you do decide to leave you'll have to wait in the library for a bit.

    Inspiried by Haunted Mansion(Disney) and Haunt the House(The Game). Original coding By Adrian Adrian : Edited by Kyatto Kyatto
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    Hello-Hello? Is anyone there? Oh, thank the lord! Look I need- I need your help! There's something in here-It's everywhere! We came here to stay the week for the party! The letter- Don't accept it! Stay home, whatever you do stay home! Once you're on the property you won't get of-
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