will you still love me if i were a toy? ♥

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Every child has that one toy; the one they like the best and carry around everywhere, tell everything to.
These toys are the first true friend of the child. It never abandoned them, never turned them away, never lied to them, and never told anyone their secrets... These toys kept these children safe when they were scared.
These toys only wanted to love the children, and to be loved in return; just as the children wanted.

There was a problem, though, with this way; as children grew older, they got rid of their toys. All that time and love, thrown away and forgotten. With the rest of it- all part of 'growing up'. It is for that reason that a special group of toys were made. These toys not only to love and grow with the child, but become the child's soul mate. When the children reach the age of 14 to 16, their beloved toy changes. The toy becomes human, to be with the teenager for life: a true soul mate.

There are a few catches to this magic, though-you know, there always is. These toys are only human during the night; and if a toy should be rejected, it will turn evil and slowly die away.

In this Role Play, the characters you will be playing are the Toys, and the Teens.
Each Teen will be paired with a Toy;; I'll leave that pairing up to you- after all, who knows your character more than you do?

-1 - Reserves will be held for 24 hours, and 24 hours only. I will not reserve you a character if I do not think you qualify.
-2 - I reserve the right to deny your character.
-- 3- Please try to keep the Gender Ratio even- at least for the most part. Toys must be compatible with their Teen's Orientation

Character Sheet.

<code></code>Picture - Realistic only, PLEASE.
Age- No older than 16.
Soul Mate -
Looks (aka Toy, NOT HUMAN.)

What kind of description would you like for the soulmate/toy?

Would it be a physical descrip of the toy, and then a physical and mental discript of the soulmate?
Both would be preferable, please. If not, a personal description of the toy itself. We already have an image of the human, so we wouldn't need a description written out for them.
Also, what type of toys are we talking about here?
These are the toys that you grow up with. Example: Cabbage Patch Dolls, Barbie, Ken, GiJo, Turltes, ect.