Wild Life- A Dresden Files RP

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  1. So, who'd be up for a Dresden Files RP? It would be set before the series starts, but I'd rather wait for ideas from other players before actually coming up with a setting location.

    Playable Races
    Humans: Normal and wizard alike, power level capped at low White Council (Think Harry himself)
    Vampires: Red, White, and Black Courts
    Changelings and Fae: (Summer, Winter, or Wyldfae, but same power restrictions as wizards)
    Werewolves: all 4 flavors (Werewolf, lycanthrope, hexenwulf, and loup-garou)

    If you REALLY want to play something not listed, PM me and we'll discuss it.
  2. I love the Dresden files :D I would be more than happy to join in a rp in that world :D
  3. Good to see we've got one. 3 more and I'll whip up an IC
  4. I'd join the fuck out of this. Especially if we played it like the tabletop.
  5. There is a tabletop of the Dresden files :O
  6. Evil hat productions. Played it a lot and it's really good.
  7. I know, but never found a copy, so that's out unless someone with one wants to take over GMing.
  8. This seems interesting lol I would join.
  9. I got the pdfs somewhere, I'll get them to you regardless.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.