Will you help quench my Craving? (MxM)

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  1. I really have the urge for some Incubus love.

    I consider myself literate, but hey everyone makes mistakes.
    I rather play human, but I do not mind doubling.
    Hey I don't mind how explicit you get just no water sports, or and other kink like it. Sorry just not my cup of tea.
    My limits are yours.
    I wouldn't mind bondage either.
    I would like for a dominate player, but I do not mind roles that fight for dominance.

    Incubus x Human

    Throw your plots at me if you have them or we could work something out.
  2. If you are willing I would love to be an aggressive demon!
  3. You know what, bring it on. I'd love to have do so. :3
  4. Aggression, Yaoi, and being Dom are all my cup of tea.
  5. Sweet. So are there any plot ideas you have or shall we plot one out together.

    I looked at your profile by the way, we share th same birthday.
  6. WHAT! That is so awesome. I had no idea :) It's a small world.

    Nope I am free to anything. I seem to play Yaoi/Dom's for a lot of people and I tend to be really good.
  7. It really is a small world. XD

    Awesome, it is nice to have a chance to play th uke role again. XD

    So for an idea we could go a common route of MC summons YC or we could do YC is looking for a mate and finds an interest in MC or something different.
  8. I like the idea of the second one actually. :)

    Yeah it really is... Wow! Who would have thought?
  9. Cool then we can do that one.
    Would you like to start? I can post a thread with my character's pic.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.