Will This Create Peace?

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  1. The EU government is currently being invaded by the AKG. Their goal is to recieve rights to solar energy for the smaller, poorer countries that didn't help in the construction of the space elevators and the orbital ring. The AKG plan to negotiate with the EU about this matter by using cruel intentions, if this doesn't work they plan to gain rights to solar power by force. The EU doesn't really know what their modivation is for doing this but some of the possibilities is that the AKG are just trying to provoke more war, or the AKG are trying to win over more people to join their organization by giving the smaller countries solar power.

    Ana was walking through the hallway's of the HQ's of FE, when she overheard people talking about what was happening in the EU. "I can't believe this. Why wasn't I told of something of such importance" She said to herself while making her way towards her father's office.

    The doors to his office are guarded by guards. As usual they salute as they open the doors for me to enter. "What is it, Lieutenant Hughs?" He asks as the doors close behind me. "Commander" I reply. Then I soon remember that he recently rose higher within the ranks, so I fix my mistake. "General Hughs, Why haven't you informed me about the EU?" I ask.
  2. "Because it has nothing to do with the FE, and besides the EU never asked for assistance from us"

    "So we're just going to stay here and do nothing about it? Have you forgotten what the AKG has done to us? They killed mom and Andre. I can't stay here and do nothing, I want to find out more about the AKG. I'm going to the EU."

    "Ana we don't have permission to fight in their territory. If they find out someone from the FE military is there who knows what will happen to you."

    "I'll go secretly, I just need a small team and I promise I won't let them find out."

    "Fine go recruit a team and leave right away. The information you find out the AKG, you will report it to me first"
    'Now that that's approved all I need to do now is find someone to come with me' She thought to herself while walking out of her father's office.
  3. Sitting in his shop he is sipping on some coffee fiddling with a new weapon, He places his finger in different spots on the gun. The gun has a finger print recognition in it so it only recognizes you, But he hasn't worked out enough kinks for it to work correctly and for him to actually begin work on it. He spins around in his chair hearing the bell to his shop door open, He takes his coffee and walks out to the front is met by the usual man Johnathan. He smirks and says " Mornin' Johnathan " " Morning, Do you have my order? " " Yeah i have your order do you have the papers? " " Here " John hands the papers to him and he lifts up the modified Remington shotgun, the model being redone and the barrel lengthened. He smirked and took the money putting it into the register and looking over john's weapon registration forms then sliding it into the file cabinet were he keeps the registration for the weapons. He smirks and john takes the gun walking out waving, He waves back and then sips his coffee looking around the shop. He then says " I think today is the pick up day for the military guns...i better check those " He walks to the back and opens a few crates looking inside, and saw the advanced weaponry in the crates and made sure they were safe. He then sat down on his construction bench chair and sipped his coffee again waiting for something to happen like it always does.
  4. 'And for many years, the darkness reigned in the vast lands of...' "Shit man, you reading that crap again?" A soldiers stood next to Vasily bunk, staring at him with a jokingly smile in his face. "Go rot in hell. I read book because I like." Replied Vasily in his always so thick accent. "Whatever man. Hey, wanna go take some shoots at the firing range?" Asked the other soldier, most assured bored to death.

    Censura was cool and all of that, but sometimes, the lack of actual action, or the lack of actual work in the first place was quite annoying. "Yes. Sure." Replied Vasily as he let his book aside and got up. "Hey, you heard about Europe? AKG is hitting hard those cheese-lovers defeatists." Said the other soldier with a chuckle. "I heard. Why don't we help? Didn't we are supposed to be the ones solving this?" Wondered Vasily out loud.

    "I guess. What do I know anyways? I'm just a soldier. A tool, man. They say jump, we ask how high, but that's all man." Said the soldier shrugging. "Don't worry, Juggs. I'm sure we will be punching faces real soon." Said the soldier trying to cheer Vasily up as they finally arrived to the firing range. "I hope so. I'm tired of waiting." Replied him.
  5. "...the enemy is to be trounced by means of brute force with a side of finesse. That's where you come in, Kauffman." The strategist locked his eyes with the Englishman and snorted. His senior officer walked into the room.

