Will you go down into the woods today?

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  1. The town of scattered wood was a small little settlement hiding in the depths of the huge forests. With the world filling up with so much folk, this little town was one of the rare places which were strict on cutting down the trees.

    Sky had been in the town for a few days now. After completing a mission, she was now resting for the day before returning home in a day or two. Despite the town being small, it had a small barracs, library, a few shops and even cafes. It seemed tourists flurrished in the summer times here.

    Sky sat outside stuck in her book. A local cafe was the source for her hours of enjoyment. The library didnt sell food. Although it was quieter in there, she wanted a bite to eat will she sat and read. One leg was crossed over the other, wearing a pair of black ninja trainers, her huge gourd leaning against the table. Occasionally a breeze would knock her slim red coat. But overall the day was farily nice.