Will you unlock my ♡? (Reverse Harem RP)

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  1. ( i was actually using my first character lol Kira is the badboy and Kazu is the one you met outside the school.)
  2. ((Then..in that case..do you want to continue in PM..? Or have me change this thread or make a new one...?))
  3. (You have Skype? The PM system here only allows for so many PMs to be saved at once, and knowing our posting speed, we'll run out of room in no time)
  4. ((Good point..but unfortunately I don't have Skype. Sorry..))
  5. (Well, we have to figure something out for the long run, but for now, we can always PM here)
  6. ((Okay then.))
  7. ((So..do you want to start a new RP in PM?))
  8. (Sure, you wanna start from here, or...do a timeskip or something?)
  9. ((Well uh...Do you wanna start anew...? As in..remake another RP on this one or something..?))
  10. (Erm, up to you, if you wanna continue this one, or start anew)
  11. ((Start anew..sort of getting tired with this one...))
  12. (Right, waiting on you for the first post then)
  13. (Hm..why?)
  14. (Rules, it'd be classed as pedophilia if I were to do ERP with you here, and they could be held responsible if I were to write with you)
  15. ((Right...Okay.. I just don't want to spam this RP with a new one..that's why I suggested PM..))