Will You Be My Princess?

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  1. America sat silently in her chair as she looked at the many guests on the floor. The first party she has hosted since she became princess seemed to be going rather well at the moment. She made sure to hold her head high and proud as she had been taught by some sort of princess expert. She gave a small smile to anyone that she saw glance her way as if to impress her though she decided it was most likely best if she just watched for now.
  2. The ballroom was packed with nobility. A mind numbing waltz was being played, the sound second only to the arrogant chatter. All of this was observed by Sir Aryn, who was diligently standing near the princess' chair. His dark brown eyes looked slightly maroon due to his armor and uniform. The royal chamberlain had done well with training her for the basics of being a princess, though, as she wasn't flirting with anyone or showing any interest for the several single noblemen who Giles specifically invited to this fancy affair, it seemed like her second duty as princess elect hadn't been pressed yet.
    Admittably, the princess did look quite attractive sitting there taking in her party. Not like he would dare say something like that out loud. He had a reputation to keep, after all, as well as a job to do. Which was stand here and make sure that no one did anything to the princess. Refocusing on the mind numbing waltz and chatter that rivaled that of the birds who often flocked to the castle gardens, Aryn let out a soft sigh. This night couldn't end fast enough.
  3. America caught sight of Giles staring intently at her and sighed softly. She stood up and gracefully walked down the steps, reluctantly conversing with the guests. She forced herself to smile and laugh at the jokes the different bachelor's made, but none of them managed to stand out. She glanced over at Giles and shook her head slightly before making her way back to the steps, utterly convinced that she would never find her one true love. Glancing around, her eyes fell on Sir Aryn and she couldn't help but smile slightly at the look on his face. She walked over with a smile and placed her hands behind her back. "Loosen up. You look too much like a statue instead of a person," she whispered though it was loud enough for him to hear.
  4. Aryn watched as the princess wandered about the party, putting on a show to appease Giles, the royal monkey trainer... Royal chamberlain, he meant. He was seemingly happy for the moment, but who knew what could be going on in his head. He offered a small smile as the princess approached him. "I'm pretty sure that Giles would try to get me kicked out of the castle if I didn't match the decorations." His voice a low whisper just loud enough to be heard, he spoke with a sly smirk and glanced over at the chamberlain. He saw the man put on a forced smile and direct his attention elsewhere. Yep, Sir Aryn would be getting a scolding that wouldn't cause any real damage after this. But the one thing Aryn actually enjoyed about castle life was the lack of dull moments and fruity commentry.
  5. America smiled softly and looked over at Giles. "Well if it were up to me this would be completely different. The blue and gold are absolutely atrocious to me. I would prefer something more along the lines of possibly purple and gold but with subtle black accents," she said as she kept her eyes trained on the royal jackass. "And last time I checked, Giles doesn't run things. He teaches me to be a princess but that's it. I run the place and if he had something to say about it he can say it to me. And as far as I'm aware..." She said with a smile just as the music changed. "I would like this dance," she finished with a slight blush on her cheeks as she absentmindedly smoothed out her pale pink dress with her black-gloved hands. She tucked a small strand of her blonde hair behind her ear as she smiled. "That is if you don't mind, Sir Aryn."
  6. "Princess, there are politics outside of the throne room." Aryn stated with a small smile, a warmth in his gaze as he looked down at the naive princess. His expression shifted to one of hesitation as the princess asked to dance. "I'm afraid this stiff ballroom crowd won't make this the best dance I can offer... Perhaps you could hold that request until we find ourselves in a bar with some livelier music and a rambunctious crowd and I'll teach you a more entertaining dance or two." He spoke with a soft laugh. He thought about it for a long moment. "But, if you insist, Princess... I suppose I could do one of these dances." He stated with a smile.
  7. America couldn't help but giggle softly at his rambling. "Sir Aryn... Just hush yourself and dance with me," she said and took his hand before leading him out to the floor and facing him, one hand in his and the other on his shoulder as she danced.
  8. Sir Aryn danced as well as could be expected, practicing swordsmanship always helped dancing skills. Smooth and steady movements, being aware of your surroundings and being careful of your footing... Swordplay and dancing had many of the same requirements. He gently held her hand, and kept the other wrapped around her waist. He could feel Giles staring at them and smirked. He looked down at the princess, a question on his lips. "Why'd you pick me for a dance partner?" He asked quietly.
