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  1. Standing at the door to her home she had pushed her forehead against the frame. Lifting her hand up in a fist she banged it hard against the door. Taking a deep breath in she let her hand drop back to her side. One single tear feel down her soft pail cheek as she tried to fight. "Sopi, don't cry. You have to not cry." She said to herself as she looked up to face her reflection in the window. However as soon as her eyes met her own her head feel back to her looking down. "I can't cry." She said to herself again this time hitting the door a little harder. Opening her fist up she turned around to look down the drive way that she knew he was never going to drive up again. Thinking of the sound of his mustang pulling up to the garage made her fall to her knees. Tears fell from her sea green eyes as she took out a letter from her pocket. Opening it slowly she had to read it one more time. She wanted to make sure it was true. Looking at the header it read. "Dear Mrs. Stellion, we are sorry to inform you that your husband 1st class Petty Officer James Stellion has fallen in a battle against the enemy on September 25, 2009. It was an honor to have served next to him. Our nation will never forget his sacrafice and we will never be able to repay the debt to you.
    We know that this simple letter will not ease the pain of your lose. However I do hope you take pride in knowing that his brave service exceeded all measures of selflessness and devotion to this country. We pay tribute to him as not only a guardian to our liberty, but also to the true embodiment of America's spirit of service to a cause as greater as ourselves.
    We offer our heart felt sympothy to you and your family. In hopes that you will find comfort while you grieve the loss of your husband. In Gods name do we prey that he will find his final resting place and peace."
    folding the letter back up she could feel her tears now falling more down her cheeks. Now what was she going to do. Her heart sank as she could not hold the tears back anymore. It was true he was gone he was gone for good.

  2. May I ask what you are specifically looking for in your partner's character?
  3. I am looking for a male.. A best friend to the hurt character and he knew her husband. I want him to rescue her from herself.
  4. I will gladly take the role. Perhaps an ex soldier who didn't redeploy?
  5. that sounds good to me. I was thinking someone that was in his platoon
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.