Will you take the time to read about my idea?

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  1. I've been writing about his on my own, trying to make it a short/long book. But I got to thinking that it could be a cute role play. My idea is about a girl who looks a bit boyish, is quiet around others, and is invisible to almost all of her classmates. In elementary school she met another girl who noticed her right away and they became the best of friends. At the end of that school year she had to move away because her father got transferred.

    But as they are starting high school, Christian (my character) sees she's back in town and wishes to be friends with her again. Although this time she doesn't notice her like last time. With the help of her three childhood friends (all in their 20s and all guys), she tries to get her attention again. But things go wrong for Christian and the girl ends up thinking she's a guy, as well as the other students now. Seth, Stephen, and Shawn (all brothers and the childhood friends of Christian) try to help her out. Seth's advice is mainly on physically appearance. Stephen's is on charm. And Shawn's is on intellect. They are under the impression that Christian wants to win her affections and date her instead of become friends with her. So the girl ends up believing Christian is a guy.

    And I'm guessing you can think what would happen after that. So if you are interested then please either reply to this thread. OR if you want a quicker response from me then send me a PM.

    Thanks :)​
  2. *Raises hand* Lol, that does seem like a pretty cool idea. I'd gladly join this RP
  3. Yay~ I didn't think anyone would take interest in it ^.^

    We can divide the characters up but it won't turn out even. Which one of the brothers do you like more?
  4. I'd say I'm interested in either Stephen or Shawn, probably Shawn more.
  5. Sorry about the wait. I just have one more day left of school tomorrow then I'm out for summer. The rp will be up and running tomorrow for sure.