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So, I've had an interest in getting a Dresden Files RP off the ground for a while now. For those of you who don't know what that means, two words: Wizard. Detectives. This thread is to gather interest and determine the answers to three questions.

1. Regular RP or Tabletop? If it is the latter, we'll need someone with access to the handbooks, because I don't got.

2. Where should we put the setting? In the books, one could argue that the city of Chicago is as much a character as any person. Obviously, it should be a large city at least one of us knows very well. I can help with Philly, New York, and D.C.

3. Pre or post Changes? Without giving too much away, the events of that book take a significant group off the table. I'd prefer pre, because that gives us a deeper character roster to work with.

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Me! Me! *waves hands enthusiastically*

I would be really interested in this. I love the Dresden files, though its been a while since I read them.

With regards to your questions:

1. I can't offer much input with... I haven't done any tabletop RP (ever - its all been forum and mmo for me) but if thats the direction you went with I would also go hunt down these handbooks. I didn't actually realize there was a tabletop RP for Dresden but hey, you learn something new everyday. Anyhow, I'd be willing to do either depending on what everyone else decided.

2. I think Chicago would be the natural choice but I don't mind either way. I've never been to Chicago in my life, or any American city for that matter, so again... I'll run with the crowd on this one.

3. I agree with pre-Changes for the reason you gave.

I do have a question though - are you thinking of placing limits on what characters people can play? As in human only, or open to the other various races/factions from the books? *cough*WhiteCourt*cough*

Either way, I now have a desire to go read the books again. So... good luck with your search; I hope you get enough interest to get something off the ground and I would definitely like to join in.

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I agree with you on most points, but I don't want to be limited by canon events too much, so for that reason, Chicago is the one city that is definitely NOT on the table. As for non-humans, sure! Werewolves, the big three Courts, low-level fae, in-the-know mortals... I'm willing to tolerate just about anything, as long as you can justify it and it's not OP.



I haven't done much on Iwaku, but I am a major fan. There was an attempt at getting a Dresden game/RP started on The Guild, but it didn't take off.

1 - Tabletop or purely text-based is fine for me. I'm interested in both, though I'm kind of an awkward turtle so I'm more in favor of text-based using a close approximation of the DFRPG rules, or at least loose guidelines.
2 - Chicago isn't the greatest choice if we want to run something with purely original characters, rather than Canon. I have a list of suggested cities that might be possible to use, along with possible flavors for each of them if you all would like for me to post them here.
3 - I wouldn't mind something taking place Pre-Changes.

More to follow, I'll check back soon.
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Here is the list as I originally posted it.
It's kind of long, or at least wordy, so button.

Oklahoma City
A crossroads in middle America, immersed in Native lore and culture, where all sorts of things come to stomp around. Not as big as Chicago but not a little sleepy town.​

Los Angeles

A city of lost angels, and some Fallen ones too. The concrete jungle is a place where the strong prey on the weak, literally sometimes. Rife with crime, harsh climate, and riddled with allies and enemies alike. (The Fomor anyone?) Hollywood baby, it's everywhere. This place is also likely to have a lot of White Court, and the Raith Family.

San Francisco Bay Area

The City by the Bay. The golden gate bridge. fog, mystery, intrigue... and who knows what sort of Charms this city could hold.​

New York City

The city that never sleeps. All sorts of things are biting in the Big Apple, one of the biggest melting pots in North America, where fortunes are made and lost, and all kinds rub elbows. Dog eat dog definitely applies.​

New Orleans & southern Louisiana

Music, jazz, great food. And freakin' voodoo and hoodoo magic man. It's a place where the spirits be alive, and things bump in the night, walking the swamps. Who knows what's happenin' on the Bayou out there, or in the seedy underbelly of this culturally infused city?​

Las Vegas

Sin City. Truer words were never spoken. Most anything can be had here... for a price. If you can think of it, you can probably do it. And what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... or does it?​


With a population of roughly five hundred thousand, it's small for those that live there. As a year-round destination for vacation and fun, there is something darker going on it's streets, dance clubs, and back alleys. Miami PD has their hands full just dealing with the drugs, transients, and trafficking. Never do they want to look too close at the other things out there, as they barely have enough manpower to handle the mundane things. It is so bad that occasionally something spills over into mainstream media, and then has to be covered up, such as the Causeway Cannibal incident years ago. - Who can clean this city up, and push back the darkness? And who is it rocking the status quo?​


The City of Roads - this is another major crossroads and transit hub. It's also got an ungodly amount of roads. Gambling, casinos located in the south and the heartland of America. Too bad that hard has begun to turn black as things have begun to eat at it's core.​

St Louis

Missouri's famous City of the Arch, or known to some as Devil's Gate. A river city and major transit hub as well, full of culture, and blue-collar workers. It is a city of hard working and honest folk, and those always trying to get ahead. For some it is a place where hope comes to die, and others try to make their fortunes. It is a place of mixed cultures, heritages.

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Everything's Bigger in Texas, including the mosquito and other blood-sucking parasites. DFW area is home to stormy weather and plagued with a myriad number of problems. Who can as for certain what they will or wont run into here?​

El Paso/Juarez/Odessa

Right on the border of Mexico, this place is anything but sleepy. Between the Cartels, Immigration, and other LEO's this place is often a battleground. With the Cartels resorting to any method they can, Brujah (latin-style witches/magic users), shifters, and Ghouls are starting to wade into the fray. The forces of good are clearly in over there heads.​


There are pre-existing setup's for this​

Portland &/or Seattle

Northern coastal cities where things might seem sleepy at first, but things bump in the night here as well. How many disappear in the woods quietly, unnoticed. someone's quietly making moves here it seems.​
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Now that you mention it New Orleans sounds good, though I'll leave it open for discussion
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