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Hello there, thanks for stopping by!​


Now then... I’ve always marveled at people posting their requirements, before even having mentioned what their roleplay will be like, so I will start with my story, because it’s a very specific story that I want to experience, then say what kind of a person and a roleplayer I am and only then, provided you’re still reading, will I talk about requirements.

Now that this little disclaimer is done, let’s get right to it:

The story that I’ve made up is heavily inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Inferno and John Milton’s Paradise lost, therefore it would be quite nice if you have read either of them, or at least have a basic idea of they’re about. Even if you haven’t because I reckon most people wouldn’t have, don’t despair, the roleplay only draws inspiration from those works, but it’s quite modern (unless you really, really want some other time period) and there it will be intrinsically different. The way the plot is set up will also be a bit different, to accommodate the storyline that we’ll engage into.


The story take place in year 2050, so as to accommodate the same type of storyline that we could have in any roleplay happening in our own age, however allowing for some creativity in multiple aspects, not the least one of which are technology and certain aspects of society.

Nevertheless, the story backstory roughly repeats paradise lost: Satan, his angelic name having been Lucifer, has rebelled against God, because he refuses to bow down and be commanded by God and his Son and believes the latter rules as a tyrant. Satan is quite possibly the strongest being in existence after God and he was the most beautiful, clever and strong amongst the angelic host, henceforth two thirds of them rallied behind him, when he declared that God is an oppressor and that “All”. As a result, the Angelic War started, in which Satan’s forces suffered a crushing defeat. Not only that, but they were expelled into the deepest reaches of the Netherworld, also known as hell. A place of terrible heat, volcanic activity, flames blazing from the ground itself and the air as hard to breathe as sulfur. Only through sheer virtue of the adamant angelic will and power of spirit did the host survive. Through virtue of Lucifer’s cunning they managed to be able to go in and out of Hell and after a united council, all of the survivors pledged themselves to wage a remorseless and ceaseless war on God and all his minions. Henceforth, Satan managed to cause the Downfall of man and committed his forces the man kind, so as to allow them dominion over two worlds and thus bring such a mockery of all of God’s will and divine justice, that even His reign would falter.

God’s heart soared as his greatest creation came into the possession of his biggest enemy and thus commissioned his Angelic host to flow to Earth so as to aid and protect mankind, but most of all – stir it into the direction of following his will and against Satan’s offerings.

From this point on, the conflict spanned, as humanity multiplied and developed. Several religions were started, either by angels or demons and either infiltrated or changed by both factions in attempts to draw people in. Both fractions had their methods and tools and appealed to different people in different ways. Nevertheless, as humanity was allowed to create their own independent technology, just as Lucifer had predicted, the Angelic host realised that dominion over them is of paramount importance, as their independent development would actually make them a formidable fraction in an all-out war. Nevertheless, even though they begged God for more support, he rejected their reasoning and said enough was being done. Michael, the archangel of Justice, who led the angelic host on Earth, therefore doubled his efforts and was relentless and tireless, his expectations and demands towards his fellow angels growing as well, whilst his tolerance for failure dropped severely. He was forced into it, for he knew that the enemy has actually dedicated all their efforts into the same direction and while generally weaker, their numbers and sheer involvement was greater, resulting in more and more men forsaking his "Light". Michael had failed to slay Lucifer in battle, but he would not fail to defeat him and his aberrations in this subtle war. To that purpose, he cared not what or how much efforts his host would have to put out.

It is at this moment in time, that our story commissions.


It is at this moment in time, that our story commissions. Please, allow me to clarify the backstory a bit, to erase as much ambiguity as possible. Yes, in our roleplay God does exist and he has created all humans and animals and everything that is LIVING on Earth. That being said, he is not almighty (although Michael and his angels believe him to be!) - he is not omnipotent, omnipresent, etc. thus, by extension, it can be assumed that he is in a way vulnerable. The Angels, the Hell and the Earth were NOT made by him - the only thing he made was the heaven and then man kind to populate the Earth. The fact that God did not make the Angels was implied, in my opinion at least, in Paradise Lost a number of times, and henceforth Satan's claim draws justification.

Our story will stay on Earth (of course the plot could move it to Hell or Heaven if that's how it develops) and will focus on the angels and demons. Therefore god will in no way, shape or form directly interact with us. He could, however, be summoned indirectly, for example by granting some power to his angels or something alike.

The world.