    "That means you will be receiving a new mission today, Baxter. The AKG is beating against the walls of the dam, and the force will break through if you can't pull off a successful assassination. We need you to take out some critical targets. Lieutenants, Commanders, et cetera. You'll be going with your sniper gear, we intend to take them out on the first front. However, they have a man in the ring right now. Once you've taken out your ground targets, come back here for rearming. You'll need a short-range gun when you get up the elevator. You'll be accompanied by a strike force to keep you safe when you reach the ring. You gotta get to the target on your own."

    "Will that be all, sirs?" Baxter's to-the-point replies were what made him a pleasure to command, but he could easily talk down a peer or junior. "If so, may I suggest insertion at Command Post Bravo instead of Juliet. Bravo will be much less guarded, and if I keep to the outer wall, I can easily bide my time and take out the guards so the base will be easier to storm." His superiors nodded in acknowledgement and the officer gestured for him to continue. "And, on the orbital ring, I believe I can avoid the strike force by taking a hazmask so I can safely breath the air in the septicaust ducts. Then I can just waltz in uninvited, kill the guy, and radio for a ride down, eh, sirs?"

    The strategist nodded, but the officer interjected. "If you think they won't have a guard in the antiseptic chamber, you're probably wrong. These are terrorists, Kauffman."

    "But, sir, even terrorists wouldn't risk a man to guard the antisep chambers. Every moment strapped in there without full hazard gear puts you at risk of rad-sickness. A Hazmask will at least keep him from breathing in the radiation from the septicaust. He'll be able to survive for days." The strategist was coming to Baxter's aid. The plan was almost brilliant, but he wasn't convinced.

    "These are terrorists, you two. Terrorists. They don't count bodies. They send their own into battle and call every one of their deaths a martyr. They cannot be peacefully negotiated with, otherwise we would've made peaceful attempts earlier. We're bringing up a strike force with him, just to keep him guarded in the antiseptic chamber. You can still use the septicaust ducts, but we need you well-guarded for this to work."

    Baxter simply nodded and saluted. "Yessir."
  6. Kate walked over to the doors of the space elevator. They were closed, and no one else seemed to be around, and this made her very nervous. Is this not the right time? Did I make a mistake? These thoughts ran around in her head for several minutes until the door opened and she let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding. Stepping in, she waited until the doors closed and it started upwards. She pulled her hood over her head and checked her shoes to make sure they were tied before crossing her arms and leaning against the back rail. Just don't screw up. She told herself as the elevator seemed to slow to a stop.
  7. The AKG had a few hudred members placed within the EU, even though they knew it wasn't enough to wipeout the entire EU army but they had their own cruel tricks up their sleves. The AKG had members placed in a board room with high ranking miltary officers dicussing the condition of recieving solar power, some beating against the walls of the dam of the EU's HQ, some a mile away keeping an eye on things and are there for back up, and a few secretly in the orbital ring waiting to get their next instructions from the other members on the surface.

    Ana bought a small team of three of the best soldiers in the FE military as they started making their way to the EU through under water tunnels unknown to the public and was only used by the government. They were using a black car that runs only on hydrogen and travel's at top speeds to get to their destination in a short amount of time.

    When they finally arrived in the territory of the EU, the first thing that caught their eyes was the huge commotion in front of the EU's head quarters. "We better avoid that. I think it would be best if maybe we can investigate the elevator and the orbital ring. Who knows maybe there might be members from AKG stationed there" She said to the soldier that was driving.

    Once they arrived to the building of the EU's elevator Vita, they noticed it was completely empty. "All citizens must have been informed not to come here. There aren't even any guards around. Are they that worried about the AKG?" Ana said to herself while her team followed her to the elevator. Cautiously making sure there weren't any EU soldiers around they made their way into the elevator that lead to the orbital ring in space.

