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  1. ((I'm placing this in the first post so all members can check and go back to for info or help on the map of the land.))

    Brier Town Shopping Area:
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    [​IMG] Known to the Briers as a place where most small packs and tribes live, dividing the area into small territories.

    Brier Town Neighborhood:
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    [​IMG] Known as Sky Dens by the Brier Town inhabitants. These large to medium sized homes are the shelters and territories of the larger and mid sized dog packs and cat tribes within the town. Many loners, small packs and tribes envy those who are able to live in such luxury, because owning a Sky Den means strength and larger territories.

    Brier Town Meeting Hall:
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    interior -->[​IMG] Though the outside is an old, and rather ugly building, inside there is a strange beauty. Whenever the sun shines, or when the night skies are full of stars and the moon, there is a sort of glow to the place. It is wide and spacious enough for all Brier Town inhabitants to come and meet here and discuss matters of the town.

    Brier Town's Abandoned Carnival:
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    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Follow the road east of Brier Town, eventually you will see that the road fades to a dirt road leading to a to a seemingly dead end. Further down the path, the dirt road disappears into yellow brick as more and more trees begin to surround you, a mist shrouding the area in mystery. Then at the end of the yellow road, you will see it, the carnival. The Brier Carnival, old, deserted and incredibly ominous. Not too many Briers tread here, it lies far too close to the forest beyond for their comfort. Be wary here.

    Brier Town Farm:
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    [​IMG] Simply known as Brier Farm, the abandoned land is a permanently unclaimed territory and free for all Briers to go and hunt. It is typically a safe place, few Foresters come here and sometimes deer can be found grazing.

    Brier Town Park:
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    [​IMG] Like the Brier Farm, the park is prohibited from any sort of territory claiming. It is free for all Briers, a safe haven in the center of the town, one can hunt here for hare, mice, squirrels, goose or duck.

    Brier Town Apartments:
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    [​IMG] Known as Brier Heights, here are where weary travelers, strays who happen across Brier Town can rest. Brier Heights can also be home to small packs and tribes, though these are considered poor territories, since the living space is small and turf even smaller.

    The Woods:
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    [​IMG] The Wood a mysterious place to many Briers, no known Brier has ever entered the forest and come out alive. Be wary here, this is where the wild Foresters live.

    Dead Howls Path:
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    [​IMG] The dark tunnel that seems to stretch on forever in darkness. Legend has it that if a Brier is exiled to the tunnel to the Woods, the soul of the Brier gets spirited away and gets eaten by a monstrous bear. They call it Dead Howls Path, because after a day or two after the unfortunate Brier has entered it, there can be haunting howls and yowls, echoing through the tunnel. In truth, the tunnel simply leads the way deeper into the forest. This however doesn’t make the tunnel any less dangerous, it is in fact miles long, it could take day, to reach the end of it, and during this time cats and dogs that have been exiled to the Woods can starve with the lack of prey, if they don’t lose their minds from the darkness first. Dead Howls Path is used as a form of punishment, the ultimate punishment, the point of no return for any Brier who has committed a horrendous crime that is deemed unforgivable by the council.
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  2. Cherry was peacefully slumbering under the midday skies. Her coat was lighted and heated by the sun on the cool day, to youngsters it was hard to believe that this old dog's faded coat, was once a deep reddish auburn color. Her grey muzzle gave a faint twitch as the smallest of breezes swayed the grass, tickling her nose. The day seemed peaceful, as her pack was sprawled around her, not doing much different than the Brier elder herself. Of course with the exception of the few rowdy pups. But she supposes she could allow the youngsters to be loud and rambunctious, it was good day so far. Her pack was big, strong, and healthy with full bellies, Cherry would perfer to have this sort of peacefulness to lest just a bit longer.