  9. "Obviously everyone else here is just trying to get the crown and their jokes are just terrible," she said with a smile as she looked up at him, surprised that even with high heels on, she was still shorter than him. "Not to mention that surprisingly you're the closest friend I have here and none of them seemed worth dancing with," she said and smiled wider as she managed not to step on his feet. She wasn't the best dancer but she wasn't bad either. As long as he could keep his feet out from under hers as he's been doing then she would be fine.
  10. "High society, low amounts of humor." Aryn commented with a small smile. His gaze wandered around the room, ever watchful. He was working, after all, and a slip up would definitely put him in a pot of hot water. But he kept his focus on the princess. He blinked at her next statement. "Surely I'm not the closest friend you have here. What about Nico? Your assistant guy? He seems nice enough." He asked, just making sure she wasn't just saying it.
  11. "He's exactly that. An assistant. Frankly a bit annoying too. I don't consider him a friend...just an acquaintance," America said with a small smile as she glanced around at the people staring with jealousy. "Maybe you won't get jumped before the end of the night," she pointed out quietly as she giggled softly.
  12. Aryn's smile faded a bit as she stated her opinion on Nico. "He's a good guy, it's just his job that's the annoying part." He spoke, defending the poor guy as he wasn't there to defend himself. He gave a small laugh at her comment. "I'd like to see them try." He chuckled softly.
  13. She smiled softly at his slight defensiveness and shook her head a bit. "That's not what I meant. I have absolutely nothing against Nico. I'm just used to doing things on my own so to have him at every corner asking if I need anything is different for me," she said softly as she got noticeably more comfortable dancing with Aryn song after song. She giggled softly as she glanced around a bit. "It would be all of them against two," she said with a small smile.
  14. Aryn gave a small nod at her explanation. It was understandable. Dancing along with the princess, it was easy for time to pass by. "They have wine glasses and cheese platters. I have my armor and sword. You have your good looks. I think we'll manage." He smiled softly.
  15. America blushed lightly and couldn't help but smile. "Not to mention they'll be executed for attempted murder of the princess," she said with a small grin and before long, the party was over. She reluctantly pulled away as she smiled at Aryn. "Well thank you for the dance," she said and gave a small curtsy to him.
  16. Aryn looked down at the princess with a smile. He bowed to her as she curtsied. "It was a pleasure." He kept his smile as he spoke. "Would you like me to escort you back to your room?" He asked politely, not wanting the princess to be wandering around the castle alone at this hour.
  17. America straightened up at his offer and smiled softly. "Please if you don't mind," she said with a smile as she took his arm gently, only to be stopped by Giles. "Sir Aryn, I can escort her," he said as he reached for her arm. The princess smiled slightly, though it was forced, and shook her head. "That's not necessary. I'm sure Sir Aryn is just as capable of taking me to my room as you are."
  18. "Giles, it is my job to guard the royal family. With so many people still lingering in the castle, I believe that it would be best that I take her back to her room." Aryn held a serious tone with the chamberlain, the warmth leaving his eyes and voice.
    "Alright, Aryn." Giles sighed, and stepped aside. At least the man saw reason. The captain of the guard led the princess around Giles and headed for the door. "One question, Aryn. Would you call dancing with the princess the entire night guarding her?" He called after them as they walked out the door.
  19. America suddenly stopped and turned around with a not-so-happy grin. "I'm sorry Giles but I believe that I asked him to dance. I know what I was risking and even as we danced I could tell he kept up his guard. I'm not saying I would do anything but I don't the the people would like it if they found out you were going against my wishes. "Keep your nose in your business and out of mine," she said, her tone becoming angrier as she spoke. "And one more thing. From now on you're not going to choose bachelors for me to choose from. I will choose my own husband," she said before turning around without another word and taking Aryn's arm once more, walking to her room.
  20. Aryn stayed silent after the princess' snap at Giles. Yes, the guy was an ass-hat. But part of his job was to set up meetings between royalty. The captain knew that he would continue doing just that, and the princess really didn't have the right to say otherwise. He walked her back to her room and opened the door for her. "Goodnight, princess." He spoke with a small smile.
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