Wild NEWBIE appeared!

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  1. Hiya, so this is actually my second post because I got a bit ahead of myself and posted in an OOC before properly introducing myself. I was introduced to the website by Levistus so you can thank him for his recruitment efforts. :P

    I've been lurking for a couple of months or so and really like what I've seen in the awesome stories you all craft, so I've finally decided that I'm gonna make an effort to devote some time and contribute where I can as well. While I've dabbled in online RP on and off before (starting in middle school with characters from the Animorphs book series), this is all still largely new to me, especially in terms of things like D&D mechanics, knowledge of lore, etc. So apologies if I'm not totally familiar with all of the rules of the game... I'll try my best to learn as quickly as possible!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku then, Char. Glad you decided to join.

    Also, I apologise in advance for the others...
  3. Well Hello there! I'm glad you like it here and want to play. >:D That's how people sucked me in too, with all the awesome stories.
  4. Hello and welcome. What makes you WILD?
  5. Thanks for the welcome wagon!

    Ahh, actually, the thread title is just a reference to my guilty pleasure and original indoctrination to the world of gaming - Pokémon! When you walk around in tall grass in the games, occasionally you'll hear a dramatic sound effect and then you'll get a message like "Wild PIKACHU appeared!" So yeah. I'm not really that wild, though I'd like to be...
  6. Welcome to the site.
  7. -runs in and huggles newbie- Hai there! xDD
    Welcome to Iwaku!
  8. Thanks guys!

    Any friend of Frosty is someone I'd want to get to know. I'm Vay and If you've read my writing I'd just like to say... Everything that I did was in character, and while I invest a piece of myself into each moment I AM NOT A RAPIST! INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!

    Though since you're here to roleplay why not give us a ROLEPLAYER'S RESUME so that GMs know what you like. And since you already know the OOCs I don't need to post a link to that....

    So once again, welcome and looking forward to seeing you IC.
  10. Consider it done. Thanks for the info, Vay.

    PS. Firefly FTW.
  11. *throws newbie ball* come on... come on... *click* yeas I cought a wild newbie

    anyway welcome to the Iwaku you have any questions just ask and we can help you

    *walks off with the ball into the shadows*
  12. Oh no! I've been caught! Now I have a lifetime of animal abuse and cage fighting in store for me! :D

    Nice sig by the way. Love that song, I saw a few episodes of Wolf's Rain a few years back when it was on TV.
  13. Welcome stranger. I'm Daiki (Demon Hunter/Professional Bum/Admin). If you have any questions I'm here to answer them or something.
  14. Morning and Welcome to the site.

    I'm the one who used to be in the shoutbox most of the time until it stopped working and they got a back up that is blocked by the government of which I use their computers to go online during work hours and kill time because thats about as active as my job gets. How is that for a run on sentance? Yeah anyway... Have fun, post lots, ignore the psychos and don't make to much noise...

    So what level are you and what level do you evolve at?
  15. Welcome to the Iwaku, I'm the resident......resident Pirogeth, or Piro if you prefer. I'm usually found doing all sorts of community things, like Newsletter (grumbles) or the Iwaku Show (grumbles) and even trying to get together on Skype and see if we can do a group effort for fun dubbing (you know it).

    So enjoy, have fun, and don't be a stranger.

    Writing in the Moonlight,

  16. Much appreciated! Thanks, guys!

    Maybe at 100 posts, I'll sprout an extra arm or something. Then I can write replies 50% faster! At least I can already say more than just my own name over and over...

    Oh, one other question, since I've seen this expressed various ways... is this place the Iwaku, or just Iwaku? If it's the Iwaku, what's an Iwaku? Are there more Iwakus out there to discover? What happens when you collect them all? If I defeat the Elite Four admins, can I get my own Iwaku? Oh, the possibilities...
  17. We don't really have an elite four admins but we do have an elite three. Three keeps things in balance and no need for a champion. But feel free to knock unconscious every member'mon you see.
  18. John

    "I have no doubt of that." He stated, not making it clear who he was talking to. He took the hard drive. They rounded the corner into the war room to find Jason leaning back in a chair with his feet with Hunter glaring at him with his arms crossed. "Uh oh, what happened?"

    Hunter looked at John, "The kid compromised himself and endangered the mission."

    Jason scoffed, "Hunt's just upset because I hit 4 hideouts and he only hit 3."

    Hunter glared at him, "It's Hunter, not Hunt. And you know it's more than that. The kid revealed himself in two of the hideouts while retrieving data."

    Jason just shrugged, "A guy gets bored after a few stealth missions, besides, it's not like I was worried about getting beaten or captured."

    Hunter: "In revealing yourself in what should have been a covert data retrieval mission, you risk the enemy discovering the intent of the infiltrations that they wouldn't have even known about. You were arrogant and sloppy and childish."

    Jason: "Says Robin Hood while lecturing an actual covert ops agent. You see how that's ridiculous right?"

    Hunter rounded the table and picked him up by the collar of his shirt, lifting him a few feet off the ground, "Listen here, you little..."

    John interrupted, "Enough you two. Need I remind you that we are not only a team but adults."

    Hunter scoffed and dropped Jason. "Some of us are at least." He put his drive on the table and left the room.
  19. (I have not heard of Red Vs Blue. That line makes it sound immediately wonderful)


    “Why us?” She asked, collecting herself finally. She brushed off shoulders, biting her lip as she heard

    “I almost wonder if it’s because he feels territorial around you two specifically.” Gwen mused “I’m not sure why you Bliz, perhaps his personality truly clashes with yours...”

    “Did you just call...”

    “My guess with Jason is the whole uh...” Gwen chuckled “But I’m sure we are past that by now. I wouldn’t worry too much Bliz. Who knows? Maybe he just is protective of you or...something...”

    “Cryptic arrows protective?” Blair asked, nearly snorting in disbelief “My guess is he just really feels off with the two of us. But he seems to like you just fine Grim.” Gwen nearly grimaced at the new nickname

    “Heh. Probably just because I skewered his arm unexpectedly. Anyone would love me for that.”

  20. [​IMG]

    Plant: Tulouse Flower (aka "Tuluus")

    Environment: Sloping lands between main and lower caverns

    Danger Level: Harmless

    Short Description: Tulouses are...fun, to put vaguely.

    These beautiful sapphire flowers can be consumed as a crushed powdery substance, whether rubbed into the gums and open wounds, or dissolved in liquid. Chewing on the petals themselves can prove to be tiresome, as they're quite tough and hard to tear. Once the chemicals of a Tulouse enter your system, they produce effects similar to that of Earthen cannabis and hallucinogenic drugs. Whether consumed by a Human, Arbomite, Amalgy, or animal, the victim experiences slowed heart rate, blocked pain receptors, sluggish functioning of the body, mellowed behavior, heightened appetite, overall serenity, and frequent hallucinations.

    The symptoms last for approximately 3-5 hours, though it is just from the consumption of one petal-worth of Toulouse. Intake of anymore will prolong the effects. Arbomites have capitalized on these flowers for a few purposes, such as anesthesia for medical procedures and a sort of aphrodisiac passed out during festivals.