    Orion was nestled comfortably in the small bell tower of the shopping center. He was once told by his mother that when the humans ruled the town, this little bell tower would ring once at midnight and once at dawn. Now it sat quietly, still, unused, rusted and old. However, it was not completely useless, the tower is one of his few favored hiding places in Brier Town. He could survey a decent portion of the town and forest that lay beyond. Not that there was much to see today anyways. It's been slow and uneventful, much to the cat's disappointment. His silver and dark grey striped coat pricked as a wind blew throw his fur. Fall was most certainly here, the air was much cooler than it was a few days prior. "Meaning prey will be harder to find." he hummed to himself, while tucking his paws under his chest. Fall was not a kind time for loners or paired Briers. As food becomes scarce, bellies grow empty and slim, some Briers even starve. But what's more is that animals, Brier or Forester become more desperate. Things only grow worse during the winter. The silver, tabby tom cast his gaze downward, spotting two loner cats fighting each other for a scrawny mouse. He could only narrow his eyes and slowly shake his head. "Pathetic."


    Blueboy stood still, his body crouched and silvery, blue eyes focused on a soft hare. It nibbled on a blade of grass, oblivious to the danger that drew nearer with every heavy paw step. For some reason or another, Brier Farm had an effect on prey like that, gave them a false sense of security, making them easy to catch. The pitbull's jaws began to salivate, he wanted the rabbit, by Great Alfred's Name, did he want that rabbit. His instincts screamed at him to pounce and kill it swiftly, to rip it to shreds and devour the meat, the blood. Yet, he found himself suddenly frozen. Blueboy watched the brown hare and truly saw it, a living creature, that possibly has a family or even friends. Despite his protesting stomach, his mouth and throat dried. This wouldn't be the first time he froze up like this on a hunt, the dreadful thought of killing always crossed his mind just when he's about to attack. Blueboy had waited too long as a breeze blew in carrying his scent towards the rabbit, its body turned rigid and big brown eyes turned towards the pitbull's direction. Such big eyes that seemed to stare so intensely, though it could not see him. It was as if the rabbit's eyes was speaking to him 'Will you kill me today?', the dog's muscles gave a shudder, his muzzle wrinkling to a cringed-like expression.
  3. Aurora otherwise known as Ari was on the prowl or rather the hunt for food. And deer was suppose to be on the menu, but unfortunately there wasn't any to be found. So she'll have to settle rodents that seem to be bountiful. Ari craned her neck this way and that until she found a rabbit grazing. She worked her way slowly as if she were a tiger staring down her prey. She licked her chops and crawled quietly but stopped as the rabbit would soon smell her if she got any closer, so she waited for the winds to shift. When they did, the rabbit seemed to be distract by something. Ari paid no mind to it and crawled until she was in leaping distance. The young wolf dog hybrid leapt out of the somewhat tall grass and tackled the rabbit. It's screams filled the air as it struggle and kicked at her to get free. Quickly she ended it's life, for she did not enjoy the suffering of creatures.

    Ari caught whiff of something or rather someone. She was too busy with the hunt to be concerned with smells other than the rabbit. She looked up to see a pitbull looking at her. She looked around then down at what was between her teeth and dropped the limp rabbit. Cautiously pawed at the rabbit all the while looking at the unknown pit. "Um... was this your Rabbit?" She asked as she eyed the rabbit by her feet. Ari's body tensed, ready to either fight or run. She didn't know what kind of dog this one was.

    Aphrodite stretched and yawned before she continued to tread softly down the shopping center. She flicked her tail from side to side with every step and nodded whenever she came across a cat or tom she knew. Odd coloured eyes scouring the area before her. Aphrodite though her name was too long and went with the name Venus. She heard so much about human mythology growing up. Which had a helping hand for her to decide what kind of nickname she wanted.

