Will You Be My Princess?

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    "Please, princess, it's my job to protect you."

    "Why is it that a commoner gets to take the throne? I've been waiting for twenty years now... How long until I get my chance?"

    "Don't make judgements based on what you only see and hear. A good ruler goes by instict and morals."


    When the king fails to produce an heir, it is the ancient custom of your country to send ten young women to the castle, from which a princess elect is chosen by a group of royal advisors and trained to run the country. She is allowed to choose a man to rule beside her.

    And, surprisingly, you were chosen as princess, and you aren't sure whether or not you feel up to the tasks set before you. Let alone the choice that you must make- a matter of love.


    Please PM me if interested.
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  2. I am willing
  3. Hell yeah, me too.
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  4. I'm interested.
  5. Any other takers?
  6. Me! this sounds interesting.
  7. Pm me please!
  8. This seems very interesting! I'd love too!
  9. If your still wanting to rp this id love to do this!
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