God's empire, a huge world of light and thunder, where only the purest of souls dwell, along with those angels not fit for combat who did not fly to Earth. Heaven has it's Walls, made of pure energy and each of them functions as a gate, as only those who God accepts are allowed to pass through them. It also features its own defence system, which is almost impregnable. This dimension was created by God alone and the angels found their way into it at the Dawn of time, because their vibrations resonated with those of the dimension. More about that in the "Races" tab. Heaven's vibrations are incredibly high, therefore beings exist and interact as pure energy there. They could summon forms and shapes, of course, but there is no need for solid bodies and objects. That is not to say, that such cannot exist in heaven, if they somehow made it there, though.

A place of eternal damnation, a dimension that has such low vibrations, that energy simply cannot manifest itself in it as such and therefore needs to take physical and tangible shape, which is the reason why all of the Fallen felt themselves extremely sluggish and powerless, the moment they arrived. Hell was NOT made by God and simply existed, just like the Earth did. Since it existed on its own it has its inhabitants, which were named demons. For the most of it, they are malicious entities of varying size and strength. Their population was confined to Hell, up until Lucifer opened the gates and from that moment on they could also come to Earth from time to time. Demons are purely physical entities, they are incapable of manifesting themselves as energy, despite some of them being able to shape-shift. The demon population, native to Hell, was relatively small, due to the harsh conditions, and in no case a threat to heaven. This population grew immensely after the angelic war, both because of the Fallen's energies changing the dimension of Hell forever, as well as because they could now prey on humans, both physically and emotionally. All demons accept Lucifer as lord and the Fallen as superior, even if they may harbour sentiments of dislike towards them. Nevertheless, Satan does condone their growth and activities on Earth and therefore one of the main tasks of the angelic host is to cull those demons that make it to the human world as often as possible.

A dimension between heaven and hell, unmade by God. It exists according to its own laws and has its own dominant species - the human kind. Angels and Fallen, as well as other spiritually advanced beings are able to manifest themselves as pure energy in it, however the majority of things on Earth tend to stick to their physical form and don't know how to change. Human history has gone largely the way we know it, with the notion that all belief systems were made up by angels and fallen at a certain periods of time and used to sway the population to their respective sides. Technology is more advanced than it is today, things such as laser guns and holographic projectors are commonplace.


Angels: Beings of pure energy and immensely high vibrations, able to manifest themselves as energy or shape. Each of them is incredibly powerful in any sense of the world. They are all psychically advanced and can communicate via telepathy or even mind control weaker minded beings, apart from demons, the latter being simply too malignant entities for an angel to wrap his head around it. The angels have huge, shining, white bird-like wings to reflect the purity and holiness of their souls. Each holds a sword, a personal gift from God, which is an extension of their personality. Those swords are unbreakable and can cut through literally everything. They also set ablaze anything unholy and their wounds inflicted to someone the sword-bearer considers an enemy are regarded as unhealable. An angel's tears can cure any wound in the world. God is also unable to create Angels, therefore the only method for their kind's multiplication remains procreation.

Fallen: The angels who were sent to Hell by Lucifer. Please note, that the Fallen are NOT demons, despite their outer appearance being similar. Everything said about the Angels applies also to the Fallen. Since they spent too much time in Hell, their vibrations changed the place, but the Hell's vibrations changed them as well. Angels grew slightly malignant, more sinister. Their way of thinking also changed, not losing its highness, however branching into different directions. They did not "become evil", in fact, only very few did become truly evil, their way of seeing everything simply changed a lot. Certainly, almost all of them did things which would be considered immoral by their previous masters and doctrine, however they did not necessarily have it as their aim to do evil. The Fallen rebelled against limitations imposed on them and now, with these limitations lifted, they pursued different things in a variety of ways. Some experimented with experiences, other searched for knowledge, power, wisdom, the reason for their existence, the nature of their souls, what would happen to them should they die, what laws govern the universe, etc. Their outer appearances also changed to match their intentions and therefore there are no two Fallen to change alike. The Fallen do not have swords, as those were gifts from God himself. Instead, each fights in a different way, depending on their previous strength and personalities. The Fallen have all lost the ability to cry.

Demons: The native residents of Hell. Most of them, though not all, are in their nature pure evil. All of them are malicious and all are dangerous, though only the strongest can ever hope to harm an angel. They are subdivided by the angelic masters, into 6 levels of strength and intelligence, level six being the Fallen. Therefore, actually there are only 5 levels of demons and only the last one can be some threat towards an angel. Demons are commonplace on Earth and although they tend to commit brutal atrocities towards humans, they most often steal away human power and leech off their negative emotions. A swarm of demons can, for example, occupy an entire neighbourhood, causing misfortune, diseases and all other possible harmful effects to the inhabitants and feasting off their despair, fear etc. for a long time. Usually, where such misfortunes occur too often or in a too big a scale, it's the demons that are involved.