    The orange tabby bombay mix lept up onto a small ledge of the bell tower and laid down. Tail swishing slowly as it hangs off the ledge. Her fron paws crossed infront of her while her hind legs were on their side. She yawned once more before slowing closing her eyes to rest for a moment. Lately she's been tired.
  4. It all happened so fast, the hare never stood a chance as its life was put to a sudden end. Blueboy just stood there, mouth slightly parted and eyes widened at the scene, dumbstruck. The pitbull's cropped ears twitched some as his gaze moved from the deceased hare to the dog that had caught it, a wolfdog. Blueboy didn't mean to stare, truly he didn't but how could he not. This was a wolfdog. He's heard of the cursed-ones, as they are sometimes called by the Brier folk, plenty of times. They shared the wild blood of a wolf and the blood of wolf-loving dog. Or so the rumors go. The pitbull blinked out of his trance-like state upon realizing he was being spoken to. "Huh? Oh! Uh, yeah it was but you caught it before me so. Fairs, fair." the grey dog cleared his throat, to hide the nervousness in his voice. Not only was this a wolfdog, but a she-wolfdog. Perfect. Blueboy lowered his head some in a sheepish manner, he had hoped she didn't notice how hesitant he was in his hunt. "Ha, ha I would be too slow for a rabbit anyways. I more so built for fighting, not hunting." he laughed again, wanting to bite his own paw at their awkward shuffling. The pitbull slowly lifted his head and took notice tot he wolfdogs mitch-match eyes, her coat, the shape of her face. Was this what a wolf looked like, he wondered. There weren't many wolfdogs in Brier Town, and very few he's seen were typically from a distance, and that was enough to make him stop and stare at the oddity. Seeing one up close, however, had a new feel to it, instead of eeriness there was a twinge of curiosity and excitement. "Is it true that you howl to the moon?" he suddenly blurted out without much of a thought. His silvery blue eyes gleamed like an an excited pup.


    Though this was one of Orion's favored spots, it was not truly his. There were the faint scent of other cats here, but it wasn't too often these other cats would show up whenever he was occupying. He suppose sit was one of those "not-too-often" days. The silver and striped tom's eyes widened some as a fresh scent wafted to his nose. Another cat, a she-cat. His eyes followed the scent till he caught the sight of a familiar tortoiseshell-like coat. "Aphrodite. And what do I owe you on this fine day." he purred in a teasing tone. The tom had seen the female before, passing her by as he would do his typical strolls around Brier Town. He'd also heard of her as well, and who wouldn't talk about a cat with a split-face? Half black, half orange tabby, even her eyes were at odds. An unusual sight indeed, though other than that, he doesn't truly know her like a friend, or even an acquaintance for that matter, but once you've spent your life in Brier Town you know just about everyone's name, if you bother to anyways.
  5. Ari looked behind her because the pitbull was starting awfully hard, but there was no one behind her. She turned back around towards the dog and cocked her head to the side. "Well, alright.. don't mind if I do!" She pulled her mouth into a toothy smile, showing off her sharpened blood stained canines. She didn't particularly care how she looked at this moment because she was hungry. Though normally she'd care and be like a little princess. She lowered her maw towards the hare on the ground and was getting ready to devour it, the pitbull posed a question that caught her off guard. She couldn't help but laugh. She genuinely smiled and sat on her haunches. Her ears twitches as she observed the excited dog.

    Ari replayed the conversation in mind quickly. He was built to fight, but not hunt. Which was sort of peculiar to her. Next was his question about howling at the moon. Well she did howl at the moon, but doesn't everybody? She thought about that for a second, perhaps not all dogs howl and just a select few? Whatever the case she stopped laughed and had a glint in her eye as she answered the young pitbull. "Aye, lad I do howl at the moon!" She said in her best Irish Pirate imitation. Ari tried to keep a straight face but she burst out laughing again. "Of course I howl to the moon, doesn't everybody?"

