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  1. Brovo's "why?" thread made me think it was going to be a thread full of people asking questions that they never understood the answers to.

    I am now disappointed by the lack of such a thread, so I'll start one myself.


    Why are there ads for hearing aids... on the radio? Your target audience -- people who need hearing aids but don't have any -- can't hear you. Or at least, not very well.

    A TV ad? That makes sense -- you can put words on the screen. You can have closed captions put in. It works. Radio ads, though... I just don't get it.

    And, like, you could argue that they're directed more at the friends and family of someone who needs hearing aids, but if that's the case, why do none of them seem to be framed that way? All the ones that I've heard are like "Are you having trouble hearing as well as you used to??" and all I can think is just "...The only people who could answer 'yes' to that are people who probably didn't comprehend the question in the first place." o_o

    I just don't see how hearing aid companies can think that radio ads are a good investment.
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  2. If a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound? Or is that a social construct?
  3. Because the ads are targetted to people who have hearing aids but may be unsatisifed with the ones they have. Ever have a pair of glasses you hated for whatever reason? It's like that.

    Obviously if you're going deaf, the presumption is you'd see a doctor first and be set up for hearing aids. The guys doing the advertisements aren't going, "gee, I hope all these deaf people hear this and decide they want to hear again!"

    It's like how drive thru ATMs usually have braile on them. It's not because they expect blind drivers, the buttons already exist for the indoor models so it doesn't make sense to make specialty ones just because the machine is outdoors.
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  4. How the hell does space work?
  5. Presents. If a loved one or someone you owe a favor is having trouble hearing, you'd be want to get something for 'em.
    That, and the hearing aids they generally advertise on the radio are hearing aids, not the cure for deafness. Generally, hearing aids are used to turn "mmfafn fmaf fmf" into "let's play bingo," so the target audience would feasibly be able to hear the ad.
    Science says yes, but we can't prove that science exists either so we honestly don't know.

    But if you believe that science exists, then it is feasible to believe that trees taking a dive in the forest make sound.

    there is no thing in space
    so it is rly big
    so hwen you go to space
    you see no thing for long time

    since there is no thing in space
    light is not stopped by things
    so you see light from rly far away

    since there is no thing in space
    there is no air-ygen
    and therefore there are no human in space
    because human are actually air-ygen

    since there is no thing in space
    there is no thing to stop things that are there to go
    so things that are going in space go
    and only stop when another thing is in space
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  7. There's also the presumption that friends and family of the deaf who can hear would pass the information along.
    Space (outer space I'm assuming) is never truly empty. Dark energy and dark matter comprise empty space, along with various forms of background radiation, like light, and gravitational forces giving slight tugs at one another. There is however one upsetting quality, and that is that dark energy is pushing various galactic clusters apart from one another. One day, in the distant future, when the milky way and andromeda galaxies collide and become one mega-galaxy, the night sky will start to grow dimmer, and dimmer, and dimmer, until everything out there is too far for us to see anymore.

    Also, we're being pulled in one direction by something with the sheer gravitational force of ten thousand milky way galaxies, and we don't know what it is, because it lies beyond the galactic veil--the area no telescope can see past, because there's too many of our own stars in the way.

    Sleep well.
  8. Why am I awake at 1:11 am
  9. Because, sweet summer child, you haven't turned off your distractions and laid down to rest.
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  10. Why?

  11. Wh- see-
    Now you're starting to post how I did before I realized that I needed a break.

    I only know this because I once was an avid viewer of VSauce.
  12. Why are there two threads with "why" as the title
  13. Because I said that the title of Brovo's thread made me think that it would be something it wasn't.

    So then I wanted to make a thread that was more along the lines of what I thought Brovo's would be.

    But I wasn't creative enough to come up with a new title. :P
  14. When I saw both Brovo's and your Why threads, only one thought flew through my mind. It's a thought every parent, or everyone who ahs worked with kids, has said or thought at one point.

    Because I said so, that's why.
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