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    So... I got an email that said that; anyone know what it's supposed to be? (debating whether it's a scam, some random troll/phishing attempt, or a legitimate call for help)
  2. Can you see the e-mail address of the sender?

    With no further information to go on, I'd err on the side of caution. If you don't recognise the name of the sender then it's probably safe to dismiss.
  3. If the e-mail is from someone you don't know, then it's most likely a scam/troll. If you haven't gotten any information other than please help me, then it's kind of impossible to help as you might be countries away from the person.

    If the message is asking for money, throw it away. If the message doesn't say anything else than please help me, then it's impossible to help either way as you don't even know where they are or what situation they are in. But you could always message back and ask what they mean.

    If the message were to give you some specific details, even if the message in itself is short, like where they are and what situation they are in and that they can't contact the police at the moment, then you could always contact the police for them and say that you got the message and someone might need help, after that it would be up to the police to decide if it seems legit or not. But if the message gives you nothing, then neither you nor the police would have anything to go on, so it wouldn't matter if it was real or not. And most likely it wouldn't be.
  4. I'd just delete it. Probably a scam or virus or something. People wouldn't just be like, "I NEED HELP, I'LL TYPE IN A RANDOM E-MAIL ADDRESS AND HOPEFULLY SOMEONE WILL HELP ME!"

    I probably wouldn't open it either (unless you already have). I don't know alot about this myself but my dad never opens strange emails in case there are viruses.
  5. sgt.ch@hotmail.com is the email it's from; not entirely sure who that is and it's not present on any internet database google can reach (googled the email)
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  6. That's spam. o__o random letters plus hotmail account is spam.
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  7. Hmm, remarkably it escaped my spam box >.<
  8. Try asking for their address, phone number and work hours.
  9. I recieved no response what-so-ever so idk.
  10. So apparantly it took the guy who sent that email an entire day and a half to send me a scam letter that was supposed to follow up with that, wonderfull. Here it is in all it's "glory" a clever way to get past the spam box indeed though; SHBDjuQ.png
    All in all mystery solved, and the answer was actually a pretty simple one indeed, on the other hand; this should serve as a warning for anyone else that recieves something like this.
  11. *your

    Goddammit scam artists, up your game!
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  12. XD yes that was one of the giveaways, that and the fact that 25 million dollars (25 times the amount Dr evil held the world at ransom for mind you) would be a little... Inconvenient to transfer in physical form, and if he had a credit card on him, and a way to connect to a bank account, he'd have already deposited it and have called for proper help (since he's asking me to give him money through the internet, he probably does have access to his bank account). Plot holes plot holes plot holes, more than enough to shoot down even the slightest hint of legitimacy.
  13. Haha. That's hilarious. Though the syntax and the misuse of incorrect words made my head hurt. And...

    "This might appear to be an illegal thing to do but I tell you what?"

    At least they admit such a thing is quite illegal. XD
  14. Well that and the part where "?" apparently communicates your most heartfelt sympathies and willingness to help.
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  15. Yes XD that's what sealed the deal, the "condiments" on the lump of spam.
  16. That poor man... no one answered him just like those poor poor Nigerian princes. Will no one help the African royalty? ;___;
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