Wild Thorns (Cat, dog, wolf, fox, bobcat, puma RP)

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  1. Welcome to Brier Town
    There is a town, known throughout the country by many collared pets and strays to be a rumored paradise. A place where man has been absent for countless years and that animals now roam and rule the mysterious, mythical place. However, Brier Town, is anything but a myth. True, the odd little town is ruled by animals, namely cats and dogs, but a paradise told in tales to lull pups and kits to sleep couldn’t be further from the truth. The community of Brier Town established an order for all inhabitants, laws that have been given to the cats and dogs to follow, or face punishment, or worse, exile. Still, various dogs and cats take it upon themselves on the pilgrimage to the famous town. Some just might find their safe haven, others find new dangers and enemies. For new comers, Brier Town may come to as a bit of a shock, with such laws, some might even call them strict, but these laws stand for a reason, less the residents of the town fall victim to the dangers of The Woods just outside of town.
    Character Bio Sheet (add in more if you wish)

    Is perusing/likes:
    Status (are they a Brier, Forester, Loner, Stray, Feral, Wildpelt):
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