Will someone draw this for me?

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  1. I have never had my characters drawn before, mostly because I could never afford to pay an artist for commission. That is still true, but I can't draw and I would love to see at least one of them fleshed out. Here is her description if you're interested.
    Victoria Grant
    Blue eyes
    Black hair
    Petite, nerdy, and shy
    I would prefer for her to be wearing a knee-length, lacey skirt, with boots that match (both black). A white tank top with a black hoodie.
    I understand that a lot of artists prefer to be paid, I just really hope that someone will understand. :/
  2. I don't consider myself an artist. But my internet went out for a bit, so I sketched your character while waiting for it to kick back on. Welcome to Iwaku. (Link)

  3. Oh. My. God. She is adorable! Thank yoooouuuuu! :D You're very good by the way. Way better than anything I could do.
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Thread Status:
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