    Andre walked away from the AKG a few years ago, he only used them to get all sorts of dirty information from different countries governments. The sort of information that they liked to hide from the public. Another reason why he joined was because he found out the type of person his father actually was and what kind of things he kept a secret, like what he had done to the AKG that made them want to get revenge. I guess you could say that Andre felt sympathetic towards them at first.

    Although Andre did participate in a lot of missions with the AKG he never did once go on the type of missions that had a stupid meaning to it. Such as attacking someone for no reason, or just doing it because they wanted to. This is a part of the AKG he hated, along with the fact that they killed his mother. The only missions he did go one were the ones that helped people. Because he used to be apart of the AKG, he is a wanted man and is usually in hiding.

    Andre was careful that nobody was around when he went to go visit his mother's grave site. He knelt down in front of her tomb stone "I'm so sorry mom. For everything, joining the AKG, not being there to comfort Ana after you died, and not being able to save you. It sort of feels like I was the one who was responsible for your death. I should of told you what serects I found out that day about dad, then maybe all three of us could of ran away together before that incident happened." He said while feeling a lump in his throat. Andre then fell silent for a few minutes. All of a sudden he felt like he was being watched, he quickly turned around and saw a woman he never seen before.
    "Who are you?" He asked
    "I'm the Coordinator of a private organization called Censura" She replied.
    "Censura? Why are you telling me this if its a private...Wait don't tell me...you"
    "Yes, We want you to join us. We've been watching you over the years and we think that your skills would be useful to us" She said not letting Andre finish talking.
    Andre didn't know what to think of all this.
    "You do know that I have a crinimal record" He said a bit confused.
    "We really don't care about your background. As long as you share the same ideals as we do then your good with us"
    She then handed him a flash drive with information about the way they work and how they intend to eliminate war.
    "What's this?" Andre asked.
    "Just a little information about our organization, and the location of where to rendezvous with us if you choose to join. Which I really hope you do by the way" She replied as she started to walk away.
    Andre wanted to ask her more questions, but she seemed like the type of person you couldn't get much out of.
  8. The power blocs were always cautious about insurgents and espionage. They couldn't really trust each other too much, but relations were - well, typically - warm. Not too many problems on the diplomatic front. However, every member in the field was always under constant investigation, to make sure they weren't AKG operatives. Baxter understood, but he still despised whenever he was confronted with mundane evidence linking him to AKG operations - even though he works in espionage and assassination himself, so naturally, he would have something mundane about him that links them together.

    It just so happens that on his way to his locker to retrieve his armor, a military police detective stopped him with information. "Sir, we've found evidence linking you to the AKG." He gave Baxter a gaze, but the assassin just looked unimpressed. "We found prints of known AKG operatives on one of your PDWs. Are you being supplied by the AKG?"

    Baxter sneered and worked up an intimidating stance. "For your information, I was neutralizing an AKG target, but I didn't have time to holster my rifle, so I pressed it against his throat while I took him out. He put his hand on it in an attempt to disarm me. I caught his tags. Those shoddy 'dogtags' they use in the AKG. His name was Jameson, Virgil, rank of Private, now get out of my way, you'll find him on my statistics of my last mission." Watch this asshole hit him with a classic "aweful thorough for an innocent man" thing, an illogical, yet uncounterable argument.

    Luckily for Baxter, this assmunch didn't have the gall to say such a horrendously stupid thing, so he just kept going to his locker. "Investigations into your activity will continue, Mr. Cheshireman."

    "Counting on it."

