Wild Winds

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  1. “I need you to stay here,” Her father whispered pushing the little girl below the bed as the sound of the other men’s voices yelled in through the windows and to the house.

    “Come on out Johnson!” A dusty old voice shouted out towards the house. Mumbled curse words fell out of her father’s voice as his boots walked across the small cabin out towards the front door. The little girl under the bed closed her eyes tightly as the sound of a gun shot rang out over the house.
    The sound of the body hitting the floor caused the little girl to jump as she walked her father’s body look back at her. Her heart came to her throat as her mother’s scream filled her ears along with another ringing gunshot….

    The woman quickly sat up in the bed and looked out the window. The sun was up. Her hand wiped the sweat from her face as the sound of men whistling and calling came from the open window. A nightmare. That’s all it was. She pushed off the sheets and went towards the water basin and started to clean off her face. It had been nearly twenty years since her parents were killed and their ranch destroyed by the men she had been hunting for years. Twenty years of being raised by people she didn’t know and having to find her own way in this world, before seeking the revenge.

    She looked back at her pale face and dark hair that was pulled back at the base of her neck. She had been pushed from town to town and all her life she was seen as an outcast. A woman who dressed like a man and acted like a man, it was never heard of. She slipped on the pale blue shirt and buttoned it up. It was another day in this dusty mining town and she knew before too long she had to be on her way. Her hand grabbed the old tan hat and gun hostler.

    As she started down the stairs of the hotel her boot hit the wooden floor and caused a few people to look at her as she passed. Most of the women turned their noses at her “manly” dress as she started towards the door and out to the street. Her emerald eyes scanned the streets as she started towards the saloon a few building down. Most of the men could be heard from the street as she pushed open the doors and went towards the bar.

    “What can I get for you miss?” The bartender asked, noticing the young woman from earlier the last evening.

    “Whiskey,” She answered shortly as she turned and looked over the men playing poker and drinking themselves stupid.
  2. "Are you cheatin?" one of the rough men snarled at another sitting at the poker table. The accused eyes narrowed and he slammed his fist on the table and leaned forward a mean snarl on his features.
    "I ain't cheatin!" He barked back, spit flinging from his mouth onto the other man's face. The man who first spoke, filled with drunken rage, threw his empty bottle at his "friend's" head. It shattered, missing him striking the wall behind him instead, and everyone at the table flinched glancing between the two.
    "I'll fuckin kill you!" as the second rose to strike the first a foreign fist slammed down on the table, stopping them both in their tracks.

    "Howdy," the broad shouldered figure said before them, the word out of place on his thick English accent. "I'm Abbott. Now I'm new to town, so you all might not know but I'm the new sheriff fresh off the boat, and now that I'm in town things are not going to go this way any longer." He gave the men a dazzling smile which quickly turned into a scowl when the men began to laugh at him.

    "You hear him?!" One the men said howling with laughter. "Well let's be on our best behavior naw huh?!" Eventually the cackles died down and most everyone in the bar watched the scene eyes wide. "Now lookie here 'sheriff', we ain't gonna do things that way."
    "Yes you are, you're going to because I told you too." Abbott said calmly staring them down. The men faces of the men at the table darkened and one of them stood.
    "Well boys, why don't we teach our new sheriff a lesson."

    Abbott clocked the man across the jaw the moment the words left his mouth and someone threw a glass at him. He barely dodged it and instead it shattered on the counter next to the young woman at the bar. A brawl broke out not a moment later.
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  3. Rebecca Smithson looked at the men at the table as the yelling and shouting started. It didn't take long until the fight had broken out and most of the men were being thrown from table to table. The sheriff was in the center of it all, and seemed to be getting the most of the beatings. Becca took the shot of her whiskey and then looked at the man that had taken a seat beside

    One of the men ended up by the bar with his nose bleeding. It was the one that had been accused of cheating at the table. Rebecca looked down at the man and then back at the sheriff. Her hazel eyes watched the scene as guns were quickly drawn into the room and most of the men stopped the punching and drew out their weapons as well. Rebecca's own had soon slipped down to the six shooter on her own side. She knew that bar fights in mining towns never ended well and normally the law enforcement were normally the first to go. Becca wasn't about to let them happen.

    She watched as guns were pulled and pointed at the Sheriff. Her own gun was drawn from her hostler and put into the mix. Her eyes on the Sheriff and the other men. She didn't say anything, but kept her hat low as she watched the men waiting for someone to move.
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  4. Abbott froze when he heard guns draw and cock and dropped the man in his grip he was in the process of beating. Swallowing the sheriff let loose a nervous chuckle and rose his arms slowly in a show of surrender.
    "Now now now, men, we can talk about this like right proper gents I'm sure." The silence in the room continued to unnerve him and no one made any move to lower their weapon.

    "We won't be able to talk about this will we?" One of the men with a blackened eye shook their head at him and Abbott nodded slow and considering. His sharp grey eyes looked over at the man closest to him that wasn't really paying attention to the officer of the law and then back at the man whose finger twitched on the trigger.

    The next few moments happened in a blur. Abbott grabbed the man from the poker game not paying attention to him and jerked him in front of him as his friend fired his gun, aiming for Abbott and striking his friend square in the chest. He jerked the dead man's gun from his hand and fired a shot towards the closest hostile poker player. His foot kicked a table over and he dove behind it as the bar lit up, ablaze in gunfire. Abbott flinched when a bullet hit the wall above his head and he rolled with the table to duck behind the much thicker wood of the bar. A bottle shattered above him sprinkling glass and alcohol on the brim of his hat and a swear left his lips before he counted the bullets in the gun and blind fired one of the five shots left over the counter hoping for the best.
  5. Rebecca fired her own gun a few times only nicking a few people before aiming and hitting one man square in the chest. His body fell and a few shots rang out over her won as she ducked, stupidly behind the bar stool. Her eyes glanced at the sheriff who, himself, did not have a gun. She watched him duck behind the bar. Her own body stood up for a second as she heard a double shot ring out of her own gun. Her eyes glanced back looking at the other gun now being the only thing above the bar. The bullets went, hitting a man square in the chest, knocking him to the ground. As soon as the man hit the gun fire stopped. Rebecca didn't know who the man was, but firing soon stopped as the men rushed out leaving the bodies with him.

    "You can come out now," She spoke, taking the shot of whiskey that hadn't been touched. The bartender was hiding as well, but those men normally did not have guns and therefore he had a reason to be hiding. The sheriff on the other hand, did not make any sense. What kind of law man did not have a gun?

    She walked over towards the man with the two bullet holes within his chest. His pale eyes looked back at her as she shook her head slowly. It seemed as if she had come to to the right town.
  6. Abbott peeked out sheepishly from behind the counter after the woman spoke and peered around the empty bar a look of surprise on his face. He glanced over at the lady with the smoking gun and gave her a friendly, appreciative smile.
    "Thank you ma'am I can't say that I would have made it out alright if you hadn't have stepped in. I give my thanks again." He stood up and glanced over at the bartender who hesitantly stood from his hiding place before moving to start cleaning his trashed bar.

    Abbott paused to brush the glass from his hat and shoulders before turning his full attention back to his savior.
    "Anyway the name's Abbott Adcox and it's very nice to make your acquaintance, Miss?" He trailed off wanting to get the woman who saved him name at the very least.