Will you be my Sugar Daddy?

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Miss Jo

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I had a dream the other day that I was a small theater actress and Dustin Hoffman(I don't know why it was him, I don't find him that attractive lol but whatever), was interested in me. He met me backstage and was very forward; he requested that I go out to dinner with him. Eventually we ended up getting married and he bought me a large estate in the country. He wanted me to get pregnant, and so I did. I loved him and every moment of being with him. He was very horny and we had a lot of sex. The tabloids were all over our relationship from the start and we received a lot of hate mail and criticism.

Was wondering if anyone would be interested in a RP like this, minus the pregnancy. I enjoy a good Age Difference RP. other than that, I have no specific plot. Choose any older famous actor and we can get started :D
Basic grammar and spelling required. No less than one paragraph. Thanks!
This could be interesting. Never done something with such age difference.
I don't think I have either and I think it would be interesting to do. I'm still debating the pregnancy because I have never done that in a RP before. What do you think?
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