    Venus fluttered her eyes and looked upwards. Her odd colored eyes landing upon Orion, one of the few cats whom she actually liked. From a distance. The interesting colored cat blinked and smiled slightly. "Ah, Orion... I didn't think you'd be here today." She only seen him a few times up there and that was enough for her to assume this was his spot. "I'm just resting up before I go and wander the city some more, maybe I'll find a mouse or two. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a rat." Venus stretched and laid back down, her tail twitching at the end. Ears moves to face Orion so she could hear him better. "Did I disturb you?"
  6. Reikon lay in the shade as he chewed on a stick. The shredded pieces got stuck in his mouth but he did not mind. As he chewed he could think of his favorite food and imagine he was eating it. What was his favorite food? He tilted his head in thought. He didn't exactly know. Mice were small, but they were tasty. The feathers of a bird tickled his throat, but they were tasty also. Rabbit? Rabbits were larger than mice and did not have feathers so surely they were his favorite. Yes, his favorite food was rabbit. With this new found knowledge he dropped the stick, rolled in the grass, and then stood up. The rest of the pack was resting, but he was bored. He walked toward Cherry, and as he got close he pressed his belly to the ground and crawled the rest of the way. He hoped the alpha would have something for him to do, and he also hoped he would not get snapped at for disturbing her. "Alpha?"


    Silent clawed a line in the ground and stood behind it. His paws were as close to the line as they could get without touching it. He looked at his sister who stood next to him. She too stood behind the line. He lifted his tail and began to count down. "Three..Two..One" On what would be zero he dropped his tail and the two cats took off. Racing was something that he and his sister enjoyed, and they tried to have a race every three days. Silent had the longest legs, but Icy won the most. Silent barely felt the ground under his paws. It felt like the was flying. As his sister passed him it looked as if she was flying. With a look of satisfaction Icy stopped next to the bell tower, and Silent skidded to a halt right behind her.

    "Looks as if I won again."

    Silent sniffed, turning his head away. The tilt was enough for him to hear voices coming from the tower. Looking back at Icy he gave her a sly smile. "Fine. You won this time, but I doubt you are brave enough to climb up to the bell and say hello to the two cats that are up there. And before you ask, I can hear them."

    Icy flicked the tip of her tail. She could not say no to a dare, especially one given by her brother. She turned away sharply and made her way up to the bell, muttering under her breath the whole way. Next time she would be the one making a dare. Something her brother would be too embarrassed to attempt. Like talk to a pretty girl. She saw the way he looked at some of the females, the beautiful ones especially. Paws silent she approached the bell and looked around. Seeing no one she looked up and spotted two other cats. She had seen both around but did not know their names. "Hello. My name is Icystorm. It is a pleasure to meet you." Her voice dripped with sarcasm and her face was none too friendly. Normally she would be nicer than this, but to meet other cats on a dare was not something she was happy with.
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  7. Blueboy's eyes grew large at the sight of the wolfdog's teeth,t he sharpest teeth he's ever seen. The gawking pitbull was taken back by the sudden burst of laughter, his cropped ear twitching unsure, but soon he too was laughing at the wolfdog's strange, mock accent. Feeling his muscles relax some, the dark greyish dog cocked his head slightly, "Well, I mean... All Brier's sorta howl to the sky when a meeting is over, but I don't know any dogs that howl to the moon. At least I don't." he then blurted out another question, "Is it because you're half ... ya' know, wolf?" he whispered the last word in awe, recalling all the stories he's been told since entering Brier Town of the wolves of The Wood. Cousins to dog-kind, but wild, vicious and mysterious, but this wolfdog did not seem like any that. She seemed nice enough, despite her wolfish appearance.

    Cherry gave a heavy sigh, she'd know that voice anywhere, "Yes, Reikon." the old dog's voice was worn and gravelly as she spoke. In the time she has known Reikon she knew the omega means no harm and attempts to be patient with him. The key word being attempts. She would crack open a dark brown eye to stare at the white dog. His coat was like the snow, Cherry still found it hard to believe he's able to catch anything with such a pale coat.