    Baxter arrived at transport in full gear, forest camo, with a silenced Barret Sniper Rifle, a modern version of the popular Uzi SMG, and a silenced modern Glock. "Updates from guns popularized at the start of the millenia. Always handy, with a classic feel for us soldiers. Always appreciate a gat like this, aye, boys?" Baxter smirked at the men he would be inserting with - men who would be depending on him neutralizing certain hostiles in order to storm the location and survive. So, Baxter's secondary mission was to eliminate as many Charlies as possible before he is extracted. He might catch Hell if he didn't make an attempt to do so.
  9. "Come on! Are you blind or what?" Exclaimed Vasily's friend. "Little gun is broken!" Replied him tossing the Colt in his hands against the target dummy. The other soldier laughed, enjoying the company of his strange friend. "Hey! What are you still doing here? Echo six is being deployed." Announced some random soldier who was passing by. In some way, Vasily kind of remembered him from seeing him before. Not sure where or why tho. "Come on Vasily. That's us!" Said the soldier eagerly.

    Right, finally something to stretch the legs with. And so, a pretty neat group of soldiers began to get ready to leave the base. In all their faces could be seen the desire to have some action. How disappointed they became to see that there was nothing to have around that elevator. Just emptiness and some warning signs. "Yeah, great. Now we have to guard the space elevator.... There is nothing to guard it from in here!" Said one of the soldiers, highly jaundiced by their mission.

    "Almost an entire day of travel for nothing. I guess it's better than laying around base, no?" Wondered Vasily's friend. Vasily just shrugged, equipped with all that heavy armor that made him look like a small tank. "Come on, let's help the others with the camp."
  10. She stood there, waiting for the doors to open. Voices were heard outside, but she just sat down. Nothing happened to the elevator. I guess this was the wrong elevator.. She thought to herself. She looked around, seeing a small patch board on top, she stood up, trying to move the board. "Why won't this thing budge.." She asked herself out loud before loud *POP* released the board. She tried to look out the top, but the top of the holder for the elevator was too low. She sank to the floor. Someone will check. She thought to herself.
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  11. The group was working in his things, building a nice little camp in the woods fer enough to be hidden, but close enough to have visual of the area. "Skungen hook? Who the fuck build this things? Ikea?" Exclaimed one of the soldiers struggling with one of the tents. Vasily laughed moderately at the despair of the man. "Come on, let's get out of here before those skungens suppress us." Said Vasily friend with a smile.

    Both men joined another procrastinating couple of highly armed soldiers to patrol around the area and at least look like they were doing something. Vasily was humming something that sounded more like a lullaby when one of the other men looked at the elevator and jumped in surprise. "Woah! I heard something in there!" Said him overreacting exaggeratedly.

    "Probably nothing. Calm down." Said the other one as the group got close to the elevator. "Mmmm... Button ain't working." Muttered Vasily African american friend as he tried to open the door. "I have some..." But Someone interrupted Vasily before he could finish his sentence. "No. We are here to guard the elevator, not to blow it into pieces." Said Vasily friend. "Bah, you no fun." Replied Vasily getting to the elevator door. For some reason, it wasn't surprising that Vasily had also a crowbar with him. It kind of fitted with all that armor.

    After a couple of strong pushes, the door cracked open and Vasily looked inside. "Little girl in the elevator. You alright?" Asked him putting the crowbar back into its place and offering one of his giant armored hands to the woman in the elevator.
  12. She took a step back when she heard the voices, lining herself with the back of the elevator. When the door was forced open, she let out a relieved sigh, nodding. She took his hand. "Thanks."
  13. The APC opened to insert the troops. As the strike force inserted into position, Baxter walked out behind them in a tactical stance, Uzi at the ready. He would have to make a climb to take down any hostiles. He switched to his Glock and searched for any high rocks or cliffs. None outside the compound. He'd have to infiltrate a building to get a shot from the roof. Not his strong point.

    One hand, one foot, one hand, one foot. Climbing was easy for Baxter. He had the upper body strength to climb vertical surfaces and even domed surfaces, as well as the lower body strength to keep himself supported, and any hostiles on the ground. Making his way over the hastily erected wall, Baxter climbed over onto a low roof, and readied his rifle. He wasn't in the right position yet, but he could still take someone out.

