Will you join the crew of "The Bergkonge"?

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  1. The Bergkonge, a corvette class ship, looted from the Russian navy and refitted for use as the biggest and meanest floating vessel upon the seas. To say it was state of the art would be to laugh at it's potential. Radar, sonar, even satellite imaging can't detect it, only being near by can do anything to notice it. Missiles and slugs come near but phalanx class missile defense systems stud it's sides. It is small, it is fast, it is damn near unstoppable specifically with it's captain.
    The ship: SHIP_Corvette_ROKS_Namwon_Pohang-ASW_lg.jpg
    The emblem on it's bow (without the background): GW795H1005.jpg

    Casamir Dekavac (Props if you look up what his name means)
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Former career: Major of the Russian Spetsnaz units
    Distinguishing features: Russian accent, scars across his back, Spetsnaz tattooed across his shoulders.
    History: Having served in the Spetsnaz units for 3 years he slowly found he wanted a different life, a better life. What he didn't expect was that he would be guarding a secret vessel, the pride of the navy. What the government truly didn't expect was that his unit would steal the vessel...
  2. Wow. Casamir means Declaration of peace... Kind of ironic for a pirate. I am interested! :D
  3. I'd love to join haha
  4. And yet his last name is a Slavic monster and his ship is also a terrible monster :3. Alright, standard skeleton lists for your characters, you guys could either think up how you got on with the crew or be from his Spetsnaz unit.
  5. Also! The ship absolutely need a hacker, considering the loot taken will be electronics and money isn't usually carried on a ship anymore we need a hacker to get funds!
  6. Interested, indeed.
  7. So you're saying that I could possibly make my character a stowaway, that later became accepted into the crew? XD
  8. Indeed, but be warned, you'd be messing with ex russian special forces... :P
  9. I'm out o.o cuz I'm confused.
  10. Haha, Hopefully I survive O_O
  11. Totally interested: ex Russian special forces, AND pirates? I'm in...Also I volunteer to be hacker
  12. Interested :)
  13. Alright, just need character sheets, nothing special. Once I have those we can get rolling.
  14. Ekaterina (Katya) Altukhov

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Former career: University student and hacker for various employer's around the world.
    Distinguishing features: She has one blue eye and one dark brown almost reddish looking eye with a scar across the bridge of her nose.

    History: A few months ago the young prodigy knew that it was time to take a long extended vacation, especially considering the fact she was pretty sure a large bounty had been placed on her head and was in no mood to figure out who she had pissed off. She bopped around from job to job, shady employer here and other shady employer there, until there came to be a day when Katya found one job description that called to her like a moth to a flame. A Hacker was needed for some work aboard a ship for an extended amount of time...may also include treasonous activities. Katya knew the job was for her.
  15. Elizaveta Zlata

    Age: 23

    Former Career: Never having what you would call a Traditional Education, or career, Elizaveta broadened her natural talents through malipulation and thivery, and roamed the streets of Ulynovask, the city where she was born, cheating people out of their money with scams and tickery. She is a notorious pickpocket, and has made enough money to scrounge by through the years, by the generosity of others wallets. To say the least she has never held what anyone would call a respectable line of work...

    Distinquishing features: Short cropped hair styled into what can be called a foehawk (yes I gave her a bolder hair style) always wearing black, and calf high red boots that look a bit like combat boots, and a tattoo of a tree that is singed black by flames that are scattered around it, on her left shoulder blade, to represent her childhood.

    punkgirl6.jpg blond_Undercut_punk_crop_cut_2.jpg

    History: At the age of twelve, Elizaveta's parents passed away through a burtal fire, which she fortunately avoided by making the last minute decision to take a longer route home from school. She arrived on the gruesome scene of burning wood, and lashing flames, eating away at the only home she had ever known. With no family left in the world to take her in, Elizaveta, orphaned and alone, was forced to live on the streets like a rat. Having two options- lie down wait to die, or find a way to survive - it was obvious what option she, and anyone else in her situation, would choose. Elizaveta grew up cold, rutheless, and tough as nails, and learned her way around the only trade offered to a woman of her status, and started up her life of stealing, sneaking, and cheating. After a few years (At the age of 19) Elizaveta had built up quite the reputation, and ended up having to flee the city. She walked, and hitch hiked, and bargained her way across Russia, until she came across Bergkonge, a menacing ship to most, but safe haven for her. She waited for dark and stowed herself away in the brig of the ship, using her talents to stay under the radar of the crew...

    Long history WHOA, got carried away sorry...XP hope that's acceptable...
  16. Aleksai Bobrikov

    Former Career: Served under Casamir, when he left he followed. Loyal soldier, lost an eye to save his captain thus proving his loyalty, he would gladly die for his captain. He is quick to smile and has an easy going nature but when he is pissed off, he becomes an entirely different person.


    Histoy: After he helped steal the ship he followed his Captain around slowly climbing the ranks to first mate. Before he joined the forces he was the only son of an alcoholic factory worker and a seamstress. He got many beatings growing up and soon took to the bottle himself, the forces cleaned him up and he attached swiftly to the captain of his unit seeing him as the younger brother he never had. He sobered up but alcohol is still his main weakness. It is rare to see Aleksai without Casamir.
  17. Name: David Cort├ęz

    Age: 36

    Former career: Field Operator for the C.N.I (National Intelligence Center) 'Spanish C.I.A'



    Distinguishing features: Multiple small scars on his face and body. A tattoo on the left arm, under it can be read: 'Triunfar o morir.'

    History: After serving several years in the army, David was offered a important position in the C.N.I as field operator. One day, during a deep sea operation in a oil platform, someone messed up, and he was shoot down during a firefight and tossed to the sea. Left to die, he was rescued by the Bergkogne. He felt betrayed by his people and his own country, so he decided to stay in the ship and live a life he never expected to, a pirate life.
  18. All accepted, props on using Makarov for your picture Tristeel. I am giving this 'till the end of today and will start it with my lazy day tomorrow.
  19. just wondering, in what age group is this going to be in? The adult mature area or the teenager mature area. I'm 19 so if it's in the teen area I cannot play if it is.
  20. I planned to do the adult area... once I get accepted.