    @Alexstrasza and @Icystorm

    "Oh no, it's fine. I don't mind the small company." he gave a low chuckle upon catching the queen's faint smile. The tip of his tail gave an amused flick, "Good luck with finding a mouse unscathed, dear." the silvery tom meowed before pointing his nose int he direction of the cat fight that was still taking place, though the fight had died down some. "Less you end up like those two." as he said this one of the cat cats finally back down and was chased off, the victor took his sad, skinny little prized mouse before stalking off with an obvious limp. "I'm afraid that is going to be more of a common sight than usual. You know how it is during the colder seasons." Orion then sat up as he said this, carefully washing his face with his paw. "Not that I mean to discourage you from hunting." His grooming was cut shorter than he liked as another queen appeared atop of the little bell tower. Unlike Aphrodite, however, she seemed to be the least bit friendly. Orion's eyes narrowed as frown crossed his muzzle, "Pleasure to see you as well, Icystorm..." The tom tried to conceal his obvious disapproval for the sudden interruption. 'Do I know this cat?' He tried to trace his memories, the queen's coat was thick, she was more well suited for the oncoming cold season's than Orion that's for certain. Her pelt color was grey with flecks of white, with wide blue eyes. The face seemed familiar, perhaps he had only seen her from a distance at some point. Not that it mattered too much to him "You look very pleased to be up here." he continue don with his own sarcasm. 'What does she want, if she clearly doesn't want to be here?'
  8. Ari listened to the young dog and briefly nodded. She cocked her head to the side as he mentioned something about her being a wolf. She never actually though about that. And the way he mentioned wolf, it didn't sound like he was scared of her like most briers around here. In fact it sounded as if he was in awe and it brought some warmth to her heart. "It won't be much for either of us... but would you like to share the rabbit? I don't mind really." She lowered her head down to the ground and nudged the rabbit towards him.

    Venus looked over towards the direction the tom cat pointed and frown slightly. True, the mice were scarce and when one was found there was sure to be other cats who sniffed out the mouse just you did. She shook her head softly. "Yes, well..." She stopped talking as another cat came up to them, another female with a interesting coat. Though not as interesting as her own but interesting none the less. Venus eyed the female with suspicion. The cat's voice was dripping in sarcasm you could almost taste it. And Orion met her sarcasm with his own. With an unamused look upon Venus' face she greeted the other female. "Hello Icystorm, it's my pleasure to meet you. I don't think I've seen you around these parts...are you new?"

    @Sir Binkleton the 3rd
  9. "I-umm.." Reikon's ears lay flat against his head, his eyes were wide brown orbs, and his tail thumped lightly on the ground. Cherry's voice worried him, but it did not mean she was mad at him since it was old age that made her sound like that. "I-I was hoping y-you would have something for me to d-do." Stuttering was something he did when nervous. As he got used to the dog, or other creature, he was talking to it went away, and once it went away he enjoyed talking. It would probably never go away around Cherry since he always worried that he would do something wrong.


    "I am far from pleased, but it is not something the two of you have done." Icystorm studied the two cats. The male had a nice coat. She could appreciate anything that was grey in color, but his coat was not thick and would not do him well in cold to come. How sad for him. She enjoyed that he could meet her sarcasm with his own, though. Not many cats cared to do that. Her attention turned to the female, and at first she did not know what to think. Half of her face was black while the other half was orange tabby, and even her eyes were mismatched. The rest of her pelt was a mix of colors. Icystorm had to admit that the other female had beauty going for her. "No, I have lived here all my life. My brother and I tend to keep to ourselves since it is easier that way. In fact, he is the reason I am up here. Instead of doing something useful such as catching a duck he dared me to come up here and say hello." Her whiskers twitched in annoyance as she glared down at her brother, turning back to the two other cats after a few seconds. She glanced back and forth between the two, coming to a quick conclusion. They did not seem like siblings so perhaps they were mates. "I should go and leave the two of you to discuss whatever it was I interrupted."
  10. Blueboy was about to decline the kind offer, but his stomach rumbled in protest, in the oncoming colder days it will be more difficult to find food. "Uh, sure thanks." the pitbull took a meager bite out of the hare, being sure he wasn't eating too much wanting to leave most of the meat tot he wolfdog. "By the way," he spoke with a mouth full of meat and rabbit fur, "the name's Blueboy, what's yours?" he wasn't use to having another loner, if she was a loner that is, sharing food. The small act of kindness meant a lot to the young dog, any animal willing to share prey with a stranger is a decent creature, at least that's how Blueboy saw it.