    Ah, in his sights. An AKG Commando squad, on patrol at Juliet, where the main squad was inserted. He could take them out and start the op on Juliet's side.

    Operative Kauffman crouched down for accuracy, and readied his hand to fire and hit the bolt.

    "Hostiles spotted patrolling Juliet. I will signal three clicks when it is safe for Juliet to storm the point, and five when it is safe for Bravo. Opening fire." The radio message was transmitted to all EU troops in the area before he made his strike.

    Shoot, pull, shoot, pull. Two down. The other four were beginning to panic. A troop from Juliet was apparently ordered to fire on them. That's three down. Another shot from Baxter, another man down. The bolt jams unexpectedly. Baxter pulls it back and ejects the clip, placing the ejected round back in said clip. Baxter begins working the bolt so he can get it in and unjammed. It's stuck on itself!

    The two commandos are too occupied with cowering to alert the other insurgents. A pair of Juliet operatives infiltrate to deal with them, as is confirmed through radio. "Good job, Juliet." Keeping the receiver on, he tapped it three times to signal them in. "Remain out of sight until Bravo moves in." Baxter received an affirmative and promptly made his way to higher ground. He made sure to reload his rifle with a fresh clip before continuing.
  14. Kate looked around at the group of people. "Uhh..is something wrong?" She glanced back at the elevator, then back to the people.
  15. The group looked at each other, confused by having found someone in the elevator. Actually, Vasily seemed the only one that looked relieved by acknowledging that the girl was fine. Mumbling something between teeth, the overreacting soldier peeked from behind Vasily, who unwillingly was between him and the girl, and stared at her for a couple of seconds. "She may be a spy.... Mphf.... State your intentions, woman." Demanded the nervous soldier.

    Vasily looked at the soldier and chuckled. "Come on, chill out. What kind of spy would get himself trapped in an elevator?" Wondered out loud Vasily friend. "A poor spy." Said Vasily smiling. "Yeah!" Said Vasily friend laughing. "That's for sure."
  16. Kate shook her head. "I'm not a spy, promise. I was supposed to go up this elevator to meet someone who wanted to recruit me to the FE or something like that. I don't know what happened with the elevator, it just stopped, so I got stuck."
  17. Vasily nodded. "Come on. Let's take her to he camp. Sure you are thirsty." Said Vasily friend. "Damn you guys. You trust people too quickly!" Exclaimed the nervous soldier. "And you would see a conspiracy in a cookie!" Exclaimed Vasily friend, making everybody laugh, or at least smile. "Well, I hate to admit it.... But he's kind of right. We don't even know her name, or who she is." Said some other soldier.
  18. Kate looked around the soldiers again before looking up the elevator. Why was it guarded..and why didn't it go all the way up? I went to the wrong elevator didn't I... She looked back at the group, staying silent as they conversed.
  19. Another target down. The appearance matches the dossier. That's the second target in the area. Baxter sent five clicks across the frequency, but discouraged a full charge. "I'm going to scout for a second, stay hidden."

    "Kauffman to Base, Kauffman to Base, Requesting a scout" "Affirmative, Kauffman, consult your black hat for control." "Copy, Base, Kauffman out."

    Retrieving a handheld computer, AKA "Black Hat" from a hip pouch, Kauffman opened the RC optic interface. Interesting thing, this device. Not really recent tech, but improved from earlier millennial equipment used for scouting during the UN's Middle Eastern assault. This stunning RC craft was equipped with a helo-esque prop utilizing a high-power electric motor often used to power civ-grade performance smartcars. Not extremely powerful, considering it's civ-grade, but it's beefy enough to send its weight to the same height as a standard chopper.

    "Standby, fireteam, I'm scouting the vicinity."

    "Juliet, Bravo, take the fort. I've spotted 3 hostiles left. Storm in."
  20. Kate looked at Vasily. "Is something wrong with the elevator itself, or where you sent there to see someone?" She paused after a moment. "Am I in trouble?" She didn't sound too worried, just a little shaken up.