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Simple Realistic Wolf RPG for experienced, intermediate to advanced. Aesthetically pleasing website, easy to navigate. Opened February 1, 2011. A fun, friendly and active community. There are two packs, and a few adoptions that are open to guests and members alike.

In distant lands far from the Wilderlands, a volcano erupted bringing in new wolves. A once quiet area with only a handful of wolves, Wilderlands is a thriving society now with three packs. These new wolves have lost homes, families and carry physical markings of the wildfires that had spread from the eruption. You can join in as a wolf escaping from the fire, adopt one of our pre-made characters or simply create your own history.

We have staff positions open, and will be opening more packs as the site grows. This gives everyone opportunity to create their own.

Come on by and take a look! :)