    Cherry lifted her head, drooping ears slightly perked forward as she gave the younger dog a slow blink. "Something... for you to do?" if the old dog had any eyebrows, one would certainly be raised. "There's nothing to do, for anybody." she grunted towards the omega. "Look around you Reikon." she lifted her nose towards the rest of the pack, it seemed even the pups had tired themselves out. "We won't need to hunt anytime soon, the borders around or territory back at our den is well secured. There has yet to be any Foresters lurking around." Cherry gave a heavy sigh, "Honestly, even a, oh what did the pups call me again? An 'old stick int he mud' can appreciate a day of doing nothing, but only for a day of course." though what the old dog spoke was the truth, she also didn't feel comfortable sending an omega off on their own to do anything. They were the lowest, and it is common for pack members to see them as the weakest, frailest of the ranks. And Cherry certainly didn't want to send one of her gammas off with the omega just for them to pupsit a grown dog. Cherry eyed the omega for a moment, she felt the slightest bit sorry for him, he was just a nervous stuttering mess. "Well..." she grumbled, perhaps she could walk with him to re-check the pack's borders, just so it could give the omega something to do, she could see it in the white dog's eyes that he wanted to productive in someway, or do soemthign to escape boredom.
    @Alexstrasza and @Icystorm

    The silvery tom cocked his head, "A... dare? Well. Alright then, it seems you've wont this daring dare." His tail then gave a small flick. 'So I have seen her around here, now that I think of it I always did see her with another cat. Her brother no doubt.' Orion's ears flicked as another breeze rolled in, tickling his whiskers. He looked to the sky, it was still bright and blue, no sign of the day coming to an end, at least not now. "You don't have to go." he meowed, his green eyes then had a sudden brightness to them as he exchanged glances at the queens. "Actually, perhaps it is a goo thing that you came by. Both you." his neck then stretched outward towards the distance where the faint shape of a structure could be seen, surrounded by trees. "I have yet to hunt today," that wasn't exactly true, he attempted to, but his prey was stolen by a lone dog, but he decided this small detail could be left out. "it would be nice to have extra paws. We would have a higher chance of catching more prey if all worked together." his eyes then turned back to the two she-cats, "Of course it would only be for the day, it's not like I'm asking you to make a tribe with me." he gave a playful smirk. "What do you two say? Your brother is more than welcome to join us, Icystorm."
  11. After the pitbull took a bite out of the hare, she lowered her muzzle down and bite into the hair. Pulling the meat from the bones, she placed her paw on the hare for better leverage. Once she swallowed what she had in her mouth she looked up. "Aurora, but you can call me Ari if you wish!" Most dogs she was close to not that there were many with her being a wolf dog and all, called her Ari. Ari went back to finishing off the hare then laid there in the grass and looked up towards the sky. "it's a beautiful day today... you know.. I could help you hunt for something. I'm sure just a bite barely bit back your hunger." She raised a paw and attempted to touch his belly but failed. She licked lips and picked up a bone and started to nibble on at as she awaited Blueboy's answer.

    Venus simply nodded and licked a paw and then proceeded to rub said paw on her face. A duck? I haven't seen one of those in ages! The feline thought to herself and she eye the other female. She could tell she was annoyed, obviously from the dare. But is it so bad to be dared to say hello? Venus followed the young cats gaze to the cat at the bottom of the bell tower then back up to Icystorm. "Oh, don't be silly." She commented when Icystorm mention that she should leave. Even Orion thought she was being silly to a certain extent. Venus looked over to the tom when he playfully said he wasn't asking them to be in a tribe with him. She grinned, "Alright, I'm up for it. What about you... Icystorm?" She looked over to the feline and awaited an answer.

