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  1. In the area I grew up we only had raccoon problems and I learned to deal with them with carrying a flashlight. No problems there. But in the area I moved to, I have a smaller dog I need to walk ALL THE TIME. He's just full of energy.

    Here are some cute pictures for those who want to go "aww"
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    ANYWAY! I have to walk my dog and there is freaking deer EVERYWHERE! It's crazy. The few times I run into them I've managed to get away by running. (Stupid I know, but it's the only thing I can do.) I have back problems so I wouldn't survive an attack if I were to shield my dog... I'm soo tempted to get bear mace or something. I doubt a stick would work. I've read all these articles on deer attacks, so I know why they do it. And people who do get attack carry sticks... so again, doubt that would work.

    Anyone know any tricks to keep them away? I can't find anything that doesn't have to do with gardening T_T

    What's your take on wild deer? Do you run into them often in your city or do you run into other animals?
  2. Most of the deer I've run into were more afraid of me than anything, or they were so used to human contact that they expected to be given food.

    I'd say just be cautious and make sure the leash and collar (or harness) that you use for your dog is very secure.... maybe have a signal for your dog?- I used to walk my dog a lot, and I'd whistle to let him know I was going to start running.

    The only violent dear I've ever seen was one bleedin out and torn to bits on a road but fighting like hell to live- was kicking the hell out of passing cars or anyone trying to help it.
  3. oh I'm very cautious, I go as far as looking around the block before I take him out. Them WHAM there they are... freaking weirdos stalking me LOL. I never seem to have problems when I am alone. I'm 5'10, so a doe isn't much of a problem. They only seem to get irritated when I have my little dodger with me. He's a freaking loud mouth!

    The males seem to be around every time I'm with dodger.

    I wish the deer in my area were gentle. D: problem is because of so much human contact or feeding they don't stop coming around. The whistling thing might work. All I know is they hate noise. Maybe I should carry an old fashioned metal trash can lid. lol
  4. the bear spray would probably be a good idea just to have in case. Also maybe try to train your dog not to bark much on a walk if that agitates the deer so badly.
  5. More easily said than done. He wasn't originally my dog. I rescued him. But thanks I'll try. Maybe I'll get one of those scent collars that keep him from barking. (I'm not a big fan of shock collars on smaller dogs.)
  6. shock collars are useless in most cases. They just piss off your dog.
    I have 6 rescue dogs but they aren't too hard to train using operant conditioning clicker training. Just look it up online.
  7. A few weeks ago I saw a REAL LIFE POSSUM in my backyard! Right by the backdoor! It was the first time I had ever seen one alive out in the wild. (Usually they're road kill >>;)

    So I was amazed, like any born and bred city girl would be. .____.; Sat there squealing for an hour "THERE'S A LIVE POSSUM IN THE YARD, OMG!"
  8. 6 rescue dogs?! :DDD my gawd how awesome!

    SO it turns out bear mace is illegal to have within my city limits. My boyfriend suggests I carry a REALLY powerful flashlight. I don't think that'll help me much if they pull some ninja tricks. Those majestic jerks are very quiet. They should come in vibrant colors if they're going to be that quiet. LOL

    LOL I can see why people love you so much Diana! I probably would have screamed and complained to my dad to shoo it out of the yard.
  9. [video=youtube;cDfqwHck2Qg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDfqwHck2Qg[/video]
  10. A strong pepper spray might help you
  11. lol you guys are helpful, funny and awesome XD