Wild West RP

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  1. So i was wondering how many people would join a Wild West RP, since i'm dying to RP in one.

    The setting would be somewhere around 1870ish, when the frontier is still booming.

    The RP will be centered one one of the frontier and it's surrounding, the forest, river, and mountain, along with caves.

    There will be civilians, law bringer, and outlaw, but the outlaw could be like living in the frontier as well, just not as publicly.
  2. Will you be allowing like Saloon girls and such?
  3. Of course, since if there's no saloon, where do the people gather?

    Also Indians, if someone fancy being one.
  4. Now I'd be torn between doing a Native American , Saloon Girl and or teacher.... This will be fun to pick from. :)
  5. I would love to do a Wild West RP. I've got a bounty hunter character in mind.
  6. Once we've reached 5 people i'll start the Info thread.
  7. I'd like some wild west action, I suppose I'm in.
  8. I'd love to be in this!
    Mind me making two character?
  9. Hello this has caught my interest very much so.
  10. I would be interested ^_^
  11. Oh wow, there's more people than i asked for! :)

    I'll set up the Info thread ASAP
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  12. I'll bite.
  13. Info Thread

    Aaaand it's up! It's still kinda hurried, so if you find something wrong, let me know immediately.
  14. I have Native American blood myself, though not heavily, just enough to show hints in my features. I love history. I am certainly interested.
  15. The thread is already up on the post just above you.

    Check it out and i'll wait for your character! :)
  16. Alright, Thanks!
  17. I have a character up.