Will You Stop Them, Or Will You Help Them?

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Was this enough information to make an informed decision on if this rp would interest you?

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  1. Hello!

    I'm working on developing a few characters that I've been favoring for quite some time. In order for me to develop them I need to rp!

    My Characters: (Obviously small summary, more in rp)
    Myuka Hiramatsu - The leader of the infamous thieving gang! Full blooded forest fox demon. Job is to run the group efficiently, ensure safety, and organize heists.
    Rylee Planners - The techno nerd of the infamous thieving gang! Half breed (Human/Fox Demon). Job is to break down security, crack codes, invent useful gadgets, and check layout and blueprints.
    Cadalena Fields - The voodoo specialist of the infamous thieving gang! Full blooded fennec fox demon. Job is to ensure safety, mind control guards or civilians for proper use.
    Charu Heights - The gunman for the infamous thieving gang! Full breed forest/fennec fox demon. Job is to sharp shoot far away targets, ensure safety of the floor team, and provide useful muscle if needed.
    Rosue ? - The martial arts expert of the infamous thieving gang! Full breed arctic fox demon. Job is to handle hand to hand combat, use pressure points to prevent enemies from intervening, and do his best to avoid deaths.

    I really want to work on developing my team, so if you want to help me with a scenario great! I figure once you find out who you want to use we can start the rp and as it goes on one important question will arise...

    Will You Stop Them, Or Will You Help Them?

    Still slightly new to this rp site, let me know if you're interested!
  2. Little bit confused as to what you're looking for
  3. Basically I just want to start an rp using these characters (for myself). You're free to use anyone you want and together we can come up with the plot line. I'm leaving it pretty open ended now so that there's a lot of room for collaboration and development. :)
  4. Are these furries? Neko's? Are you looking for action? Romance? Needs more info
  5. Are you looking for a one on one RP or group based because you have quite a few characters.
  6. I'm not sure the differences between furries or nekos to be honest. I guess they would be very similar to what you would consider InuYasha to be?

    Usually always turns out to be action, but if they turned into romance I guess I wouldn't argue. I like to collaborate as I go, set a few ground rules from the beginning but not set ever single detail, otherwise it's no fun!
  7. Still a bit new to the layout of this site. I would say yes, still looking for a one on one rp. It's easier to manage starting a story with only one other person, but that doesn't limit that person to how many characters they can use. Does that make sense?
  8. Do you want to Rp by Pm or making a RP thread?
  9. Preferably thread. :)
  10. Do you know how to create one because im new to this site as well.
  11. I would be interested in discussing this over Pm with you.

    You simply go to Action RPs and click Create Roleplay.
  12. PM me and let me know what you would be interested in! Action, romance, etc. What type of plot lines you think could work, etc. We can discuss a few things. :)
  13. Well there you go you got two people interested
  14. A furry is someone who's full on anthropomorphic animal, a neko is just a human with animal ears and a tail
  15. Then I guess technically a combo? Because they could transform into their full form animal demon form if they wanted to, but most of the time they would look more neko. Though the actual transformation would be so rare.
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