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  1. A mutation has spread throughout the human race, only affecting those with certain DNA patterns. These unfortunate people have been turned into animal-like creatures and have been rounded up; the second generation of these "salvaje" are displayed in zoos both for entertainment and to protect people from the ones who lose their mind.

    {Character Sheet}
    Nicknames (if any):
    Appearance (picture preferred)
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  2. Name: Candice Tilt
    Nicknames (if any): Candy
    Age: 19
    Species: Goat/Human
    Appearance (picture preferred):
    Personality: Candice is a cheery girl who seems to have a rather air-headed approach to just about everything. She does her best to be nice to everyone and keep everyone happy. (Not much to say.)
    Enhancements: Candice has enhanced speed and leg strength; she can jump extremely high and her kicks hurt like no other.
  3. Name: Jailia
    Nicknames (if any): (None)
    Age: 18
    Species: Lion
    Appearance (picture preferred):
    Personality: Easy going, calm, happy
  4. Candice smiled at the horse hybrid in her cage, accepting the apple it held out gratefully. "It's not often when we get real food," she exclaimed happily, ignoring the people's faces peering in from outside unbreakable glass.

    The Central Exodai Zoo was one of the highest maintenance zoos in the United States, and the most popular. It held all sorts of Savaje, from mammals to birds, from lizards to fish. The zoo was impossible to break into and impossible to escape from, and most of its "exhibits" knew that. Candice refused to accept that, but she didn't let anyone know that.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.