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Because the world is ENDING.

Why am I so idiotic?
Because you keep hitting your head on the wall from so much stress! NOW STOBBIT!

Why can't I get a job -____-; ?
Cause You're NOT Trying Hard Enough!!!! ((Actually its hard for anyone to get a job right now, you're not alone :) ))

Why is my neighbors dog CONSTANTLY barking>?
Because the guy who lives in the basement of the house down the street is a very sadistic man...

Why does the weather wish to be cold, when yesterday it was unbearably hot?
BEcause the does what it wants!

Why am I so hungry>?
Because I was eating chicken in front of the webcam.

Why is October Knight so hot?
Because he keeps putting off getting a AC unit.

Why did i go into a cooking spree this week O__o.....
Because it's fun!

Why the hell did I ever think that I need to stay up so late for?
Because we're having a party!

Why didn't Koda Kumi come on my playlist sooner?
Its a conspiracy. Seriously.

Why are my toes cold ;_;
Your toes are trying to tell you to turn on the heater.

Where is my damn hat>?
On your Damn Head

Why is there no one making me a sammich.
Cause your women ain't in the kitchen where she belongs> oooooooooohhhh.

Why is this thread so popular>?
I dont know O___O Guess people like to ask why alot.

Why does my shoulder hurt so bad!?