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  1. Many people ask why. So this will be simple...

    You ask a "Why" question and the next person seriously or...not so seriously answers it and then takes his or her turn to ask WHY!

    So...here is a why question anyone would recognize! :

    Why is all the rum gone?
  2. *passes out cold on the floor* Thats why.

  3. -points at collar and leash- you locked it on. :/

  4. Because I keep you active ;D

    Why do you turn my world upside down?
  5. Its a diff way of looking at things? ...besides rightside up all the time is boring >: D

    Why does it feel like they are coming to take me away, he he ha ha ho ho...to the funny farm @_e
  6. *Six Minigunners tackle Corvus then drag her to a Prisoner Transport.*

    Because you're batshit insane.

    Why are you so emo?
  7. Because you kidnapped my fiance! >=O

    Why are you posting in this thread?
  8. Because Its awesome.

    Why do people keep asking me questions>?
  9. Because you give good answers.

  10. Cause You're not eating the right kind of food.

    Why is it so HOT>??
  11. Because you're running around naked in the tropics.

    Why are you naked in the first place?
  12. Because he needed to cool off after having SIXTEEN HOURS OF SEX, OBVIOUSLY

    Why can't I stop eating!?
  13. ^^^^^^^^Thats why

    Why Am I still awake?
  14. O.k., just for the record I put all my clothes back on.

    Cause your not full yet? You should eat foods that fill you up better! *Feeds TK 100 tacos*
  15. Why didn't you ask a question?

  16. My bad.

    Why didn't I ask a question>?
  17. Because you're awesome.

    Why do I have an urge to sleep right now?
  18. Because I drugged you.

    Why didn't OK answer my question?
  19. Because he was distracted.

    Why am I sick?
  20. Because we corrupted you beautify.

    Why is minecraft so addictive?