Humans: 'nuff said

Others: if you want some other race to appear, we can discuss it.

Our story
My character
(a bit more work to be done, but I think he'd better be developed during the RP itself)
Name: Baalthazzard (Baalth)
Race: Angel (Fallen)
Nicknames awarded by the angelic host: The Perpetrator of Sin, The Sly
Angel Kill count: 7
Appearance: (Yes, I know it's Illidan Stormrage from WoW, but honestly I thought this picture represents perfectly what I was looking for and besides, Illidan's character and Baalth share some similarities, archetype-wise.)

Passion that inspired his change: To know the truth that is beyond this world. To discover why angels exist and what is there for god to gain from being the tyrant of the universe.

Powers: His wings grew twisted and black, bat-like things, as in the picture, with large scythes coming from their ends, making him a master of air combat and also able to use them as melee weapons.

Baalth also controls shadow, just as he used to control light. He is able to mold it to create illusions, displace himself and even make weapons out of it.

Short introductory story: He was one of the first who joined Lucifer, for it was said that it's always the strongest that are the most defiant. Baalthazzard had always been eager to look beyond the "truth" that God is the Lord of All. He had always doubted the simplistic dogma that was accepted as truth by Haven. He tried to share some of his doubts with his closes friend, the Archangel Michael, but the other one wouldn't have any of those "disgraceful and unholy verses" as he called them. He convinced Baalth that the very thoughs of questioning God's role and the Divine order are "wrong" and "sinful". Since Michael was like a mentor to him and Baalth respected his strength, he tended to believe it and torture himself over his own thoughts. However when Lucifer, the only angel to be on par with Michael, spoke all of these concerns of his aloud, Baalth knew that he wasn't wrong. It was this world that was wrong! It wasn't wrong to question, it wasn't wrong to deviate! He fought with fury in he angelic war, convinced that with such supremacy of numbers they wouldn't fail. In the fray of the battle, just as he was driving his sword through another angel, he was attacked by the outraged Michael. Michael had wrecked havoc on the battlefield, fighting with his two swords of pure lightning, his former friend was deadest on murdering him outright. They exchanged a few words through telepathy while their swords crossed, each making their point once more, but for Michael's surprise, Baalth did not falter immediately in the face of his assault, but it was obvious he wouldn't win. Luckily, only a few moment after that, God made the sky rain thunder on his enemies and soon after they were all falling.

On Earth, Baalth spent a lot of time associating himself with humans, especially at the early days. He had some think of him as a god, though he quickly grew tired of it, believing it to be a perversion of the real reason for the rebellion. Ironically, the moment he ceased to control any humans was the moment he begun to fight with angels on Earth. Due to the nature of his experiments with the human soul and his own nature, as well as the boundaries of the reality around him, he was able to get detected and had to fight his way a number of times. Baalth is not a kind soul and he never left his opponents breathing, hence his kill count. He also had no pity on them even if he knew they were hopelessly outmatched against him. Recently, though, he had given up on those experiments either, believing that the true learning could only happen naturally. Which led him, inexplicably, where the story takes place.

Your character:
(or more like, the backstory, that you have to take into account when making it)

She is a female angel, born sometime after the angelic wars. Nevertheless, she is old enough to fly to Earth as a member of the the angelic host. She was, arguably, the one most fierce at fulfilling Michael's order and certainly the one to push herself the most, almost towards the limit. I'd like to say he did it because she believes herself to be an inexhaustible vessel of light and hence felt obliged to share that light with the world of men, however I won't strip you of your creative freedom in that aspect, so her reasoning is all up to you. She was tireless and relentless in slaughtering demons that plagues entire cities and communities, but because sometimes the pain caused was so severe, that simply taking the culprit our wasn't enough to stop the ongoing processes, she often had to kill humans, or use her energetic essence to dispel the darkness in their hearts. She had an ample time living close to humans and witnessing normal human sorrows (think all the kinds of stuff you see people on Iwaku write in the "counselling" session), many of which did not appear because of a demon or a fallen, but just stemming from people's internal darkness.


