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  1. I see it
    Coming at me with full force.
    Always holding on,
    Always showing me the persistent truth.
    I fight, I deny it
    I close my eyes and run from this shit!!

    The pain, the loss.
    I remember it all, how a promise was in vain.
    We battled and survived at all costs.
    We took the chance in the beginning,
    the watched as we fell slowly,
    temptingly to the fire awaiting.

    We survived and try to rebuild.
    But have we the strength?
    We now stand distant and fighting it...
    That which made us..
    A bond which we so aim to kill once in our lives
    We stand at the precipice
    Glaring as we feel a stale-mate approaching
    manifested so much distaste for each other'sflaw,
    So why....? Why do we welcome it now..
    Why must it persist us...?


    This was based off a even that take place a while ago between me and a real, really, REALLY close friend. We were a pair until we somehow just grew sick of how we changed-- correction, how I started changing. I'd be so harsh and hateful and feel lost when they confronted me about it.. I was growing into quite the jerk.

    So what I'm saying is that there's nothing I want more than getting my friend back... The way we use to be at least. So I need advice... Please...?
  2. I ran into the same problem. The best advice I can give you is give them space, and take time to give yourself time to change from being what you do not like. If you don't like the way you are now, then change it.