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  1. This might be a bit of a simple discussion, but I think it is one that is important.

    I've been RPing for about seven years now, and I can almost guarantee I'll be RPing when I'm 18. I have ambitions to be a writer eventually, hopefully for a script within a team or just as a freelancer. Lately, however, I've always wondered why exactly I'm still RPing. Granted, yes, it is practice for developing characters on my own as well as entire worlds, but it isn't necessary exactly. I could easily accomplish this by reading a book or, in fact, just writing stories that appear on my mind.

    So, I guess what I'm really asking is this...why do you RP? And not only that, but what keeps you RPing?
  2. It's fun! And it keeps me writing. Plus it constantly exposes me to other peoples' styles, views, and ideas, which keeps me from stagnating
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  3. What MinBin said.

    It's fun.

    Lately I've been in a terrible slump. Even avoiding the site just to avoid replying to the few RPs I've had. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But when it comes to writing a reply, everything feels mediocre, which I don't want to post.
  4. Roleplaying is fun, creative and just gives me something to do to help pass time. It also allows you to make new friends as you meet like-minded people on here! I've been a roleplayer for almost 3 years now and I've met some amazing people during that time. I've had a lot of fun and have definitely improved my writing skills.
  5. Because I like to type. RPing is just a constructive way of doing such.
  6. Roleplaying is fun! Usually when I play games or watch films (ans used to!) I'd imagine myself as a character and create characters in it, and imagined to be in that world. When my brother and I had to sleep in the same room and bed (we were 8-12, 'twas okay, and it was our parents' old giant bed, which was nice) we used to each create our own characters and play together instead of going to sleep, which was great fun. I even went as far as to create my own moves in certain scenarios and actually start drawing said characters.

    When I first started roleplaying this was more of a fluent transition of that (which I hadn't been doing anymore for at least 6 years at that point) to roleplaying with actual people, and it was great fun. A year later the group I RP'd with moved to a real RP'ing site, and I had amazing times there. Did I tell you I met my girlfriend through roleplaying? Yeah, it's a bitch to explain to people that I know her over the internet, and 'roleplaying' tends to be just as easily misunderstood.

    All in all, even though my enthousiasm may be lacking at times, I simply can't drop this hoby at all. As a result, 'why?' would be because I have in a way always 'roleplayed', as in, creatively played with creating my own stories and characters around exisiting ones, or even creating my own.
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  7. Because it's better than daydreaming alone.
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  8. I've been RPing for almost 19 years. I have a few small works that have been published [fiction and some technical stuff as well] and I can say that RP is always fresh. Whether you're writing a manual of procedures of an epic story about love and loss, major projects become stale. A place like Iwaku is full of so many diverse perspectives and manifestations of imagination that ideas flow like the Tigris and Euphrates [or the River Styx, if you prefer].

    RP is refreshing. People are nice [for the most part]. Those are my main reasons.
  9. Because, I would like to wish on improving my writing skill. Also, it keeps up with my drawing and photographing skills.

    A man needs things to do than play video games all day :p
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  10. because when my D&D/WoD/Mutants and Masterminds/Savage Worlds group is out, forum RPs are the next best thing
  11. This topic translates to "Porque?"

    On topic: I do it to fuel my imagination and it also helps me keep my grammar/punctuation on track. Writing is good.
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  12. Honestly, it's something to do. It's a simple hobby that's (generally) stress-free. Plus, I get to be exposed to a wide assortment of writing styles.
  13. It's a non self destructive hobby. More time I spend sedating myself behind a screen, the less time I'm out doing things that may be more exciting but way more.... Risky.
  14. Why do I RP? Simple answer is that I continued to RP because other people relied on me and I'm only just getting back into it after some heavy world building, in which I wanna try out and test with other players. Another reason is that it is fun in my honest opinion for when I DO RP, I love playing my characters and having them interact with other people's characters. It's a thrill I enjoy since, unlike writing a book in which you know what each character will do and have everything planned out in your head, in an RP you don't, even as GM, know what all character can or will be doing in the RP. Their personalities vary and change by each individual player's preference, not just the GM's. Not only that but these other players might be able to solve problems in ways that I can't, ergo making it more interesting and fun.

    What keeps me RPing is simple, my own interest in my RPs and the constant desire to make a world and try it out.
  15. Why?

    Why not?
  16. I enjoy crafting my own characters and stories, and I enjoy seeing if I can run a successful game for several players that they feel involved and meaningful in. Also, I live for plot twists and character moments, and it's just so much more involving if it's a character you've been playing for months as opposed to one you just read about in a book somewhere.

    And like everyone else said, it's just so damn much fun.

    Also, I like your sig. My Great Uncle was a Bren gunner and he landed at Dieppe, where he promptly got shot in the head and survived up until the 1990s because a German doctor patched him up and put a metal plate in his head. I'm pretty sure I'm now bulletproof, genetically speaking.
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  17. It's a fun pass time, I enjoy making characters, and I like having influence/control over the games/stories I'm in.
    It's same reasons I like D&D, or any game made by Bioware or Telltale.

    Though admitingly, I don't RP nearly as much as I used to.
    Today I usually only take part in 1-2 RP's at a time (assuming I'm even in one at the time), where during my 'Prime' days I was juggling 10+ at all times.
  18. I aspire to write novels someday—for the hell of it, not as a career—but I'm rather slothful, so I rarely get motivation.

    Roleplaying both stimulates my imagination, in particular allowing me to see how a character can develop in unforeseen circumstances due to the effects of having other writers implicated. In addition, it forces me to write whether I like it or not. Seeing as I like to write in general, this is a good way to force me to do it regularly, keep up practice.

    Finally, it's another way of bonding with people. It gives me something in common with others that I can chat about. If I didn't roleplay, I would probably slowly lose touch with my internet pals. Then I'd stop using the internet as much, become a ton more productive, and have no friends.

    I kinda prefer being eternally disappointed in my laziness than to be forever alone.

    I think the reason it's so fun for me is because I get to interact and breed ideas WITH other people. I've always loved writing and story telling, but I could never get far when trying to write a story by myself. I'd get to a certain point and have "writer's block" which now I think was simply just me getting bored with it and not knowing how to continue.

    With roleplay I don't have that problem, as my partners and the people I play with make it continuously interested with new and unexpected ideas!
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  20. Get to meet all the hot RP babes.