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Wicked Business

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by AshenAngel, Jan 9, 2016.

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  1. Welcome to Wicked Business!

    Tilling's Bakery and Café is one of the oldest buildings in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. As a predecessor to the witch trials, there is something enchanting about the little hole in the wall shop. The old gnarled wood soaking in a family history of baked goods. And possibly something a bit more sinister. But who needs to know about all of that?

    Tilling's has been a family business since the very beginning, but cupcake production hasn't always been on the list of services. During the witch trials, Tilling's Herbal Remedies was burnt down when it was suspected that the Tilling line was brewing more than tea there. The place was rebuilt soon after, and the legacy continues.

    There have been a number of small fires and minor explosions in that old building. Most of it is refurbished at this point, though it still maintains that mystical old feeling of history. Somehow, the Tilling family name has remained plastered on the front sign.

    A historical newspaper is now looking into this family business as the last heir to the Tilling name makes her run at things. Annabet Tilling is a strange, quirky young woman who takes everything in stride. She is the last Tilling, which marks the final days of the Tilling family business as a large company attempts to muscle it's way into the Tilling family recipe book.
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