Wild NEWBIE appeared!

  • So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
Heh, you arrived just in time for the Iwaku Triad game! You lucky Member'mon, you! ^_^
My name's Miru, one of the hyper bouncy people on the site, and your friend should you need one. ^^
You already found the OOC, so I think you'll be fine. I do look forward to RPing with you, so I'll see you around!
Enjoy your stay!
Thanks again for all the support, guidance and general kindnesses. Can't wait to meet you all IC and otherwise.
Don't forget there's also the wonderful little Cbox we have on Iwaku.
Most people here loaf around and talk in there. One of the best ways to drop on by and say hello!
-studies and takes notes on-
Welcome to the site!
...Should I be throwing a physically implausible technological plastic sphere at you, or is it against the rules to carry fellow members on my belt?

Wait, I don't usually wear belts, so I guess the point's kind of moot.
Welcome! You may not see me on much, but welcome anyways.

Call the guy with the red name that isn't a pretentious ass (Asmo!) Rory, not Daiki, that's just a stage name. And his code name in the prostitution ring he runs... Call the lady with the red name crazy, because she is. And call Orochi a mod, because he should be. (Also, beware the Orochi and the Paorou, they will make your brain bleed with AWESOME ASIANNESS! And random spam. Don't go to the Asylum because it isn't Insanity anymore and therefore should be boycotted. Well... If General didn't suck so much... Go to the Asylum! It's fun there!)

*uses his level 100 Giratina to punish Ike and his new newbiemon*
See you all doing it wrong... its gotta go like this...

So much knowledge to absorb, so little time! I'll do my best to keep everyone's names, titles, job descriptions, and... levels of :poke:Poké:poke:-ownership of me... organized in my head. :D Cheers and hope to see you all around.
Dude awesome Char I'm Tux! And welcome to Iwaku!
Ahaa~ I'm kind of late xD Then again, I'm never on time with these things -__-


I'm Sakura, welcome to Iwaku :)
If you ever have any questions or need any help, don't hesitate to ask :D

Have fun & we'll see you around :DD
Welcome to the site and see you around!

Awh, a Pokemon reference ... XD
EEP!!!!! I'm late! D:<

*gives cupcake*

Seems like you've already been moving yourself around here rather quickly. I likey. I likey a lot. >:D Teehee~
Cuuupcaaaake. *nom*

Thanks for the welx, you guys are amazing.

And now, a whelk from me, as a token of gratitude:

Call the guy with the red name that isn't a pretentious ass (Asmo!) Rory, not Daiki, that's just a stage name. And his code name in the prostitution ring he runs... *

I do run one of those, I also am the boss of the Burger King (Weavel), I also draw, shoot Nazis, do Jews things, and using the FARCE.
We don't really have an elite four admins but we do have an elite three. Three keeps things in balance and no need for a champion. But feel free to knock unconscious every member'mon you see.

@Pirogeth: In the world of star wars the sith dont have three that is too many two is perfect for there is one Lord and one Apprentice :) In the words of Darth Bane "One to embody the power, One to crave the power."

Anyways welcome to the wild newbie who we are all welcoming and be warned for I shall use my charizard to fight you..