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  1. So those in the know remember that I love watching competitve Starcraft.

    But I also love watching lower-tier games for hilarity.

    For your viewing pleasure, two very fun non-professional SC2 plays from a recent LAG TV cast:

    Witness the phail at the 05:00 as Terran bunches a group of marines next to a Zerg Nydus into Banelings.

    And the unstoppable opening gambit known as 14-Nexus opening. I.e., the Protoss player created FOURTEEN mining bases before getting even an army. WHAT.
  2. Cheese is love, cheese is life

    In all seriousness, having been a pretty dedicated ranked player on SC2 for a while, I'll be the first to say that while cheese almost always fails to an intelligent, professional and aware player, it's always going to exist
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  3. And here I was gonna say cheese has done nothing but rise in value over the last few decades..

    Love watching rts replays when shit goes down. But there just doesn't feel like much action in Starcraft. I'm a SupCom kinda guy. Still fun to watch though. The way they hammer those keys boggles my mind.
  4. 14-nexus opening almost makes me want to try it too

    the only thing better is a 14-gate (as in fourteen actual gateways, not build at gateway at 14 supply) all in
  5. I'll also say I found it hilarious(and impressive) when I discovered the AI was actually programmed to recognize a few cheese strategies and counter them(such as noticing when you're trying to build photon cannons in ti's base)

  6. Less cheese, more fun

    Epic mineral block strategy with ragequit
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