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  1. Hi! I'm Nivi. I consider myself a seasoned roleplayer, as I've been doing it for over 5 years. I recently transferred from RPN given their horrific updates, so here I am. I'll leave this purposely vague so that anyone may invite me to their roleplay. I only ask that there's at least a decent amount of people in it according to their limit, meaning a 5 person roleplay should have at least 3, a seven person roleplay should have at least 5, and so on. Here's my introduction, too! Nivi joins Iwaku!
  2. Hi! I have a number of RP's you might be interested in.

    The first is Fandomstuck: Fandom Square, which is sort of like a mega-crossover RP, except that it features personifications of entire fandoms as opposed to specific canon characters. It's a little hard to explain in only a few words, but, the OP has more info if you're interested. Fair warning, though, this RP's already been running for a while. I can of course provide you a summary of events so far and all that, but I know some people just don't like joining RP's that have already started, so, I figured I should at least mention it.

    Next we have Altera Arcana, which has only just started, so now's still a perfect time to join in. It's a massive high fantasy RP inspired by tarot cards, various mythologies, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. So if you like any of those things, then I think it's definitely worth a look. I put a ton of effort into worldbuilding, though, so be prepared to do a lot of reading.

    Lastly -- and this one's still in the interest check stage -- we have Omnibus Academy. The idea I'm going for with this one is that it's essentially a school-for-magical-creatures RP, but what's special about it is that anyone can design their own race of magical creatures to add to the lore of the RP. This means that Omnibus could wind up with things like angels, demons, and vampires alongside catgirls and Eldritch Abominations and cyborgs and aliens as well as any original race that a player could come up with -- which will hopefully brew up a fun little stew of chaos. Like I said, this one's still an interest check, so the details haven't been completely hammered out yet, but I'm definitely planning on launching the OOC once I have time to put it together.
  3. Hello :)
    If you're interested my sister is trying to get an Akatsuki rp started up.
    It's a light fandom focused on the next generation
    Naruto: An Akatsuki Story
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