(people's internal darkness attracting demons)
This was strange to her, since it was impossible for a God's creation to harbour darkness at all and she would reason it was because Lucifer brought the downfall of men in the first place. This belief, along with her ample experience with humans, for whom she felt compassion in a way, even more increased her will do bring justice and retribution to all Hell-dwellers. Her kill count of Fallen is 27, make of that as you wish in terms of story. Always taking the most difficult missions, always putting her light in the heart of the darkness and pushing herself towards the edge of her abilities, her large white wings and nails became black, due to the overexposure to low vibrations a similar manner to what happened to the Fallen.

Those changes of her exterior were unnerving to the other angels. Some of them called her a traitor, some said she had become a Fallen herself, many even wanted to expel her away, but the truth that Michael could see was that in fact they were made uncomfortable by her utter dedication. While the others simply slew demons and fought fallen, they were always high and mighty on their pedestals, they never even though of exposing their light to the darkness for more than was absolutely necessary, out of fear of corrupting their being. It reality, even with blackened wings, she in fact held more purity and holiness than any and all of them. Her wings were a testimony of her incredible strength, both in terms of spiritual endurance and power, for she had technically gone through a similar process as the Fallen, which only made her convictions stronger, instead of corruption her as happened to them. Michael, to a dismay of others, claimed her to be the most prominent angel of the entire host, instead of condemning her.

The Plot

Your character is commissioned into Terra Sonata, a large neutral city constructed over Antarctica. A place built entirely with artificial technologies, whose most occupants are dredge workers, scientists, engineers and inventors. The city is plunged in darkness for the majority of the year, counting on the constant self-sustaining power grid for artificial light. It has two large research laboratories and numerous factories or small research stations and centres. The city doesn't have real streets and traffic is mostly done with specialised vehicles, but it's very scarce and used mostly for travel to the external stations. The public transport is well-developed with tubes and high-speed trains connecting every part of the city. This high-tech, darkness-drenched pool of life is quite the place for a grim-dark entities to emerge and as such is a favourite feasting place for demons, not to mention believes that there is a group of Fallen operating there. Several angels had already failed at cleansing it, claiming for it to be a frozen, man-made hell on Earth and saying it'd be easier to just wipe it all out in a huge culling. Your character speaks out and claims she would deal with the situation, in order to prevent loss of innocent human lives. Michael is amazed by her bravery and since he also dislikes killing humans, is happy to allow her to take the mission, nevertheless telling her that should she fail, the culling will indeed take place.

Baalth has also recently arrived in the city, pursuing an agenda of his own, not willing to be associated with any of the Fallent that he sensed at his arrival. He does, however, intend to do or learn something, along with the human researchers the the huge labs, whose financing and research results are unknown to anyone in the city, despite making up for half its income. Baalth also intend to discover something regarding the humans' natural predisposition to darkness or light, depending on their place of birth or ways and places of living.

Technical information:

I have no clear direction in which the roleplay should go from this point on, it's entirely up to both of us to develop the story and, since I've overwhelmed the plot development up until now, I will let you take the lead from the start. Anything is open - battles, romance, mysteries, horror elements, NPC involvement from both sides, etc. The end is also open.

My original idea for this was to write a short book with this story, but I think it's much more interesting to involve another person into it. My idea involved both of the characters running through the loops of destiny and battle, to finally realise that neither side was right, that the universe was much bigger than the previously discussed known dimensions. They would realise that the truth lied in the balance, which was NOT the perfect combination of light and darkness, but integrating them into one and transcending them. With this in mind, they'd start something like a third fraction, to bring true knowledge into the world.

I give this just as a clarification, so you know where I'm coming from, we don't have to make the ending like that at all.

Well... we're there, finally, aren't we :D Thanks for sticking up with me all the way and congratulations! You've passed the first requirement, haha. Now what am I looking for in you? Firstly, a long-term partner, I think this RP can go on for quite some time. I need you to be able to fit into the character described above or make her fit your style of play. Finally, and this may sound a bit weird, I want you to be a strong person in real life. Of course, what constitutes one is quite debatable, but if you feel you are one, that's enough for me as well. Why? Because you will roleplay a character whose entire story revolves around being incredibly strong in the face of all adversity.

So... if this sounds interesting to you and you're not intimidated so far - be sure to message me or post here. The best way to do it (if you're up for it, of course!) is to approach me as if you're making a roleplay post. No CS, no explanations, no nothing - your character meets mine in a setting and surrounding of entirely your choice. Can you do it? I'm waiting for you!


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