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  12. If it were possible Reikon would have pressed himself lower to the ground. He knew Cherry was not mad, she was just stating what should have been obvious to him. The pack was safe and full. They were well taken care of and happy. He was happy too, but he did not like to sit in the quiet for too long. Why he was not sure, but whatever it was tickled the back of his mind. It felt like something he did not want to remember so always pushed it away. "You are not a stick in the mud." Reikon told her earnestly. "A muddy stick is a bad stick, especially for chewing, and you are not bad. You are a good Alpha. The pups must have bees in their brains to think that." He tilted his head until his right cheek touched the ground. He never realized before how old she looked. Her faded coat must have once been very beautiful. He should not have come and bugged her. She looked as if she could use a day to enjoy doing nothing. "I-I could just go for a w-walk? As you s-said there has not been a-any Foresters around so I w-would be safe."


    "I always do win." Icystorm said, lifting her head proudly. She was about to turn away when the tom cat spoke. She listened, unsure what to think. She and Silent had always done fine by themselves. The park provided ducks, and sometimes Silent was able to catch a fish. Why would she need the help of other cats? Perhaps she and her brother were doing well, but that did not mean these other two cats were. It that were the case it would not kill her to help. She studied the tom more closely. Before she even had a few seconds to look at him he said something that made her eyes widen. Tribe? Of course not! He would have to be crazy ask. Heck, he was crazy to even have that pop into his head, joke or not. She was about to refuse the hunt when the female spoke. Her eyes darted to the other cat and an idea formed in her head. She would accept, if only to get payback on her brother. Having to be around such a pretty cat would be torture to him. "My brother and I would be happy to join you." Silent was going to kill her. "But first, what are your names?"
  13. Blueboy jumped slightly as the wolfdog attempted to touch him, surprised by the sudden action, though she seemed to mean no harm by t only as an act of playfulness. His nose would give a thoughtful twitch at Aurora's offer, "Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hungry." that and he didn't mind a helping paw when it came to searching for food. "Sure! There's bound to be more food around here. The farmland's pretty big."
    Cherry couldn't help but chuckle lowly at the omega's compliment. The dog was good natured as always. "A walk? Well, I suppose that would be fine..." she hummed in thought, then quickly added, "Do not stray too far, Reikon. True we have to to spot any Foresters, but you know they are not the only dangers here." the old dog then craned her neck, eyes now serious, voice warning. "Fall is the beginning of hardships for may pair and loner Briers. They become desperate and aggressive." the old alpha was beginning to think perhaps she should go along with the omega,for his own safety. In the years she has lived in Brier Town, more than a few times has she seen bloodshed over territory and food. One of the many perks to having a large pack or tribe is that there are strength in numbers to fend off rivals and of course the chances of finding food were high as well when one has enough helping paws. Small groups, pairs and of course loners had very little luck with this.
    @Alexstrasza and @Icystorm

    Orion suppressed a pleased purr upon hearing the queens agree upon joining him. "I am Orion, and this," he pointed his nose toward the split-faced queen, "is Aphrodite." The tom took his time to getting to his paws, just before stretching out his legs and toes. "I know of a good place to hunt, not too many Briers go to it." his head then lifted high, back towards the surrounding trees of Brier Town. "The abandoned carnival." he then looked to the queens again and added in, "I assume you two have heard interesting rumors of Brier Carnival. But I assure you, they are just rumors, I go there sometimes to hunt. I'd say, arguably, it has more prey there than the farm." The tom wouldn't be surprised if this were true, many Briers don't take fancy to how close the abandoned place was to The Wood, and it being close to Brier Town he assumed Foresters wouldn't like going there too often either. Meaning, less predators and more thriving prey. "I hope choosing that place hasn't deterred you both." as he said this he began to take a paw step down the tower only to stop and glance behind him towards the she-cats.
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